Bee kind to dad this Father’s day

Bee kind and treat Dad to lip-loving Burt’s Bees® Beeswax Lip Balm this Father’s day to nourish dry lips. The original. The best. And still your favourite. This must-have Classic was crafted in the backwoods of Maine in 1991, and has been in purses and pockets ever since. The beeswax conditions the skin, while antioxidant Vitamin […]

The best Father’s Day with Fujifilm

This Father’s Day, give dad the best gift – awesome memories with Fujifilm.   With Father’s Day fast approaching, the scramble for that perfect gift is inevitable. How about this year treating your dad to something truly special – the gift of memories? With Fujifilm’s range of Instax instant cameras and printers, and the excellent […]

Toy Review – Ding Dong game

Another great game we received from Pediatricks2020 is Ding Dong. This fast paced maths game is great to improve focus and memory. Your child then relies on these skills to react quickly to memorize and volunteer objects. The object of the game is for children place their cards on the right category ( bear, ball, […]

Toy review – Sound memory game

Pediatricks2020 sent Hamish this fun sound memory game and he has been thoroughly loving it. The object of the game is to memorize and match the sounds the blocks make into pairs. And if you thought this was easy …let me tell you it’s made me realise I need to improve both my concentration and […]

Beach clean up with Save a fishie

On Saturday we jumped in the car and headed to a beach clean up at Lagoon Beach in Milnerton. The reason for us driving 50 odd kilometers to attend a beach clean up was in support of World Ocean Day and to support Zoe from Save a fishie. Save a fishie Zoe is one of […]

It shows in your face

Yesterday I was rushing home to beat the Eishkom rush …you know, that 30 minute window we have to cook, clean, bath Hamish, put everything on charge and boil the kettle for coffee before Eskom hits that button and switches off all electricity , plunging South Africa into stage 4 darkness. Anyway here I was […]

13 ways to use Megabloks in the classroom

I’m a big advocate for learning through play and recently used Hamish’s Megabloks to do some revision on numbers colours and shapes. For colours 1. I had him sort his blocks and divide them into groups of the same colour, then build only red / yellow towers for example. 2. We made patterns using the […]

The Twinkl eARTh Day Art Gallery. 

If you are not yet familiar with the website Twinkl allow me to first state what a wonderul resource it is for parents and educators alike. In fact it is one of my own personal favourite sites to visit. Over April, Twinkl opened up submission for Earth day artwork made by children to exhibit in […]

Organon South Africa Launches as New Women’s Health Company

  Organon (NYSE: OGN), celebrated its launch on 4 June, as the only global company of its size focused on women’s health. Worldwide women’s life expectancy is on average 75.6 years while in South Africa life expectancy for women is on average 68.42 years.1 Organon South Africa aims to address the healthcare issues facing South African […]