Tell a mom …

All day I’m busy. I do not stop from the moment my eyes are open. Mental load I’m constantly teaching, watching for negatives, alert for danger, setting an example, worrying about my children, my husband, my home and trying to be present whilst also micro-managing every aspect of my life and multi -tasking the entire […]

I love you more than daddy :- when a child prefers one parent.

I spend the vast majority of my day with Hamish as opposed to Brent who spends 90 % of his day at work away from the home. Because of this I am Hamish’s primary care taker. I also take on the roles as his friend and teacher. Which means I have an incredibly large influence […]

Fabulous February babies :- why your child may be happier than his peers

My eldest son turned 25 in February and I remember as a baby he was miserable He cried for 18 months solid and I cried for 18 months along side him convinced he hated me and wondering how I could fix my poor unhappy child … Well, years later I smartly learnt that his problem […]

San-O-Tizer – A safe non alcohol based sanitizer for your family

SAN-O-TIZERS NEW BIGGER & BETTER SCIENTIFIC FACILTY IS ABOUT TO BE LAUNCHED By now you would have heard about the controversy as to whether HOCl is more effective and safer to use than sanitizers containing alcohol. What Are The Benefits Of San-O-Tizer? Electrolysed Hypochlorous Solution is a completely natural and non-toxic sanitizing agent that is […]

Are you raising a sharer or a meanie?

Sitting with Hamish after his first week of school, we were going over the class photos and I was asking him questions to learn more about his first week’s experience at his new preschool. Laughingly he couldn’t remember the kids names, aside from the 3 or 4 he obviously connected with and he spoke me […]

How to gift more mindfully

“Oh we are living in a Material world and I am a material girl …” sang Madonna in the early 80’s An era where computers were just being introduced in homes around South Africa, the ozone lazer was a hot topic and plastic items graced the shelves of every store. More than 30 years after […]

Sense education introduce a refferal program for online learning classes

Are you a parent looking for quality online lessons for your foundation phase child ? Then look no further than Sense Education. Who are Sense education? Sense Education was created to assist Grade R to Grade 3 learners flourish in Mathematics, English and Afrikaans First Additional Language by enriching their understanding through small, fun and […]

Teach counting with laundry pegs and ice cream sticks

Educational toys do not need to be costly. You can make many of the items you see at home with just one ot two household items and a bit of time. Counting Hamish has been counting for a while and can now identify his numbers up to 20. But is rote counting and random identification […]

Lockdown legalities and gender based violence : how a criminal defense lawyer can assist you

With lockdown being reinstated many of the normal every day activities that we once found ourselves doing are now criminal offenses. We have also seen a huge increase in gender based violence as women are now spending much longer hours inside their homes with abusive and frustrated or unemployed partners. New laws The adjusted Level […]