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Hamish is a Wild kids book ambassador

A few months ago on the hunt to find the perfect reading books for Hamish I discovered the amazing Wild kid’s books written by Kayleigh Huysamen.

One look at her books and  I knew they were perfectly written for little wild children who loved nature like Hamish.
I immediately bought a set and since then, Kayleigh has published 2 new books and today Hamiish very proudly announced that he is a brand ambassador for Wild kids books.

About Wild kids books

Kayleigh is a farmer’s wife and homeschool mom to 3 adorable children who feature in her stories. They live in Zululand, Kzn, and run a sugarcane and game farm reserve.
Kayleigh writes with an obvious love of nature and it’s no surprise to discover that she studied pathology and microbiology. Her teaching experience comes across in her books as each book is both informative and broken down to a child’s level of understanding.
All the books center around the fun her family experiences on their farm and teach children about conservation,  Wildlife, birding, plants, and farm life.
Each book is written with the following goals :
  • To make reading fun through relatable adventures
  • To inspire a passion for wildlife and natural spaces
  • To encourage children to be outside and to explore the outdoors
  • To educate children about wildlife, nature and conservation.

Book series

You can currently purchase the following books and series from Wild kids books
Sophia’s Safari series 1
These books are all about wildlife, nature, and conservation. You will join Sophia as she travels with her family in the African bush in search of interesting places and animals.
Sophia’s Safari series 2
These books focus on teaching your child ways to contribute to saving endangered species, and about South African wildlife, conservation, and nature.
Sophia’s Safari bush field guide for wild kids
This beautiful book is filled with checklists and information for your child to learn and dis over. With a place to store and record memories of their trip, this book is a wonderful keepsake journal.
Adventures with Asher series 
An educational reading series aimed at children in Grades 1 & 2. You will join Asher as he discovers the joy in his daily farming adventures. Designed to focus on the fundamental skills of reading and phonics.
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Spruce Up Your Spring Cleaning Routine with CHUX

Spruce Up Your Spring Routine with CHUX®

Spring is the time for fresh new beginnings and, of course, a fresh and clean home! CHUX® makes Spring cleaning simple, and quicker so that you have more time to spend enjoying the new season your way.

Here are a few cleaning hacks brought to you by CHUX®:

In the kitchen:

  • Don’t struggle to get into those hard-to-reach places like under the fridge, corners of the windows, and between your cupboards. Wrap a CHUX® Superwipe Cloth around a butter knife and get right into the nooks and crannies that gather dust and grime.
  • To give the microwave a thorough cleaning, dampen a CHUX® Magic Eraser block to remove the grease and grime without having to use any chemicals or elbow grease! Wipe it down with a CHUX® Absorbent Cloth for a streak-free finish.

Around the home:

  • Clean off unsightly marks from walls, skirting boards and light switches. Simply dampen a CHUX® Magic Eraser with water and rub the marks off gently, with ease.
  • To make the floors sparkle all around the house, wrap a broom with a dampened CHUX® Superwipe and mop the floors. The cloth can be easily rinsed and used over and over again!

Chux® helps make the big chores smaller. Chux® offers an extensive range of quality cleaning accessories to help you tackle any cleaning challenge around your home.

Regardless of your preferred cleaning routine, no matter the mess … there’s a Chux® for whatever life Chux® at you.

For more information on Chux® visit or
Chux® can be found at selected Spar, Pick n Pay Family and OK Foods stores nationwide and now Dis-Chem too.
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Pips and moo – quality wooden children’s toys and accessories

As a mom, I am always looking for good-quality wooden toys for Hamish.

One of the companies that ticks all my boxes when it comes to good quality wood products is  Pips & Moo

Who are Pips & Moo

Pips & Moo are a family business, priding themselves not only on the quality of their delightful products but also that they handle every detail of production from painting to packaging and even delivery. I witnessed this first hand when placing my order and I received an email about the colour of the blocks that I had ordered.

While mom and dad sort the manufacturing of the products, the children Pips and Moo, put the products to the ultimate kiddy test, ensuring that each product is designed with fun and durability in mind.

Why wooden toys and decor

I love wooden toys and have featured many over the years but my main reasons for loving a wooden toy is because:

  • they are handmade and often made with love
  • they are durable and built to last
  • many times they are unique
  • they do not break as easily as other toys
  • they can be passed down as heirlooms

What makes Pips & Moo different

So why order from Pips & Moo when there are other wooden toy companies?

One of the features that stands out immediately is the quality of Pips & Moo products. The items are made to last, be re-used, and passed on. Using only quality wood, they have designed products that move beyond the mindset of instant gratification to one that rather:

  • encourage outdoor play and exploration
  • focus on physical development
  • teach social skills
  • aid your child’s development
  • promote cognitive development
  • encourage fine motor development
  • help with gross motor skills
  • provide an item that helps children grow

Family business with personal service

I have personally ordered a few items from Pips & Moo not only for the great quality but also because they offer an overall amazing online shopping experience.

The website is inviting and user-friendly and it is easy to place an order. Once your order is placed you will receive an email confirmation and should there be a problem with your order the owners personally email you to confirm a change in colour, etc.

Most payment methods are accepted and shipping is safe and really quick.

I love the wide variety of products they manufacture and you can purchase:

  • furniture
  • decor
  • toys
  • items for mom and dad
  • gift vouchers

On my last order, I used a voucher and it was clear where I needed to enter the voucher code and my sale was approved instantaneously. I often struggle on other sites when using a voucher code.

Best of all Pips & Moo offers free shipping so you can purchase a little extra.

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Make teething easier with Panado

There’s nothing parents love more than seeing their little one’s flash a toothy grin, but teething isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and often involves crying, irritability, and a few sleepless nights.1

You may notice your baby’s gum is red and tender where the tooth is coming through.1b If your baby is having a tough time, conveniently packaged Panado® Paediatric Syrup, Peppermint 5 ml  Sachets may help relieve pain and discomfort.


Make pain and fever care easy by shopping for Panado products from independent pharmacies and selected Clicks, Dis-Chem, and Pick ‘n Pay stores. For more information, visit and join the conversations on Facebook. #Panado #ADoseOfCare




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Burt’s bees tainted lip balm

Burt’s Bees® Tinted Lip Balms

For just a hint of colour and 8 hours of moisture. The Botanical Waxes in this softly tinted balm will take your lips to lovely in one pretty swipe.

Where care meets colour.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balms offer a hint of colour that cares for your lips! These lip balms provide modern and wearable sheer coverage with a delicate pear flavour in a variety of pretty hues. Moisture-rich ingredients, such as Shea Butter and Vitamin E, helps reveal smooth, healthy-looking lips.  Choose from six floral-inspired shades.

Key Ingredients:BeeswaxShea Butter

Key Claims:

  • Sheer coverage leaves a hint of tint
  • Provides 8-hour moisturisation
  • Cares for lips with naturally hydrating ingredients

100% Natural Burt’s Bees® Tinted Lip Balm is available through Takealot and DisChem.

Burt’s Bees® Tinted Lip Balm is Priced from R 99.

Join the buzz on Instagram and Facebook : @BurtsBeesZA.



Burt’s Bees® has been offering distinctive earth-friendly, natural health and beauty care products for 30 years. From a beekeeper’s backyard in Maine to the leading edge of natural, Burt’s Bees knows natural body care solutions from head-to-toe and operates with The Greater Good™ top of mind. No parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS and no animal testing.

 Join the buzz on Instagram and Facebook : @BurtsBeesZA.

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Friendship day gift guide 2022

Friday, 30 July is friendship day. A day when we honour and celebrate those special people who walk alongside us.

“Real friendship is when your friend comes over to your house and then you both just take a nap.” — Anonymous

To celebrate I’ve compiled a gift guide of the best mom gifts to gift your friends.

Friend stainless steel necklace on a card

A stunning friendship tree charm on a necklace to gift.

Price: R299.00

Oh my stars gift box
This beautiful box is the perfect gift for a friend who is always sharing positivity. With beautifully curated content that will motivate, uplift, and inspire.
The box contains positive message jar, pencil,  journal, and positive message cards

Price: R 379.00

Gold best friend Cresent moon 2 pack necklace
A beautiful piece of jewelry for you and your bested to share.

Price : R 220.00

Bestie nutritional facts mug
This cute novelty mug highlights the benefits of besties.

Price: R135

Bestie masks
Besties who mask together stay together. These cute face masks are perfect for some self-care time.

Price: R45.00

Black beaded friendship bracelet set
A stylish matching set of beaded bracelets, one for your bestie and one for you.

Price: R99.00

Personalised tote with ribbon
Personalised gifts are the best and these totes are so versatile.

Price: R90.00
Shop :
Willow tree friendship tree figure
A beautiful little statute to remind you of the kindness and gentleness in friendships.

Price: R289.00

Friends photo frame
A stunning photo created from your friendship memories

Price: R100

Friends planter
Brighten your friend’s day with this Acrylic planter and wooden tray.

Price: R195.00
Shop: www.nectar&
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Rock’em Sock’em game review

I’m always on the look out for great family games to play with Hamish and Rock ’em Sock ’em was high on my list.

Toyshopper sent one over and we have been having the best time in mock fights seeing which robot would win. ( It’s usually Hamish )

About the game

Introducing the fight of the decade …
Heavyweight champion of the universe
In a battle of giants as they fight to the finish!
This classic Mattel game of ROCK ‘EM SOCK’ EM Robots has been scoring Knockouts since 1964 and it’s easy to see why this interactive, action-packed game is a winner with kids and parents alike!

How to play

Set up your fighting arena, position your robots and use the levers to control their hamer-like arms to sock each other with steel crunching hooks and pile driving jabs until one robot hits the other head up, scoring a point and knocking his block off.
You can see us play here
Hamish loves this game as much as the adults in our home. Great family games night fun, holiday entertainment, and the perfect game to add to that Christmas wish list.
Game available at Toy Shopper 
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Burts bees tainted lip balm

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balms – for just a hint of colour and 8 hours of moisture. The Botanical Waxes in these softly tinted lip balms will take your lips to lovely in one pretty swipe. Cares for lips with naturally hydrating ingredients.100 % natural.

Key ingredients include beeswax and shea butter.
Priced from R 99

Everyone has one. They’re in your purse, your car, your drawers, the pockets of all your jackets. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. From the classic Beeswax Lip Balm that has become a staple worldwide to a variety of exotic flavours your lips will crave, Burt’s Bees Lip Balms have something for everyone. But it’s not just the flavour, each of these balms is infused with real natural ingredients to nourish lips, like Mango Butter, Pomegranate Oil, Pink Grapefruit, Vanilla and more…

Burt’s Bees is available at @dischem_pharmacies and through @takealotcom.

Join the buzz on Instagram and Facebook : @BurtsBeesZA


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Sorbet Salon recently hosted its inaugural Skin Week event as part of the Hello Me Campaign to empower women and men on all things skin

 Sorbet Salon, a leading professional beauty brand, hosted its inaugural Skin Week event in partnership with Dermalogica, DMK, Exuviance, Environ and Heliocare at their head offices in Rivonia, Sandton. Media, influencers, bloggers, and celebrities in attendance received an exclusive skin care experience. Guests were treated to some healthy refreshments that included shots of Collagen from Mother Kind and Be Bright which enhances the glow from within. Hand massages, mini manicures and a photobooth were offered to guests, which they enjoyed as they waited for their skin treatments.

The skin treatments began with a 20-minute skin scan test to evaluate the skin from the deepest layers, followed by a skin facial, conducted by top and leading skincare experts representing each brand. A skin masterclass was later conducted by skincare therapists, who had the guest fully emersed in a skin education session that covered the below topics:
  • Skin & beauty trends
  • New treatment innovation
  • New product drops
  • How hormonal imbalance affects the skin
  • Male grooming
  • What is the hype around collagen
  • Benefits of skin scans
  • Anti – Ageing Ace concerns, pigmentation and other skin concerns
The first skin day event was hosted by internally leading skin care brand Dermalogica. Guests were treated to new and advanced treatments that cater for the winter season and this was done through the brand’s latest innovation – the Circular hydration serum and the Hyaluronic ceramics mist. These products help to hydrate the skin and lock in the moisture. An educational talk on all things skin was then facilitated by the brand therapist who took everyone in attendance on a skin journey highlighting the importance of having a skin analysis before treating your skin as this helps in tackling skin conditions that may be underlying.

Day two was hosted by DMK, which specializes in paramedical for pre- and post-operative treatments using ‘popular’ advance re-surfacing skin revision protocols for optimum results. Guests were treated to the Enzyme Therapy Signature treatment that activates the skin’s own natural enzymatic activity.

Exuviance took over Day three, with the brand’s core focus on educating the guests on their
different comprehensive treatments and professional formulae, which visibly help to transform the skin from the inside out. An important take out from the brand was that it not only empowers the clients, but upskills its professional skin therapists to become their clients trusted skin transformation experts.

The last skin week session was hosted by Environ. Guests in attendance received the Environ cool peel facial which is a safe non-invasive skin peeling system that helps refine, revive and brighten skin, as well as the dual electro sonic DF facial which stimulates the skin to deliver significantly more essential nutrients, to where the skin need them most.

At the end of each event day, guests received specialized skin care products that were used on them during their skin treatments, with step-by-step guidance of how to use the products at home to maintain healthy skin and a GLOW!

“Taking our guests on their skin journey is a core focus for Sorbet as we want to assist people in reaching their skincare goals. Our facials are designed for all skin types and needs and our expert therapists consult with our guests before deciding on the ideal regime. At Sorbet we notice that achieving glowing and blemish free skin is a real challenge, and many people are unaware that their everyday habits contribute to the unhealthy skin. Some of the most common mistakes people make with their skin is not using sunscreen, having no skincare routine, using too much exfoliation, sleeping with makeup on or not cleansing and drinking enough water. Experts from each brand explained to our guests and provided key tips for a glowing and healthy skin,” said Candice Thurston, Marketing Executive, Sorbet Group.

Follow us on our social media platforms for all of the latest updates on beauty products, treatments and trends – and to hear about the spoils we regularly have on offer.”

Sorbet Salons: @sorbetgroup

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Instax mini Link 2 portable smartphone printer heading to South Africa

The Link 2 includes InstaxAIR augmented reality effect, allowing users to ‘draw’ images on their prints using the app.

Fujifilm South Africa is proud to announce the latest in the Link range of portable printers – the Instax mini Link 2. The Link 2 follows in the footsteps of 2019’s highly successful Mini Link, offering on-the-spot printing of smartphone photos.

Compact, lightweight and finished with a tonal, striped texture, the Link 2 transfers an image from the user’s smartphone to commence printing in about 15 seconds. It also supports continuous printing and is capable of printing about 100 Instax prints per charge seamlessly via Bluetooth.

Draw on prints using unique InstaxAIR

Making use of card-size Instax Mini film, the Link 2 offers a variety of unique functions to ensure photo printing is a social occasion, being the first in the Instax series to feature InstaxAiR.

This augmented reality (AR) effect works through the dedicated Link 2 app and allows users of the Mini Link 2 to add graphics to their prints, including bubbles, petals, neon, spray paint or a glitter look.

By simply holding the Mini Link 2 printer, pressing the feature button on top, and aiming the side LED to draw in the air, what is drawn will then appear on the print preview in-app.

Once the user is happy with the look, the graphics will appear on the print itself when printed with the Mini Link 2. Users of the InstaxAiR feature can even record a video of the drawing being made and share the moment as a printable QR code that appears on the print – all through the app. The QR code can be scanned by others to view the video, download it, or to share on social media.

Customise Instax prints with Image Modes, Design Frames, Stickers and more

The Instax Mini Link 2 app contains a variety of design elements that can be overlaid onto the selected image for a one-of-a-kind Instax instant print. Users can also use their finger to draw a picture on a photo; select the best artistic filters; or manually adjust brightness, contrast and the saturation of the image. If it’s difficult to choose between images, simply combine up to eight pictures into a single Instax print via the collage feature.

Finally, when printing users can choose between two image colour modes – Instax-Rich Mode for deep, enhanced colours or Instax-Natural Mode for a more original look.

In addition to smartphone compatibility, the Mini Link 2 is also compatible with the Fujifilm X-S10 mirrorless digital camera, allowing photographers to send their images directly from the camera to the printer. Other Fujifilm digital camera users can use the Fujifilm Camera Remote app to transfer image data directly to the Link 2’s app to produce prints.

The Instax mini Link 2 printer will be offered in Soft Pink, Clay White and Space Blue, and is expected to be available in South Africa at the end August 2022. The Link 2 is set to retail for a suggested R2 799 incl. VAT.

New Spray Art film introduced

Accompanying the launch of the Mini Link 2 will be the new Instax Mini Spray Art instant film, featuring a colourful rainbow spray design that reflects light. It’s the perfect complement to the Mini Link 2’s InstaxAiR feature, making any image pop with added colour.

This new film variety is also expected to be available in August, for a recommended R180 incl. VAT.