West Pack Lifestyle opens their first Cape Town Store

West Pack Lifestyle is one of those “Go To” stores where you know you can find a bargain, stretch a buck and grab an assortment of everything you need for your home, kids, party or the latest craft supplies for that last minute school project. When I lived in Gauteng they were my first stop […]

Divorce ….

One of the most traumatic times of my life was navigating my divorce after 20 years of marriage. No one gives a thought as they walk down the aisle, bright eyes and full of the dreams of a future,family and happy ever afters, that one day they may in fact be standing inside a courtroom […]

Why you need to mindfully navigate your online space

If covid has taught me anything it’s how to set healthy boundaries in my life to protect my mental health. It has also shown me just how nasty some people can be online. A new normal We spend many more hours online working or just surfing the net, than we did a year ago and […]

30 things about parenting that I’ve learnt in 3 decades of being a mom

My eldest daughter just turned 29 and I realised that in another year I’ve spent 3 decades parenting. Almost 30 years of my life as a mom ….30 years of growing in wisdom. Today I’d like to share 30 parenting secrets I’ve learnt along the way …. 30 things about parenting that I’ve learnt in […]

Why his wondering eye has nothing to do with you and everything to do with his ego

Yesterday, while out I noticed a beautiful woman, most likely in her late 3O’s, walking with a man I assumed is her husband. She held onto a backpack full of items for the two little girls running ahead of her. Under one arm was an abandoned well loved teddy bear and she was holding someone’s […]

How to Add a little Easter magic to your photos with the Easter bunny

Hamish discovered that the Easter bunny was in fact invisible and hiding around our house today looking for just the right spot to hide Easter eggs for tomorrow’s egg hunt. As you can see, we’ve added an Easter bunny into the photo next to Hamish. How did we do that? Very easily, let me tell […]

11 Fun Things To Do in Johannesburg for Adults in 2021

Johannesburg is not only one of the three capitals of South Africa, but it’s also known as ‘Egoli’ (City of Gold) due to its extensive gold deposits. From there, a rich and electric city was built and can be thoroughly enjoyed by all those who grace it with a visit. From free and affordable activities […]

Rainbow salt painting

We spent yesterday doing some salt painting. This is a really easy activity and nice to use for several ages. It also looks so pretty when the colour runs along the salt. To make your own you need: Paper Glue Salt Water colours or food colouring Method: First draw your image onto the paper. Next […]

An Egg-stra special Easter egg hunt with Cadbury

A few weeks ago we excitedly opened a press drop from Cadbury chocolates to find all the egg-citing chocolate treats to arrange the most egg-stra special Easter egg hunt. Chocolates for days Inside our mouth watering box was: the most adorable cardboard house Fluffy mallow eggs Hallow eggs with whispers Hallow eggs with Astros Hens […]