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The great monster hunt by Norbert Landa & Tim Warnes

This book review is in collaboration with : The Kids Book Club

Title: The Great Monster Hunt

Author: Norbert Landa & Tim Warnes

About:Bear wakes to a “pssh pssh” sound under his bed and too scared to look he runs for the help. The animals add on a little exaggeration as they find the right team to save duck, sho is in great danger from the monster under his bed. With a firm plan to trap the monster, owl, bear. Pig and fox head to ducks house. Imagine their surprise when they look under the bed and realise just how much they exaggerated. This book comes with a CD read by Anna Crace.

Disclaimer : All books are sponsored unless stated and the opinions expressed within the review are my own.

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Painting Rocks and Hiding them, why so many people have joined this craze

A few months back I was invited to join a group on Facebook called Cape Town Rocks.

I had posted a few pictures of the story rocks we made and someone felt I would find this group insightful ….and I did.

This group is a community of amazing people who share their love of being creative, their incredibly inspiring rock paintings and where they have hidden them. They also share useful tips on pens and paints to use and pictures when they find a rock that was hidden.

But why paint rocks and hide them?

In their own words they paint the rocks because it’s both relaxing and good for the soul.

It allows for a fun, non pressured way to express an individual’s creativity and no two stones are the same.

Hiding the stones is just as much fun and opens up opportunities to take hikes, explore new spaces and leave small messages as a random act of kindness …you never know who needs to hear your message today.

Paint a rock. Hide a rock day

Obviously, this wonderful group are not the first nor the only group to paint rocks and hide them. There are many groups worldwide.
I even came across a Paint a rock. Hide a rock day where people were encouraged to paint a blue rock to represent the world with a red heart on it.

What a wonderful way to unite people!

How do you get started?

By finding rocks or pebbles to paint.

I read an interesting debate which I must admit I somewhat agree with. People were buying their stones as these come from quarries and do not upset the environments they are moved from.

Your local builders warehouse or nursery should stock stones big enough to paint.

If you do remove stones from beaches, parks or gardens try not to take too many or remove several from the same spot.

What do you need?

Hamish and I started with just some brushes and paints.

Acrylic, oil or craft paints work best.

Kerri used nail varnish and glitter glues.

You can buy all sorts of amazing markers and pens from a craft store as you find your interest grows.

How to paint on rocks


Pinterest and Facebook have so many amazing ideas on what to paint onto your rocks.

Your imagination is your only boundary.

Here are a few of my favourites

Painting with Hamish

Hamish and I started painting our rocks today to hide.

For him choosing the actual rock was the most exciting part of the process. I used some cheap paint we bought from a China store hear us and let him paint how he felt his rock should look.

He was quite happy to keep adding paint and really enjoyed painting his first rock.
This was a lot of fun and really is both relaxing and not pressured at all. I dont feel the need to make it perfect and really just rushed a quick design to show Hamish an example. He did ask me when we painting more so I think we will most likely grab the family, set up a painting station and let everyone Express themselves.

Look out for our hidden rocks ❤
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Natura Moms and Baby Range

Hamish and I were recently sent a gorgeous gift hamper from Natura, containing some of their new Moms and baby range to try.

I am a firm believer in the Natura tissue salts and have used their range extensively so I was excited to try these new products.

About Naturas New Moms And Baby Range

Natura’s new mom and baby range offers gentle and effective, quality solutions through their trusted homeopathic remedies.

From morning sickness and breastfeeding to colic and teething this comprehensive range have a remedy for many of the common niggles moms and babies have.

What’s really great is that all the remedies are prepared as quick dissolving tablets,making it much easier to administer to babies and toddlers.

Products in the range

There are 17 products in the range.

For Mom

  • Prolak
  • Used for lactation, this supports the production of milk and eases with pain associated with breastfeeding.

  • Moton
  • Used for morning sickness, this assists with nausea and vomiting in the mornings and is useful if you are suffering from dreadful persistent nausea. It also assists with severe water brash.

  • O4 Serum
  • The O4 serum is a stretchmarm reduction gel and is used to reduce the appearance of blemishes associated with stretch marks and scars. It evens the skin tone. Offers intense moisturising and hydrated the skin. It is quickly absorbed to  improve the skin’s elasticity and suppelness without leaving an oily residue.

  • Nipella
  • Used to soothe and protect sore and cracked nippels. This cream 8s GMO free, 100% natural, contains no fragrances or preservatives.

    For Baby

  • Rescue
  • Used if baby is distressed,  tearful, restless, has anxiety or fears or for emotional shock.

  • Arnica D6
  • These are for those every day bumps and bruises or sore muscles.

  • Castro
  • You can use this for baby sniffles like runny nose, post natal drip, nasal congestion and thick sticky tears.

  • Dental
  • These ease teething. Use for painful gums,difficult teething, delayed teething, emotional crying caused by teething and to ease the teething runny tummy symptoms.

  • Kolik
  • For little ones suffering from colic, persistent crying, crying after feeding and if they have a flushed face from crying.

  • Snappy nappy
  • This cute barrier cream contains zinc oxide, soothing calendula and aloe vera to soothe sensitive bottoms.
    It also contains bees wax to act as a barrier against the moisture in your little ones nappy. With no parabens, colorant or fragrance you know this is a gentle product.

    For Mom and Baby

  • Karma Sleep
  • Used for sleeplessness, especially if you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Also good for restless sleep or changes in your sleeping pattern.

  • Ezin cough
  • Used for md wet and dry coughs.

  • Starlite
  • This product is used for sore throats, coughs, mild fevers and stuffy or runny noses.

  • Magen
  • Used for indigestion, bloating, motion sickness, heartburn or nausea after eating.

  • Kronolax
  • This is used for constipation, difficulty passing stools and to ease abdominal discomfort.

  • Danon
  • This runny tummy remedy is used for diarrhea, loose water stools or involuntary stool movement.

    Our experience

    Not being a lactating mom, we passed some of our samples onto 2 moms who could use them but we did try the awesome bath products.

  • Double Bubble
  • This 3 in 1 body wash, shampooanx bubble bath contains Calendula and Camomile making it the perfect combination to calm Hamish after a busy day.

    He loved the smell, I loved how soft his skin felt after his bath.

    All the ingredients are of natural origin and it has no colorant or Parabens.

    There were sufficient bubbles and it doesn’t leave a stain or mark on the bath.

    Of course I love that I only need one product to clean my busy boy with.

  • Calicalm
  • This calming Calendula and Lavender bath and massage oil could not have arrived at a better time as Hamish hurt his leg at school.

    So I massaged his leg with a little of this to calm him and dropped a few drops into his bath.

    The bottle contains a cute hippo and he was convinced the hippo remedy made his leg feel better.

    I love that this range of personal care products has cute animals on the containers. 

    I also love that when developing these products Natura sourced raw materials which are of natural origin, making them organic or Eco-cert approved, and from sustainable resources.

    You can purchase Natura products at Diskem or Clicks.

    To find out more

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    The odd socks project

    The odd socks project caught my attention when I walked into a local charity shop and saw a sign saying ” Odd Socks Collection Point”

    I was immediately curious. Who wants odd socks? And what for ?

    What is the Odd sock project?

    The odd sock project started towards the end of June 2019, and has in 3 months,collected over 9000 socks to date.
    And with more than 50 collection points nation wide, and the public’s enthusiasm this number of single socks will keep escalating.

    What do they do with the socks?

    The socks are collected and sorted by size and fabric to make a  unique and  funky pair of socks to donate to the homeless, who can not afford socks.

    How to get involved

    It costs nothing to support this fantastic organisation and their drive to repurpose items we would have thrown away.

    Simply donate all those single, lonely socks who no longer have a partner to a collection point near you.
    The website has a map of areas where you can find a collection point closest to you.

    You could also become a sock collection point or join their team of volunteers by signing up on the website.

    For more information contact

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    Canvas club taking schools by storm

    Canvas Club, the kids’ creative crafting club that’s already running in 55 locations across the country, is fast becoming popular at schools too. 

    Canvas Club has grown in leaps and bounds since the opening of their first club in Cape Town in March of 2018. There are now 40 clubs operating in 55 locations in South Africa, as well as two in Namibia and one in New Zealand, all following the same curricula and applying the same principles, methods and processes. What excites founders and owners Stefanie de Wet and Christelle Janse van Rensburg the most, however, is the growing demand to bring Canvas Clubs into schools. 

    “We knew it would be highly relevant to parents, and very popular with kids,” says Stefanie, “but we hadn’t anticipated the requests we would receive from parents and teachers alike to offer our classes as an after-school activity on school premises.” 

    Stefanie and Christelle believe the popularity of Canvas Club has to do with the educational approach to fun. 

    “What makes Canvas Club different – and more than just an art class – is that we use processes and systems endorsed by occupational therapists,” says Stefanie. 

    At Canvas Club, each game or crafting activity is designed to introduce or develop important skills.

    The age-appropriate activities cultivate conscious curiosity, stimulate independent thinking, problem solving and innovation, foster spatial awareness, hone fine motor skills and introduce STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills to children as young as 12 months.

    Much more than simply “arts and crafts”, Canvas Club is quickly being recognised by parents as affordable OT-endorsed play – with purpose. 

    Christelle explains the process a parent or teacher can follow if they are interested in bringing Canvas Club to their school:

    “When we are approached by a parent or teacher, we follow up by offering to do a demo class at the school,” she says. 

    “This inevitably demonstrates how captivated the children are while learning and honing important mental and physical skills, under the guise of fun! Once the school understands the concept, we can start planning a whole new world of learning for their kids.” 

    Canvas Clubs is already operating in 15 schools through various branches across the country, with many upcoming demos and plenty of queries coming in at a regular pace.

    If you would like to enquire about Canvas Club at your school, visit 

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    Be a woman of worth

    Many years ago I read this scripture thinking wow ! That woman is amazing ….I hope I can be like that one day.

    Then life happened …. I grew! I made good choices, I made bad choices and so often I looked at this beautiful scripture and I ticked off each thing that I wasn’t instead of looking to the things I was.

    Many years later I realise even on my worst days I am a woman of worth!

    So, what is a woman of worth?

    A woman of worth to me is someone who uplifts and encourages others, no matter what she is personally going through.

    A woman of worth inspires you through her experiences as much as she does her daily life.

    Someone who shows courage in the face of adversity or stands up for her beliefs, even at the risk of standing alone.

    A woman of worth is loyal, to her family and friends. She supports them with enthusiasm and lifts them up when they are down.

    A woman of worth loves fiercely and unconditionally.

    She is above all else…kind. knowing that kindness will soften even the harshest words and hold a broken heart together.

    She forgives easily.

    She is trustworthy. She doesn’t need to use her words or your secrets to hurt anyone or betray a confidence.

    She is Grace filled and wise enough to use her words to help and heal. She is honest but tactful. She is kind but stern when needed.

    A woman of worth leaves you richer for having known her.

    To all the Women of worth in my circle …. thank you for inspiring me to be the best version of myself

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    Become a tourist in Cape Town FREE for your Birthday

    I moved to Cape Town almost 6 years ago and I’ve made it my goal to see and do as much as I could in that time.

    But so many of the main attractions in Cape Town can work out quite costly, especially for a large family like ours.

    So, I started looking for things to do in Cape Town that were free to attend or relatively cheap enough for us to explore as a larger group.

    This is when I first came across these amazing Free tickets which will allow you access to 3 of Cape Town’s top attractions and become a tourist in your town on your birthday.

    💞Table mountain

    💞The Two Oceans Aquarium

    💞The big wheel at the V & A Waterfront

    Table mountain

    The iconic Table mountain is part of a National Park and a World Heritage site.

    Did you know that the aerial cable way was built more than 80 years ago? On the 4 October 1929 the cableway first opened its doors.

    You will need your South African ID to claim your free ride and it is valid for your birthday and 7 days after.

    You can also leave your car, as parking can be difficult and grab a free Mycity shuttle to Table mountain

    Find out more on where to catch the shuttle, times and the history of this majestic mountain visit

    Two Oceans Aquarium

    The Two Oceans Aquarium invites you to share their ocean treasures with a Free ticket on your birthday.

    Explore your way through the I & J exhibit, the kelp forest and the preditor exhibit.

    Say a hello to the friendly penguins at the penguin exhibit and get hands on with the touch pool.

    Or visit the diversity gallery and enjoy the amazing creatures under the sea.

    You will need your South African ID to claim your Free ticket and it is valid for the day of your birthday or 6 days after.

    To find out more about the amazing work the aquarium does visit

    The Cape Wheel

    The Cape Wheel is a giant observation wheel that offers a 360° panoramic view of Cape Town from the V & A Waterfront.

    From your seat up in the sky you get a breathtaking view of Table mountain, Robben island, the City skyline, Paarl mountains and the Cape Town Stadium.

    The 30 air-conditioned cabins travel 40 metres above the ground on a 4 roatation ride.

    To claim your ticket you need to join their Free Birthday Club prior to your birthday.

    The ticket is valid on your birthday and you will need to bring the printed email you recieve and your South African ID.

    So, what are you waiting for ? Take advantage of these generous birthday offers and treat yourself to a tour of your Cities finest attractions.

    Happy birthday !

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    Kiki pie turns sweet 16

    Many years ago I had a Barbie doll loving little girl whose world revolves around her pink guitar and her fluffy kitten.

    She was 8 years old when I started my Fun mamma SA Facebook page and nicknamed her Kiki pie to protect our identities.

    Yesterday she turned 16 !

    How did this happen? It seems just yesterday not 8 long adventurous years ago.

    It’s all about the Flashing crown

    I was feeling rather nostalgic when I went shopping and I ended up buying just a bit too much pink.

    I found pink banners and glitter cake toppers and even a flashing pink crown.

    I have to confess I shop for most of my party decor at the China malls.

    A banner that would have cost R125 online, cost me R35 and as the mom of many I’m not fussy where I can shop when it comes to saving costs.

    In total her decor cost R100. Not bad for budget parties.

    Getting ready for a party

    Normally, we don’t celebrate a birthday on the actual day with our family as they are all grown now and are busy or working.

    Our normal tradition is to celebrate as a family on the Sunday after at 2pm.

    But with this August being so hectically busy, we decided it best to celebrate yesterday ….on a school night.

    I cheated and bought a cake as my day was running away with me and decorated it with candles and the number 16 cake topper, which Byron later managed to set on fire!

    I also grabbed some yummolicious donuts. Our local Spar bakes the most devine donuts and I couldn’t resist.

    I added the little flowers to a vase that I had bought her and placed the crown ready for her to wear. (Which Hamish has since claimed and Kerri wouldn’t wear 🤦)

    Lastly I got some glasses ready with lemonade and strawberries. In our home I do not believe in alcoholic drinks before a child is legal to drink them but wanted to make the party look a little grown up.

    Party Time

    Then I cooked supper for 13.

    This sounds massive but as a mom who spent many years feeding 6 growing children and often cooking 2 or 3 different meals a night …. I was in my comfort zone in the kitchen. I still struggle to only cook for 2 or 3 people.

    It’s always wonderful to have the whole family together.

    It’s noisy, chaotic and there’s usually a sibling throwing their weight around but there’s also lots of laughter and joking and a sense of loyalty to each other.

    Kerri was the baby of our family for 13 years before Hamish was born, and her siblings still very much view her in that regard.

    So they tend to protect her fiercely, spoil her wildly and all make a huge effort to be there for her.

    It was a lovely evening and all that is left to say is ….

    Happy sweet 16 Kiki pie !

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    A letter To sons on Women’s day

    Dear sons

    Today is Woman’s day and our entire nation will come together to proudly represent and celebrate the pioneer women who stood up for the rights of those who couldn’t.

    They will remember the brave ladies who became the voice of the voiceless and who fiercely stood their ground changing the way generations treated women.

    As a women, I am both proud and greatful for these women because it meant I grew up not having to wonder if I could vote. I was allowed to express my opinion and choose a career that before had only been available to men.


    Today, my boys you will also read much hate speech.

    You will read about all the negatives to being a man.

    You will hear that as a gender men rape and kill and hurt and fight.

    You will hear that men oppress and drag women down.

    You will hear that men are the reason women are fighting for more rights.

    What you won’t hear is how wonderful so many men are.

    You won’t hear about how men have stepped up in parenting or about the men standing up against abuse and encouraging women to be the best they can be.

    You won’t hear yourself referred to as a gentleman for being kind and no one will sing your praises for getting the drunk girl home safe.


    I’m sorry!

    I’m sorry that you need to read such gender based negativity from women who fought for dignity, equality and respect.

    I’m sorry that you will hear that you are not as superior as women by the same women who fought for men to change this thinking.


    Mostly I’m sorry that with a society of women who are fighting for empowerment and upliftment that you will be dragged down to feel less than enough.

    I’m sorry!

    As your mother, and the mom of your sisters, I want to raise fierce, confident, courageous children.

    Those who know that kindness is more powerful than hate.

    So, please do not listen to the hate speech.

    Don’t feel you are not enough.

    Today on Woman’s day celebrate the women in your life with gentleness and wisdom.

    Celebrate that one day all mothers will raise sons and daughters so strong in character that they will raise their voices in gentleness, kindness and love.

    Celebrate that you my son, are enough.

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    Duck says Don’t by Alison Ritchie & Hannah George

    This book review is in collaboration with : The Kids Book Club

    Title: Duck says Don’t!

    Author: Alison Ritchie & Hannah George


    This beautifully illustrated book will bring the pond alive as your child meets the critters that live around the clear, sparkly pond.

    Goose leaves Duck in charge when she goes away. Duck is very pleased and feels increadible important knowing what a responsibility it is to keep the pond clean and safe.

    He promises to do his best.

    The water creatures go about their day enjoying the water for all sorts of fun activities and one by one frog erects big signs forbidding anything noisy and fun.

    Soon the creatures weren’t able to buzz, dive, splash, fish, race, jump,run or swim.

    They were not very happy at all and go off to play elsewhere.

    Duck hears how his friends think he is bossy and notices no one wants to be at the pond and so he sets about to fix his mistake.

    A gentle reminder on how to be a good friend and not to be too bossy for our children.

    This book comes with a CD read by Anna Crace.

    Disclaimer : All books are sponsored unless stated and the opinions expressed within the review are my own.