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Toy review – Little people big yellow school bus

Hamish was recently sent some Little People products and one of those was this fantastic Little people big yellow school bus.

About the bus

This super sized bright yellow school bus is the perfect preschool and toddler toy for imaginary excursions and magical field trips.

The bus comes with so many great features for realistic play and includes 2 AA batteries.

There is a handle, which stores under the bus, making it easy to pull along and easy to fold back under if your child wants to push the bus along.

The doors open and there is special a seating space, ramp and parking spot on the bus, as well as disability sign for the wheel chair.

The drivers seats are realistic and the bus has a fun stop sign on the outside and is decorated with a friendly face and alphabet stickers to represent a school bus.

The little people

Included are 4 little people and I love that these little characters represent diversity in race and abilities.

The little person on the wheelchair opened up a conversation between Hamish and I about children with disabilities, and I was able to show him how a wheel chair has special parking and ramps to board this bus and several in real life.

Let’s learn

More than just a toy, the little yellow school bus is incredibly interactive and has over 40 songs, sounds, phrases and tunes.

These tunes are activated by a smart stages switch on the top of the bus and these settings help you child to learn in the following ways :

1. Together these sounds help your child to discover the fun in learning about counting, shapes, alphabet, etc .

2.They also assist your child to experience the ride as if they were on the bus. In a time where many children have been kept in isolation or quarantine from crowds this is a useful way to introduce social settings and behaviour.

3.Lastly they inspire your child to imagine and create their own adventures.

This bus is one of Hamish’s favourite toys at the moment and he spends hours making the little people climb on board,wait at bus stops and drive off on wild adventures.

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