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On Friday morning I was treated to a seat at the Mommy Wellness Mothers day breakfast at Sanctuary mall in Sommerset West.

We arrived to a beautifully decorated area where we were hosted by Pulp Kitchen. To one side stood a pamper station where the expert staff from Mommy Wellness day spa sat ready to give your hands a massage.

Each guest was greeted with a goody bag, lucky number and welcome drink of ‘champagne’ and orange juice sponsored by JC leroux

The first thing that caught my attention were the flowers. Simple but stunning. Each small bouquet a statement on its own.

I attended with Nicole ( Raising K Squared), Simone (Mamma to the power of 4) and Nadine ( Nadine Smallberg blog) . I’m quite convinced we were the loudest group – you just can’t take us bloggers anywhere.

The food was scrumptious. I had a healthy breakfast bowl and enjoyed the not so healthy cup cakes served later.

There was a lovely guest speaker and we enjoyed an entertaining fashion show sponsored by Earth Angel clothing.

The goody bags had some really terrific sponsors and we were well and truly spoilt.

A wonderful way to start my Mother’s day weekend 💖

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Cape Town #instamamameet – A day of fun and spoils

Saturday saw Cape Town host their very first #Instamamameet at the Backyard Cafe in Diep River.This sought after event was coverted by 20 Cape Town bloggers all eager to share the pre-Mothers day spoil.The attention to detail was the first thing I noticed as we were greeted by beautiful signage at the door.Inside we were lead to a small room decorated for the function as side tables groaned with goody bags and boxes holding the generosity of the brands that had sponsored this event.The beautiful tables, were almost too pretty to touch with floral place settings that complimented our feminine name tags.As soon as we were seated coffee orders were placed and platters of foods began to circulate.Delicious morsals of fruit kebabs, mushroom puffs, salmon bites and mini savory scones…each tastier than the one before.Once the introductions were done the guest speaker, Salome from Brush Salon spoke.Her story touched me deeply and you can read about that here.After this dynamic woman had finished a make up tutorial teaching us how to apply make up, the sweet treats began to arrive.Mouth watering chocolate brownies and miniature cup cakes.Our spoil for the morning was a facial buffet from Elixer Fusion and not being a spa type of person I wasn’t looking forward to this part of the event at all.This looked like a lot of work and a lot of products.Each of us had before us a mirror, bowl for water, headband, face towel, little gift and facial menu.We placed our headbands on and got to ready to treat our skin.One treatment after another and very soon I found I was enjoying the giggles with fellow bloggers and my face felt cleaner than it has in months.We worked through each step and soon came to the face mask. Each half of our face was a different mask. I think this is my favourite photo from the event.After we washed off the mask, added eye creams and other products I was shocked to see just how healthy my face looked.Throughout the event there was a series of random draws and I won a lovely bottle of Durbanville hills sparkling wine.And then it was time to grab our goody bags and head off home.A stunning box tied with lengths of gorgeous ribbon, personalised for each blogger.And a gift bag decorated with a laser cut keepsake coaster from Smudge-itAs a self confessed memory keeper, this little keepsake is one of my favourite items from the event.There were so many brands who contributed to this enjoyable event and while I can’t show them all here, I have unpacked them on Instagram.Below are the items we received…..And some useful vouchersThank you to the brands for spoiling us and the organisers for a wonderful event.

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The beautiful bottoms club , spreading lingerie on everyone’s hips.

In today’s modern lifestyle with mom’s having very little time to themselves, the Beautiful Bottoms Club helps you shop for those delightful delicates.

This is the only subscription service discreetly delivering designer lingerie in South Africa.

Saving you both time and money while delivering you a gorgeous pair of panties each month, which are hand made in Cape Town.

Every month you receive a surprise design after you have selected your size (xs to xxl) and your style ( brief, thong or surprise me)

You can also shop here online for past pairs.

My pair

I was delighted to find a pair of Lingerie letters panties in our #instamamameet goody bag.

I couldn’t wait to open the luxurious package that was personalised to me.

Inside was a delicate little beige and black pair of panties and I fell in love with the place immediately.

Now, a little secret about me is that I absolutely love lingerie. The sexier the better.

I like to know underneath my messy bun, paint stained outfits and food wiped jeans I’m looking and feeling sexy and gorgeous.

The cut is comfortable and delicately soft. The style is one I would have personally chosen and the pattern is appealing.

The entire presentation was so exciting and luxurious that this would make an awesome gift for my daughter’s hen party later this year, or as a birthday gift.

Thank you Lingerie letters for this awesome spoil.


This product was gifted to Fun mamma S.A.

This blog is not sponsored

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Mother’s day gifts for the sentimental mom

Mothers day ….

A day to celebrate and honour the woman who loves you unconditionally. This year I have found some unique products to gift the sentimental mom.

Beautiful keepsakes and meaningful gifts that she can treasure for years.


Gift guide



These high quality tea towels sell as a kit which includes 1x tea towel, paint brush, fabric paint and paint palette.

A blank canvas for you to create a masterpiece for mom, write a special message or let her create her own memories by painting this with you.

The options are endless.

Lovely to create a gift for a mom or grandma who may live far away.




A 12 page A1 size calendar which can be used on your desk to doodle or hung in a family area to note everyone’s activities.

Each page is beautifully designed with a loving scripture verse and an assortment of mandalas to colour.

If your mom is a creative she will love the concept of colouring her month with her hearts colours.

The calendar blocks are large allowing you the freedom to reside how to use this calendar.




Lulu bags are bright and stylish shopping bags that folds up into an attached pouch, allowing you to keep it in your handbag and never need to purchase a plastic bag or ugly retail shop tote again.

These bags have a large capacity and mom could also use it when going off to the beach, visiting the library or to store her crafts.




Muga Muga are a range of affordable,unique handmade jewellery.

Their botanical range is made from delicate little flowers cast in resin and encased in a wooden casing.

The range consists of necklaces, wrap around bracelets, earrings and rings.

These brought back the fondest memories of my young children picking field flowers for me and will be a hit with any nature loving mom.




Mothers day doesn’t need to be costly and often the smallest gifts take up the most room in our motherly hearts.

Why not take mom down to Starke Ayers and plant a pot of pansies with her? This is a memory she will cherish and a gift that will survive long past Mothers day.




Each gift needs a beautiful wrapping and Heart of Gifting have designed these gorgeous gift bags just for mom.

Handmade and printed with your choice of verse or quote at the back. You could also add a special heartfelt message to mom if you preferred.

The front is able to be personalised with mom’s name because nothing says I thought of you more than personalizing a gift.


Spoil mom this year with a gift wrapped in memories to remind her all year just how much she means to you.

Happy Mothers day 💖

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Toddler massage with Mai Co baby massage oil blend

Mai co sent us a bottle of their handmade calming baby massage oil blend to try on Hamish and I’ve been using it once daily after his bath and before bedtime to calm him.

This blend of natural essential oils and herbs has been an enormous help in getting him settled after a long day at school and setting a calming routine for us as he adjusted to going back to school.

There are many benefits of massage with your baby and toddler. Not only does massage calm your child but it assists with the bonding process, improved circulation and with the use of essential oils you can assist in keeping your child healthy and active.

Frederick Leboyer said …”It is through our hands that we speak to the child. That we communicate.
Touch is the child’s first language, understanding comes long after feeling”

Hamish loves his massage time and whilst there are many methods on how to massage your toddler and baby I would suggest finding a routine that works for you both.

We lay a muslin blanket down in a quiet room with no noise or some soft classical music playing and start by smelling the bottle of lavender and camomile oil blend.

Lavender and camomile both have natural calming and soothing effects. The scent is refreshing and not too overpowering so you could safely use this on baby aswell.

Then I rub some of the oil between my hands to warm it and rub it on Hamish. First his tummy, arms and legs and then his back.

The oil is not at all sticky and spreads easily. You use such a little that a bottle will last some time.

He is totally relaxed and usually in a better mood by the time we’ve finished.

Often I will just do his feet if I can see he has had a very bad day and is struggling to regulate. Then he joins me doing my feet as I do his. Although he ends up tickling me more than massaging and we collapse laughing.

I found this chart quite helpful in understanding where to apply a bit of pressure.

Mai co baby massage oil blend can also be safely used for cradle cap and skin care.

To learn more about their amazing range click here


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Oibo! The elastic baby ball and stacking toy from Moluk

I was so excited last week when I went downstairs and found a press drop from Stright zigzag.

I was even more delighted when I saw it was a box of Oibo! The new elastic ball and stacking toy released by Moluk!

What I absolutely love about the Moluk! Range is that there is no age limit and no “correct” way to play with the toys.

Children are free to interpret the toy and use their imagination to turn it into anything they think possible.

These open ended toys can be used inside, outside, in the bathroom, in the sandpit and for messy play.

The possibilities are endless.

What is an Oibo! ?

The Oibo! Is a soft silicone collapsable ball cleverly designed and cut from a sphere. Made from 100% food-graded silicone rubber which is free of BPA, Phthalates, lead and latex.

These durable shaped balls are not only a popular choice for babies they are also easy to grip.

The monochrome colours allow baby to focus and can be used to assist in eye tracking exercises by letting baby follow the Oibo! from left to right.

You could also suspend them over babies cot as a mobile.

Great to encourage baby to reach for them when doing tummy time and as baby starts learning to sit these are the perfect toys to grasp, chew, roll, squeeze and throw.

One of the best features are that the Oibo! Is collapsible making it safe to play with while baby learns to balance. It is also cut in such a way that the sides are thin allowing little ones to grasp 2 at a time.

The shape allows your child to post other toys through the top or pull toys from the centre and these various sized openings were designed specifically to encourage poking, gripping and passing from hand to hand to encourage the early development of hand – eye co-ordination and crossing of the midline.

As baby grows into a toddler these can be stacked on top of each other or used to teach your toddler to throw and catch. The silicone and irregular shape makes the Oibo! Unpredictably bouncy.

Older toddlers could add these to bath or sandpit play, use them for messy play, as stamps with finger paint or stencils. They can master hand eye co-ordination by tossing them into a bucket and you could even try juggling with them.

They are also easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe.

To learn more about this product and the Moluk! range visit :


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The Cookie Carnival company – a taste sensation in every bite.

Each year for the past 2 years, I’ve organised a princess training at the annual Brownies sleep over as my eldest daughter is a Girl guide leader for our local Brownie pack.

This is always fun and the girls challenge me to come up with new princess training ideas.

Last year, I really wanted them to be able to do a fun craft in the kitchen but with close on 30 girls to this with whatever I chose needed to be something manageable.

Then I came across The Cookie Carnival company on Instagram.

I popped Sodieka a message asking her to please sponsor the girls one of her delicious diy ice cream kits each.

This single mom of 3 boys , didn’t hesitate and a few days later I met her to collect the cute little kits for the Brownies.

Needless to say this yummolicious craft was a huge hit with both the mom’s and their daughters.

This amazing mom doesn’t only make yummy ice cream kits she also bakes up a storm in her kitchen after working a full day job.

She caters for weddings , birthday parties,baby showers and other events offering quality, affordable home made sweet delights that will tantalize those taste buds.

We popped in yesterday to a local market and were welcomed by Sodiekas warm personality.

Her market stall was full of Easter treats and Hamish got to sample some of the cute little egg shaped biscuits she made.

Freshly baked, they crumbled in your mouth and with the small bite Hamish actually let me taste I was reminded of my own childhood standing in the kitchen waiting patiently for the first taste of my gran’s home made cookies to come out the oven.

To try these for yourself contact The cookie carnival on



This review was Not Sponsored

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Making Your New Years Resolutions a Reality

After a long relaxing holiday, it is sometimes difficult to get back to reality and face the New Year.

The festive season is so busy with holiday plans and family festivities, you never have the time to think about yourself and all that you will need to help and make your New Year’s resolution a reality.

For most of us , we promise that we will go to the gym when we start work after our holidays. Our resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle and then the excuses start…

“I don’t have a gym bag, I’m too scared to use my new phone as I might drop it at the gym and I don’t have the right equipment, food or clothing to get into this new lifestyle that I have promised myself.”

The best way to make sure that you actually follow through with these promises is to make an investment and buy the equipment you will need to accomplish these goals.

How to make your New Year’s resolutions a reality

We have put together a list of things that you will need to help make your new-year’s resolution a reality.

Solo Hybrid bags:

Now that you need to go to the gym after work, you need to get a bag that is easy to carry and that can separate your sweaty gym clothes from your office equipment.

Solo hybrid bags can be carried anyway you need and converts from a Carry bag to Backpack in seconds.

You will never need another bag for your new lifestyle again.

Priced from R899

Body Glove wireless earphones

You would like to listen to your favourite tunes at the gym but you hate untangling the wires before you start your workout.

Body Glove mini-Bluetooth ear-buds are sweat proof and no wires will interfere with your workout.

Priced at R999

SNüG wireless chargers

The New Year is so jam-packed with work that your phone’s battery does not last the day.

You can charge your phone with the wireless magnetic car charger or take power with you and charge with the wireless charging powerbank from SNüG.

Priced from R399.

UAG rugged phone cases

These rugged phone cases are drop tested and built for an active lifestyle. Whether you are in the gym or on a hike, you can be confident that your phone will always be protected against accidental drops.

Priced from R599

Now that you have all the equipment you need, and you have invested the money to kick start your new lifestyle, you will no longer be able to put it off and this year, you might actually follow through with the goals that you have been setting for yourself for the last few years.

These products are available in SA from Vodacom stores, Incredible Connection, and online on, and

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Busy Bean Christmas bucket review

This review was sponsored by Busy Bean- Kids Art & Craft Supplies and Activities. The opinions are my own.

Bear recieved a Busy Bean – Kids Art & Craft Supplies and Activities Christmas bucket yesterday and I had intended to show you one craft a day but both bear and I can’t resist a good craft project so when there’s a whole bucket of crafts you have to imagine that we going to get stuck right in.

Bear loved the bright Christmas coloured bucket and I love that we can reuse the bucket at the beach, to store craft supplies or as the perfect storage space for his decorations.

I’m also contemplating turning it into the elf’s house but bear won’t let me near the bucket yet 😂🤣

There are 5 crafts in the bucket and only one of the crafts ( the hat) was a little to hard for bear but an older child of about 4/5 years should manage this with a little mamma help.

You get a beaded elf ….which is great for fine motor skills, practicing that threading and sequencing skills. Bear loved this and needed very little help.

Next we made the elf door. Again he managed with me just cutting the one stick and directing him as to where to paste items.

There’s some lovely round Santa belly gift tags that require mom to cut out for little fingers. Older children will manage this without much assistance.

The wreath and candy cane decorations were bears favourite and he loved the tactile feel of the smooth foam and the soft pom poms. We got to practice that sequencing skill again trying to make the candy cane have a pattern. I cut the shapes for bear and he did all the pasting.

Lastly there are 3 stunning little wooly hats, that for some reason I just couldn’t make, so I used the tutorial on the website. Bear lost interest in this really quickly as he is a bit too young for this one so I sat ( happily) making little hats. It’s actually really easy to make but will need mom’s assistance. And in case you wondering why we only have 2 little hats….it’s because bear ran off with the green wool and a piece of toilet roll intended for the craft and dipped them both into his poster paint ….I’m still not sure what he was making 😂🤣

The directions are very easy to follow for each projects and you can find a tutorial for each on the website

I loved that we can file each individually printed craft sheets to reuse again next year.

I absolutly love the Busy Bean products and this little bucket is the perfect Christmas eve gift to keep little fingers busy , for special times with grandparents or to take on holiday.

All items you need, except scissors are included.

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Health and wellness expert, Lisa Raleigh has been appointed as the new brand ambassador for Power Footwear South Africa.

As a health and wellness expert, Lisa provides expert advice, inspiration and motivation specialising in digestion, stress management, obesity and more recently, fitness management.

This exciting new relationship with the brand will be celebrated through a series of in-store activations at Shoe City stores nationwide where Power footwear is stocked. Lisa will also meet consumers as she showcases her latest fitness management program, Rebounding.

“Lisa is a great match for Power as she brings her unique brand of integrity and drive to the table as an active voice of the targeted consumers,” says Swastika Juggernath, Bata South Africa Marketing Manager. “As one of South Africa’s leading wellness and fitness influencers, we are confident that this will drive engagement and interest into Shoe City stores countrywide. Her authentic and talented persona is everything that today’s female consumer is looking to be – we are thrilled to see what heights Lisa will take the Power brand to,” added Juggernath.

Lisa will first appear in the brand’s campaign promoting the It’s your Move footwear range which is all about flexibility and adapting to the natural motion of your foot.

Together with her fitness program Rebounding, Lisa will Rebound with Power showcasing how you can get fit with freedom and flexibility.

This campaign will feature in-store, online and via print and social media.

Rebounding brings a fun and unique twist to conventional cardiovascular exercises, as it involves jumping on a mini trampoline combined with jumping jacks, twisting, running in place, bouncing on one leg at a time, and dancing. In addition,Rebounding is very low impact and allows you to do jumping and aerobic exercises for much longer intervals than you could on solid ground without tiring out or creating harmful oxidative and adrenal stress.

In addition,Rebounding is very low impact and allows you to do jumping and aerobic exercises for much longer intervals than you could on solid ground without tiring out or creating harmful oxidative and adrenal stress.

“I am looking forward to my new partnership with Power Footwear,” says Lisa Raleigh. “There is always a sense of excitement when working with a new brand and I am confident that my ethos and what I represent will draw attention to Power and engage new brand believers and enthusiasts!” Raleigh further commented that she is excited to engage with fans.

Read about my experience rebounding with Power and the Its your move shoes here