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Feeding kids …. speeding cars with Spotty Frog lunch punch

I reviewed the Spotty Frog lunch punches a while back and we use them regularly.

See review here

The other day I decided to spruce up Hamishs normal peanut butter sandwich and turn it into a car.

Using my Spotty Frog car lunch punch ( you can use any cookie cutter) I cut out the car shape after making his sandwich and then dipped an ear bud into some food colouring to highlight the detail.

The food colouring does not change the flavour of the food at all.

But a car needs somewhere to travel so I made a berry road using Safari berry bites.

You could of course substitute this for any of the following:

  • Nuts
  • Raisins
  • Dried fruit pieces
  • Sliced vegetables
  • Cucumber rings
  • Lettuce

Hamish gobbled this one down faster than you could say VROOM VROOM!

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Feeding kids … Orange snails

I’ve often seen images on Pintrest and Facebook where people have creatively peeled oranges to form people shapes or animals.

I thought I would give it a try and make Hamish an orange snail.

It wasn’t as hard as I first anticipated and now that I’ve created this mini orange masterpiece I’m tempted to try a harder animal.

To make your own you need:

  • An orange
  • Knife
  • Marker
  • Lavender
  • Tape


I first started by drawing the snails head with marker.

Then cutting the skin away to reveal the flesh, which would become the shell.

Lastly I drew on a face.

To decorate I taped two pieces of lavender on a feelers and placed the snail on a plate surounded by lavender “grass”

Hamish was super impressed with his slithery snail

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Feeding Kids … banana dolphins

We all know how much I absolutely love to whip up a cute or fun plate of ordinary snacks for Hamish, but this was my favourite to date.

While sick, he really struggled with his appetite and I made a banana dolphin jumping in a wave of berry bites.

Here’s how you can make your own:

You will need :

  • Bananas x 2
  • Marker
  • Safari berry bites x2 packets
  • Knife


Peel and cut a small piece of banana from the first banana

Cut this in half and set aside

At the stem of your second banana using a knife, cut open to form the dolphins mouth.

Draw on an eye

Place the now dolphin banana onto a plate and position the two cut pieces as tail fins.

Decorate with the two packets if berry bites to form an ocean .

Eat and enjoy

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Do Good and Save Food This World food day

World Food Day 2019
Do good, save food with GLAD

Every year people from around the world come together to declare their commitment to tackle global hunger on 16 October, World Food Day.

World Food day provides an opportunity to shine a light on food waste, our environmental footprint and most importantly the 870 million undernourished people across the planet – and to reaffirm one’s commitment to ‘save good food, from going bad’ exactly like the GLAD slogan.

It is estimated that as much as a third of all food produced goes to waste, in South Africa this is equivalent to a staggering 201kg per person annually!

A portion of this happens during the production cycle and is why ‘odd-shaped’ fruit and veggies are being reintroduced by some grocery stores.

With these figures alone, it is clear, that we need to act in our daily lives to make a difference in any way we can to reduce this number.

Let GLAD help you be the hero to stop good food from going bad:

  • Begin by planning your meals ahead of time and shop accordingly. If you buy in bulk, portion and then store in GLAD Zip Seal Bags or wrap using GLAD Wrap or Press ‘n Seal and freeze, defrost as needed. For example, if three meals require broccoli, separate the large pack into three portions to store. Do the same with your fresh herbs, nuts, meat, chicken, fish and other perishables.
  • Organise your fridge, keeping items with the earlier expiration date in the front and the longest behind. Naturally use in this order too.
  • Love your leftovers! Instead of scraping leftovers into the bin, keep them for another meal, by storing in a GLAD Zip Seal Bag in the freezer. They are transparent, allowing you to see immediately what’s inside and they have a printed white strip already on them, to write the contents and date stored.
  • If you don’t eat your leftovers, share them!
  • Understand the dates on your food. After the “use-by” date food is not safe to eat, and you need to dispose of it. Add fruit and veggies to your compost heap. “Best Before” dates only indicate when the item is at its best, if it has been properly stored it can still be consumed after this date.
For GLAD, every gram counts, and we’d like to invite you to join us in being more aware this World Food Day (and beyond), to save good food from going bad. As all GLAD products are made for your convenience with the purpose of keeping your food fresh for longer.

Please visit for more information and follow ‘GLAD SOUTH AFRICA’ on Facebook; All products are available in the GLAD aisle of most supermarkets

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World egg day …. 4 fun family egg activities

Eggs are not just a great source of protein, they also feature quite a bit in our activities throughout the year.

I thought I’d share a few of our favourite ways to play with eggs today on World egg day.

1. Marbled eggs

Breakfast is the perfect way to introduce eggs , whether you like your eggs fried, poached, scrambled or boiled….there’s an egg for everyone.

One of my favourite ways to serve eggs to the kids, as I had some fussy eaters, was to give them dinosaur eggs.

Our dinosaur eggs are actually just boiled eggs that have been given a marble look using food colouring.

You can read how we make them here

You could also use the boiled or fried eggs to create pretty food pictures like we did with this egg-stra special breakfast

2. Egg and spoon races

When my eldest, now 27, was about 3 years old we did our first egg and spoon race. Just her and I and a dozen eggs that cracked very quickly. 🤣

There was a lot of mess, a lot of giggles, a lot of fun and the biggest lesson to a little girl that it’s ok to make a mess ….we can clean it.

Over the years we’ve had countless races with friends and families.

3.Blow eggs and paint them

Blowing eggs is a lot of fun and my boys always enjoyed the part as the egg sploshed and slithered out the little hole.

We wash the egg in soapy water, dry and paint using craft paints or undiluted food colouring.

You can also draw on them with markers. One of the easiest ways to work with your egg as you try decorate it is to place it on an empty toilet tube. You can also leave it on here to dry.

We once attended a holiday camp where the eggs were painted with icing sugar coloured in food colouring.

4. Egg rolling

For this you give each child an egg outside and let them roll it to an end point without breaking it.

We once gave the kids wooden spoons and fly sweaters to see which worked better when moving the eggs with gentle taps to the end.

( it’s a good idea to keep extra eggs for tuse little hands that may be a bit too excited)

How ever you choose to celebrate eggs today we hope you enjoy an Excellent day

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Happy banana faces

Thursdays are for smiling and what could better to make you smile than a healthy fruit dessert?

I made Hamish this happy face today as desert for after lunch.

Turning his meals into crazy creative creations is at least encouraging him to be a bit more excited about food, try new foods and eat better.

I’m also involving him in the cooking process which has him really excited about being a chef.

To make your own banana face you will need :

  • Half a banana
  • 3 jelly tots or dried fruit bites
  • Lavender sprigs
  • A quarter of an orange sliced up

To make up your face :

Cut the banana in half

Place jelly tots or dried fruit bites as nose and eyes. (I prefer to use dried fruit.)

Place a piece if fresh lavender as a mouth.

Position orange quarters as hair.

Add on a sprinkled lavender crown.


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Ocean inspired sausage octopus

When I first started Fun mamma SA I remember seeing this cute receipe online somewhere and excitedly tried it out.

Kerri and Ronan loved them.

It’s been many years since I last made a few and Hamish, has been really fussy lately so I decided to make a few for supper tonight

The receipe makes 4 sausage octopus.

You need :

2 Vienna sausages

16 sticks of spaghetti


Tomato sauce

To make up

Cut the sausages in half so you now have 4 pieces

Break the spaghetti sticks in have.

Into the end of 1 piece of sausage stick 8 pieces of dry spaghetti

Do this for all 4 pieces

Boil until the spaghetti is soft

Decorate with tomatoes sauces mouths and mayonnaise eyes.

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Orange and lavender infused water

One of the things I often miss about a more rural farm type life is how close we were to nature and how we relied more on the things around us for food.

It’s become normal for me to just buy a flavoured water but at one stage we were just too far from a shop.

Today I decided to get into the summer spirit and make a jar of infused water.

You can make your own with any single fruit or fruit combinations.

I like :

  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry and mint
  • Litchi
  • Lavender and lime
  • Orange and lavender
  • Cucumber and mint
  • Watermelon
  • Mixed berry
  • Blueberry
  • Apple and mint
  • Apple and mixed berry
  • Mango and melon

To make your own you need :

Jar or large jug

Fruit , sliced or diced. I usually use 1 cup of fruit per 2l of water.


Into your jar or jug place water to the top.

Add fruit.

Leave in fridge to chill and infuse overnight.


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Chai seed slime

This recipe makes a generous amount of slime and has a very grainy consistency because of the chai seeds.


1/4 cup of chia seeds
1 3/4 cup of water
Food coloring
3-4 cups of corn flour (mazina)


Mix the chia seeds, water and food coloring together.Cover and refrigerate overnight.Uncover and add the corn flour a little bit at a time. Mix until you achieve the desired consistency. It should feel slimy but can easily be taken off your hands.Store covered in the refrigerator. You will need to add a little bit of water each time you take it out to use it. The water will reactive the slime.

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How to dye pasta

Coloured pasta is very versatile. You can use it in sensory tubs or to do a vatiety of crafts.

Here is how to dye pasta


Dry pasta


Food coloring

Parchment paper / wax wrap

Baking tray


For every cup of dry pasta in a bowl, pour 1 tbsp of vinegar.

Add a few drops of food coloring

Mix together until all the pasta pieces are fully coloured

Place a sheet of parchment paper/ wax wrap on the baking tray and pour the coloured pasta on top.

Lay out the pasta in an even layer and let out to dry for a few hours in the sun.

Tip – Try to not have any of the pasta pieces touching when you spread them out to dry.