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Lockdown legalities and gender based violence : how a criminal defense lawyer can assist you

With lockdown being reinstated many of the normal every day activities that we once found ourselves doing are now criminal offenses.

We have also seen a huge increase in gender based violence as women are now spending much longer hours inside their homes with abusive and frustrated or unemployed partners.

New laws

The adjusted Level 3 laws for South Africa are now ( as of January 2021)as follows:

  • Most outdoor and indoor gatherings are now prohibited and these include religious gatherings, political events, traditional council meetings and gatherings at sports grounds.
  • Funerals may not be attended by more than 50 people.
  • Restaurants, museums and gyms may not have more than 50 people indoors or 100 people outdoors and this number may not exceed more than 50% of the venues capacity.
  • The South African population are all on curfew from 9pm to 5am. No one is permitted outside of their home during those times, except for medical emergencies and those who have permits to do so for work.
  • Non essential establishments like bars and restaurants must be closed by 8pm tp allow their staff to get home before curfew.
  • Wearing a cloth mask in public is mandatory.
  • Our boarder posts will have limited access in and out.
  • Alcohol sales are prohibited.
  • On site consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
  • Beaches are closed as are any parks.

(For a full breakdown of the laws you can visit )

Breaking the law

For the most part, the average citizen has adjusted to living in lockdown and embraced a new normal but with stricter laws there are also the consequences of jail sentences and fines, should you break these laws.

A need to break the law

What if the law was broken accidentally or for pure survival ?

We all know the staggering statistics of domestic abuse in South Africa and are aware that not every home is a safe space.

Whilst we saw a significant decrease in alcohol injuries and trauma over the December festive season domestic abuse is still increadibly rife among our society.

According to a Times alive article the government GBV and genocide command centre recorded more than 120 000 cases of domestic violence in the first 3 weeks of South African lockdown. ( 2020)

What if home is not a safe space?

With these statistics it is increadibly likely that a woman or child may run out of a home after curfew without a mask.

What would she do?

Technically she may not leave her home for fear of breaking the law but she also can’t stay for fear of her life.

In a situation of distress her thought would be survival not pandemic hygiene.

Technically she would be breaking 2 major laws :- not wearing a mask and not adhering to curfew.

Help in the law

Whilst it seems unlikely that breaking the laws she could actually turn to the law to protect her, however this would be the case.

Should she find herself arrested or fined for needing to flee her home, she should immediately report her case to the police and gain the help of a criminal defense attorney

Luckily there are free lawyers assigned to you if you are unemployed.

With the assistance of a criminal defense attorney she will be able to accurately prove that she was infact in danger and not intentionally trying to break the law.

Getting help

Should you find yourself at home and in any danger please make contact with one of the following organizations to assist you: Helpline for women


Tears foundation

For domestic abuse or gender based violence You can also dial *134*7355#

This is a free call and avaliable to everyone 24/7 in all 9 provinces

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How to sell on AWS marketplace

With lockdowns inforced in many countries, businesses have started to look for alternative ways to sell their products and run their businesses online.

One of those ways is to sell on AWS market place.

What is AWS marketplace?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and AWS marketplace is an online software store that assists customers to locate, buy and use the software that is on AWS marketplace.

Currently AWS offer 175 fully featured services from global data centres.

There are 7 primary categories with subcategories under each allowing you to filter your search according to both category and subcategories.

Who uses AWS and why ?

Several businesses, one of them being Netflix, use this secure cloud service platform to

  • Run and host their websites
  • Secure their files in cloud to be able to access from anywhere
  • Use management databases to store information
  • Deliver static and dynamic files using a Content Delivery Network ( CDN)
  • Send bulk emails to customers

How much does it cost to use ?

Amazon have reported that there are several free tiers that you can join to give you access to try many of the AWS features.

Should you not want to use the free tiers or if you are not eligible to use them, it could cost 1 -3 US dollars ( around R15 – R 45) a month with a personal website being hosted for only 50 US cents ( around R7.50)

What are the benefits of selling on AWS marketplace?

With many government and educational institutions using AWS marketplace, it has already gained a trusted reputation for :

  • Being easy to use
  • Having a diverse array of tools available
  • Unlimited server capacity
  • Reliable encryption
  • High levels of security
  • The managed IT services are available
  • Flexibility
  • And affordability

How do you sell on AWS marketplace ?

In order to sell your software on AWS marketplace you will need to first read the different policies that are in place for sellers globally.

Find your region and the rules that apply to you and they type of products you are selling.

Use the AWS marketplace management portal, where you will register and manage your products to :

  • Register as an AWS marketplace seller
  • Submit new products or update badly existing products on the product page
  • Upload the files you need to create and manage your software

The AWS marketplace management portal will also allow you to :

  • Measure the results of your marketing , including the usage and revenue.
  • Allow you to retrieve customer data in real time.
  • Detect any vulnerability with an AMI scan.

Final note

As a registered seller on AWS marketplace you will need to sell publicly found software that fits the stores categories.

The business selling will need to demonstrate a strong customer satisfaction record. (Some of the current businesses selling are Microsoft, IBM and Checkpoint. With open sourceware offered by WordPress , Drupal and Mediawiki.)

You will also be required to offer tax documentation, strong business operations and legal practices.

Top priority of AWS marketplace is to ensure their vendors keep their products both updated and virus free. Two vital components in business.

There are several “try before you buy” options with many of the registered vendors offering free trials of their products, ensuring you the peace of mind that what you are buying is ideal for your business.

AWS marketplace not only offers a high standard of good quality products, but work hard at keeping the trust already built in their brand.

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Dear Mom’s OK to have your shit together!

I’m a veteran mom.

Whilst I may be in my mid 40’s now and raising a preschooler, I started my parent journey many moons ago as a naive 16 year old teenager and have often quoted that I grew into motherhood.

It grabbed me in my prime and moulded me. It made me the woman I am today!

Mom life

I had 6 children before I turned 30.

Four of my older six children were adventurous, boisterous and incredibly busy boys. Two of them are on the Autism spectrum.

My boys are really close in age and there is an 11 year gap between my eldest and my youngest of my older six children.

Of course there were days when the washing was piled up, the dishes were stacked and the load, which I carried mostly alone, was overwhelming but there were always picnics, nature walks, games and hours of reading together.

Our home was always clean. I’ve never had a full time domestic. The kids would all do chores and we worked together to get the days to do list done.

Many hands work together, my gran would quote and we used these times to teach responsibility, hard work and the difference between work time and relaxing time.

A strict schedule

We started our mornings early and dived into a full morning of school. Lunch was at 12 and then the kids were free to play.

After a busy day we neatened up the house at 4pm to bath by 4.30pm. The kids then watched tv or played quietly while I cooked and we ate by 6.

At 8pm they slept. Bedtime could be a struggle but I always had my own time after 8pm to enjoy my hobbies.

This routine worked for us and kept order to what could have been a chaotic and loud home.

Mom friends

My mom friends lived similar lives.

Yes, we moaned about the load, the kids rolling their eyes and how little our husbands did but we had no “wine culture” and we weren’t proud to be a “hot mess”

Raising a child as an older mom

So, raising Hamish in my 40’s with adult and teen children ahead of me I often struggle to relate to the many moms who call for a glass of wine when the kids throw a tantrum or who post photos online stating just how much more of a “hot mess” they are than Jenny because she hasn’t bathed her child in 2 days.

Hot mess mom

Lets talk about this apparent hot mess mom …I personally hate this saying but mostly I hate that all over the internet you see women in competition to see who could be a bigger “hot mess” than the other.

Now, before you crucify me at the stake or deem me old fashioned, I’m not saying that it isn’t ok to fail, have a bad day or admit you are overwealmed.

Hell, parenting is a rough journey!

What I’m saying is that it really isn’t a competition to see who is the bigger ” hot mess”

Not bathing a child for 2 days, failing to brush their hair or leaving their pajamas on to drop them at school because you “just can’t” does not make you a “fashionable hot mess” … what it does is make you neglectful or in need of serious medical intervention to perhaps adress an underlying issue with depression.

Why do I say this?

Our children can’t make decisions for themselves and as a mom and educator my heart breaks at a child who is left with unwashed hair for a week , school work still in a bag or to eat oreos for 6 nights in a row because mom has Instagrammed herself a “hot mess” and “just can’t! ”

If your home, relationships and children are overwhelming to the point that your mental or physical health are effected you need medical intervention not a place on an insta square.

And I say this with complete compassion, we have all been there.

Parenting, especially solo or with little assistance from your partner, can take it’s toll.

There is no shame in not coping and finding the correct help to assist you to become the best mom to your children.

If you find yourself identifying with this and need to reach out you can contact:

The South African Depression and Anxiety group

Wine culture

This is another one that gets me worried.

Now I like a good glass of red as much as the next mom.

Especially at a nice wine farm but what are we teaching our children when everytime they misbehave, throw a tantrum or mess up the lounge with the gazillion toys we bought them, if we rush to the fridge shouting ” I need a glass of wine!”

What example do we set when we tell our children we just can’t deal with their noise and reach for a glass of Sauvignon blanc?

As South Africans we have terrible statistics when it comes to our youth and drinking. Many of our teens actually see it as normal to include alcohol in their daily activities.

According Aware the following statistics have been proven:

  • 1 in every 2 teenagers is an active consumer of alcohol
  • 49% of high school students have consumed alcohol
  • 15% of teen boys and 8% of teen girls have had their first drink before the age of 13 years old.
  • Teenagers who drink are more likely to try drugs
  • Teenagers using alcohol are three times more likely to be involved in violent crimes.

So,where do we differentiate between alcoholism ( a dependance on alcohol to cope with lifestyle pressures) and it being an “instaworthy” mom joke?

Who is looking up to you?

I recently shared a quote saying Someone is learning how to be a person by watching you. ….who is looking up to you?

By announcing with a loud exaggerated sigh how much you need a glass of wine in front of your preschooler or child are you equipping them with the tools they need to face adulthood one day or are you setting them up for a life of excuses behind a bottle of pinotage ?

We are the parents

Surely, we as parents should not be glamorizing a potentially harmful culture with seemingly innocent words that could one day see our own children look at us and say I just can’t deal today I need a drink!

Again, I reiterate ….whilst there is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink or two responsibly, we need to be aware of the example we set for our children and of the words we use.

Our words are powerful and often leave a lasting impression, sometimes one much deeper than a joke to fit in with the mom’s around us.

It’s ok to have your shit together

And if you are a mom, who is perfectly imperfect and managing to exhaustedly keep it all together without joining the “wine culture” or needing to wear a “hot mess mom” badge ….it is perfectly ok to celebrate your parenting success.

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The magic fairy tree at Noordhoek common

Level 3 lockdown has had us not venturing out much and mostly avoiding anywhere crowded.

Brent has been doing the shopping in the malls and for the most part Hamish and I have just spent the last 2 weeks within our home or taking the occasional stroll around the block.


Yesterday was just too much for Hamish and he woke in tears, missing his family, his friends and the animals we usually see over the weekends.

I was heart broken.

Lockdown laws

Throughout the lockdowns we have been relatively unaffected and for that I am eternally greatful but the announcement of no playdates and outings for Hamish has finally been too much.

Our usual beach visits or park trips have been halted and we are avoiding the more popular attractions in Cape Town due to fear of the virus.

Break free

So, yesterday when I saw the fairy tree on a fellow blogger, Hearts and Hickups, Instagram post I knew we were going to grab our masks, shower in sanitiser and break free from these four walls to find it.

Noordhoek common

I messaged for directions last night and this morning Brent and I made our way into Noordhoek.

New in the Southern Suburbs we are still discovering the local gems and this is certainly my favourite.

The Noordhoek commons is almost opposite the Noordhoek farm villiage and is a wide open grounds perfect to kick a ball around and picnic.

As we entered the first thing we noticed were the horses in the centre of the field and the people walking dogs.

Unlike so many beaches and parks in Cape Town I was glad to see those people we came across today who were walking dogs here had them on leashes.

Several other people were walking in the common and there were many young families with children running about.

Although there were other people, the space was large enough for us not to have to come into contact with others at all.

Walking trails

After watching the horses for a while, Hamish found a small foot trail that we followed as it wound around past some more horse paddocks and little streams.

With no one anywhere around we let Hamish take off his mask and enjoy the beautiful view and fresh air around us.

Fairy tree

The highlight of our visit has to be the magical fairy tree that someone has taken the time to create.

The little fairy who lives here seems to be named Rubik according to the name on the handle of his little red door.

He has a hammock to lie in, the cutest postbox and a swing to keep him busy.

We were also glad to see he got his clean washing up on the line before going out fishing.

Hamish was mesmerized and kept knocking on the door until I showed him the “gone fishing” sign.

He then wanted to search the streams for the little fairy…..

To the person who created this little piece of wonder, Thank you for helping to keep the magic of childhood imagination alive.

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Guns -what you need to know

Guns are most likely one of the most controversial subjects in any home.

Whilst they serve their purpose to protect you should you be faced with a life or death situation there are also numerous accounts of toddlers and young children accidentally getting hold of parents gun and shooting themselves or a friend.

Personal experience

As a young girl I remember living on a big wide open farm and being taught to shoot a pellet gun rifle. The hard butt of the gun against my shoulder, I pulled the trigger and instantly reeled back with the effect. The noise ringing in my ears.

It scared me. I don’t remember trying again although I do remember my father teaching us the safety around both handling the gun and storing it.

I also recall watching him as he pulled each piece of the gun out and explained how to clean it and how it worked.

Many years later I also stood in a lounge where my father wielded a hand gun in a vicious attack against my mother.

That day I vowed I would never own a gun.

What changed

As a young mom, because of my own trauma with guns, I hardly allowed my four sons to play with guns. The images of the hurt they can inflict far too vivid in my mind.

But, boys have a natural way of gravitating to all things action and it wasn’t long before they were using sticks as guns and building their own Lego rifles.

I finally gave in and took them shopping, careful to only choose bright coloured toy guns that did not resemble a real gun at all, other than shape.

By the time they were teens they were buying their own B.B guns and my many hours of gun safety talks began.

Am I against guns?

I’m not against guns, they are needed by many for protection but I do believe :

  • They need to be stored in a safe away from children
  • A child should never handle a gun
  • You need a licence and this licence should take your mental state into account and be evaluated every year.
  • If you have children in a home where there is a gun, regular conversations about gun safety should be taken into consideration.
  • If your teenager wants to learn to shoot, it should be at a shooting range amidst professionals.
  • You should be a member of the Gun owners Association.

What are the reasons people own guns?

In South Africa, self protection is one of the largest reasons for people to own a gun.

From hijackings, muggings, home invasions and farm murders … there is need for personal safety.

According to the Small Arms survey there are approximately *5 350 000 guns in personal possession in South Africa. (* 2020)

Of this number, only *3 000 000 were legally registered.

What are the laws when owning a gun?

We, in South Africa need to follow strict rules before applying for a gun licence, unlike in some countries.

Here you will need to :

  • Be trained at an accredited training provider
  • Obtain a competency certificate
  • Apply for fire arm licence from the South African Police Force ( SAPS)

You also need to meet the following requirements :

  • Be a South African citizen or permanent resident of South Arfrica
  • Be 21 years or older
  • Be mentally stable and fit
  • Pass a background check
  • Not have a criminal record
  • Not be an addict to either alcohol or drugs

A fire arm licence is valid for 5 years and needs to be renewed 90 days before the previous one expires.

A hunting fire arm licence is valid for 10 years.

How many guns can I own ?

The law is incredibly strict on how many guns you may own.

For personal safety – 1

For hunting/ shooting sports – a maximum of 4 but limits on only 1 handgun, rifle or shot gun. If however you are a member of a reputable hunting or sporting organisation and can prove your membership and can prove your need for more guns you may have more.

Business- For security companies and those who use guns in their business like a shooting range, there is no limit.

What do I need if I own a gun for personal safety?

The number one requirement for owning a gun would be a safe space to keep them. A wall safe with combination lock away from children.

A gun case for transporting your gun. This too needs to be secure and would be wisest with a combination lock.

A gun cleaning kit to keep the gun free of dust and from rusting.

A gun holster, should you wear the gun on your body, like the quality gun holsters from We The People Holsters

Spare ammunition.

Final notes

A gun can be a tool for survival but South Africa has many laws that even should a person break into your home you may not just shoot them.

It is wise to familiarize yourself fully with the law before deciding to buy a gun.

It is also wise to have open conversations with your children about gun safety.

These resources can help:

Molly’s mischief– a gun safety message from McGruff the Crime dog ( age 3 -9)

Not cool kyle– a gun saftey message from McGruff the crime safety dog. ( age 3-12)

Eddie Eagle gun safe activity book ( preschool to grade 4)

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Inspired by Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny to share my 5 top organic bloggers

With our move to the beautiful coastal town of Kommetjie, I’ve been inspired by the abundance of nature and natural spaces around us to use more organic and eco friendly products in my home.

But, like many other women I also found myself lost in an abundance of choices and not sure which products to start using.My natural instinct led me to bloggers who wrote about these products and who had often tried many of them personally. As a blogger myself, I trust a fellow bloggers opinion.This journey led me to discover a treasure grove of information and some wonderful new blogs to follow along my organic journey.

Here is my list of my top 5 organic blogs to follow

1. Amanda Jo from Organic Bunny

Amanda-Jo-Organic-Bunny has been an invaluable resource and trusted source of information for all things green.It is her mission is to give her readers natural alternatives to their favourite products and you can find reviews on home products, beauty products, make up, skincare and hair care products.Her site also has amazing make up tutorials, which my teen loves and she has an organic shop linked directly to her blog.

2.Life Lived Simply

This site is geared directly at those who are on a zero waste journey ( my life goals)Colleen features simple and practical advice with some great interviews to educate you as you move to a zero waste life style.Her blog also covers topics of Christian faith, adoption,travel and some delicious recipes.

3. Eco 27

Jackie from Eco 27 is down to earth and honest.Describing herself as ” a person living in a real world” she is passionate about learning how to look after the planet, making her blog easy to read and relatable. ( for me at least)Although the articles are more informative on eco world news, she is building a comprehensive eco directory on her site.

4. Faithful to Nature

Faithful to nature is my go to store to see what eco and natural products are avaliable and the price at which they are sold.Their inspirational lifestyle blog is full of recipes and wellness articles and they have built a trusted name for their brand.

5.The green vegan chick

Although I am not vegan and most likely won’t become vegan I love The green vegan chick blog.Her blog shares many reviews from eco friendly and organic brands giving me insight into the product before using them.She covers a wide variety of topics from gardening to eating out and where to shop.You can also find a delicious selection of recipes and helpful resources to guide you along a more natural, sustainable and eco concious lifestyle.Although I’ve listed my 5 favourite organic and eco friendly blogs, there are so many more fabulous bloggers using their platforms to share more natural lifestyle choices and organic shopping options.Are you on a more natural or eco concious journey?If so I’d love to hear from you. Pop me a comment below and share your favourite products, resources and blogs with me.

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2021 …

As the new year rings in my phone is usually alive with pings and posts.

Well wishers sharing New year blessings from long before the stroke of midnight until the middle of a new days afternoon.


2021 hasn’t brought about any of the fan fare.

My phone has remained quiet, subtle hints at new year messages are scattered in social media pages and images of candles burning for those we lost during 2020 have replaced the jovial party images of popped champagne corks and fireworks.

2021 has arrived, quietly. Almost too afraid to bring too much hope as we watch the numbers of those infected by the virus climb and remember those who we lost in 2020.

2021 feels cautious. Aware that not much has changed in the world around us and yet at the same time understanding just how much our lives have changed.

2021 in her subtleness, offers support and empathy.

Knowing, full well, that we are still trying to digest the events of the last 9 months and like a pregnant mother she is prepared to ease us into a new way of life.

2021 ….

May she bring you a year of good health, sufficient wealth and abundant happiness as you start to write the story of this blank book.

May this be the year that we continue to show empathy and gratitude.

A year of growth and progression for us all.

A year where we keep our families and homes our core focus and continue to stay close to nature.

May we in 2021 learn to be kind …mostly to ourselves.

And may we be blessed with opportunities to learn and flourish.

May 2021 be the year you remember , not for struggles or sadness but for love.

Happy New Year !

With love

Judy & Hamish

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Bramley Magnolia and Cocoa Heaven Tissue Oil Now Available in 250ml Bigger Pack, Better Value!

Magnolia and Cocoa Heaven Tissue Oil by Bramley has become so popular, it is now being made available in a bigger 250ml value pack.

Bramley Tissue oils are South Africa’s #1 best selling tissue oil.

Magnolia’s floral fragrance combining the scents of magnolia, carnation and rose has been voted the best loved fragranced tissue oil.

This amazing formulation is enriched with vitamin E and Bio-Pharm oil; the latter being made up of waxy lipid molecules known as ceramides, which has become a modern scientific treatment that influences the water holding capacity of the skin and provides structural integrity, while protecting against pollution and stress damage.Loyal customers swear by this tissue oil’s ability to help to get rid of stretch marks, scar tissue and very dry skin. As well as maintaining and improving the over all health of their skin.Bramley Tissue Oils are also used to make brittle nails stronger, as a lip balm that adds a glossy shine, for nurturing and thickening eyelashes, a rich hair conditioner and treatment for itchy scalp, a luxurious body lotion, a skin softening bath oil, a brilliant shaving balm and a soothing massage oil, which is why the standard 100ml runs out fairly quickly.

Cocoa Heaven

Bramley also has the 250ml tissue oil in Cocoa Heaven
Cocoa Heaven is our dreamy yet exotic and indulgent range.

This luxuriously rich range enriched with our signature, unique Bio-Pharm oil and Vitamin E oil, provides protection and nourishment to your skin and leaves it feeling warm, beautiful and glowing.
The delightfully appetizing fragrance is warm and vibrant, guaranteed to take you to your happy place.The 100ml pack sells for R19,99 and the new 250ml value pack will sell for an amazing R39,99 only.

Available in Pep Stores from 27 November 2020. While stocks last.

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Play-doh christmas gift ideas 2020

No christmas would be complete for us if we didn’t add a Play-doh gift into Hamish’s stocking,and Hasbro has some fabulous gift ideas for Play-Doh fans this season.

Play-doh slime

This colourful premade slime compound is as much fun to look at as it is to touch!

Stretch it, pull it, let it ooze – Play-Doh Slime for kids 3 years and up gives them a squishable, sensory, creative experience.

Watch how squishy and fun this Play-Doh slime is here

Play-doh colour burst

This is one of our personal favourites. Hamish loves to watch the colours mix into each other.

Have a blast with Play-Doh Color Burst!

With speckles of one color mixed into another, watch the colours swirl and change before your eyes as you mix them together offering an innovative way to mix and play!

Play-doh Elastix

Stretch your imagination with Play-Doh Elastix compound.

With a fun pull-apart texture for new ways to play its perfect to stretch and mould pretend melted cheese, stretchy snakes, and all the other silly things kids like to create.

Hasbro also have some innovative and fun gifting options for your Play-Doh fans.

Play-doh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream Playset

Play-Doh fans will love the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream Playset, with new Play-Doh Drizzle compound.

Get drizzling and create a pretend candy shell for your Play-Doh Ice cream creations!

Create colourful Play-Doh sundaes and cones and don’t forget to add fun Play-Doh sprinkles and candies to decorate.

Play-doh Kitchen Creations Candy Delight Playset

It’s crazy candy galore at the Play-Doh candy store!

This Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Candy Delight Playset is a treat for the imagination as kids create their own silly gummy bears, pretend candy bars, and play candy cups.

Fill the top with Play-Doh compound, then turn the crank on the candy machine to see the crazy colourful Play-Doh candies pour out.

Scoop the creations into the pretend candy buckets to show them off to friends.

Gift your child the gift of fun and imagination this Christmas with one of these Play-Doh sets.

Available at Takealot, Toyzone or ToysRus

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Storybook stars personalised books make your child the star of the story

Hamish recieved this absolutely gorgeous personalised story book from Storybook Stars.

I’m a huge fan of anything personalised and an even bigger fan of books so this is a huge win in our home.

About Storybook Stars

Storybook stars will personalise a book for your child from the choice of two stories to draw your child into a world of adventure and develop a love of books and reading .

The adventures you can choose are :

-under the sea

How it works

You will also be given the option after choosing your story and personalizing the character ( skin, hair and eyes), of previewing the story before paying.

The process is easy and you choose from the 90 possible features options to represent your child.

Delivery was prompt and the books arrive in a sealed box via courier.

The character

Hamish immediately identified the star of the story character as himself with red hair and blue eyes.

I chose the under the sea book for him as he loves the aquarium and sea creatures.

About the story we chose

This is a beautiful story of a whale that loses his colours and an adventure to find thd colours. Hamish travels with a friendly turtle and meets a lot of different creatures along the way.

The book is well written and the characters are fun and engaging.

The illustrations are lovely and open up for further vocabulary building and conversation starters as you explore all the objects on the pages.

The books retail at R375 for a soft cover and R570 for a hard cover.

Other options

You have the option to add an activity book and poster to match your story. These both have your child’s personalised character on.

The activity book retails at R 130 each
The poster retails at R50 eachFor more information