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Bee kind to dad this Father’s day

Bee kind and treat Dad to lip-loving Burt’s Bees® Beeswax Lip Balm this Father’s day to nourish dry lips.

The original. The best. And still your favourite. This must-have Classic was crafted in the backwoods of Maine in 1991, and has been in purses and pockets ever since.

The beeswax conditions the skin, while antioxidant Vitamin E moisturises. A final hint of Peppermint Oil provides that one-of-a-kind refreshing tingle.

You’ll be left with smooth, supple lips that everyone will be buzzing about.

Burt’s Bees® Beeswax Lip Balm

🐝Softens and nourishes dry lips.

🐝With Responsibly Sourced Beeswax.

🐝Made with Peppermint Oil for a refreshing tingle.

🐝Infused with Beeswax, a natural skin conditioner and Vitamin E to moisturise.

🐝Formulated without Parabens, Phthalates, Petrolatum or SLS.

A humble beginning

It was a wild idea at the time. A beekeeper and an artist left city life to live closer to nature in the wilds of Maine, USA. And through a serendipitous meeting, and a little leftover beeswax, Burt’s Bees® was born.

It was all based on the belief that nature has the best answers. And that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Burt’s ­Bees® has been offering distinctive earth-friendly, natural health and beauty care products for over 30 years.

From a beekeeper’s backyard in Maine to the leading edge of natural, Burt’s Bees knows natural body care solutions from head-to-toe and operates with The Greater Good™ top of mind.

No parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS and no animal testing.

Burt’s Bees® Beeswax Lip Balm tin is available through Takealot and DisChem. R99

Join the buzz on Instagram and Facebook : 


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The best Father’s Day with Fujifilm

This Father’s Day, give dad the best gift – awesome memories with Fujifilm.


With Father’s Day fast approaching, the scramble for that perfect gift is inevitable. How about this year treating your dad to something truly special – the gift of memories?

With Fujifilm’s range of Instax instant cameras and printers, and the excellent X-series of mirrorless cameras, there’s something for the casual snapping dad or the more dedicated ‘painters of light’.

To make things a bit easier, here are a few of our top choices for Father’s Day.

Instax Mini 40

The Mini 40 might be the latest in the Instax line-up, but its retro good-looks give it that old-school film camera appeal. It also contains the newest features, including improvements to Automatic Exposure as well as Selfie Mode (in case other members of the family might want to borrow the camera).

Perfect for special occasions and family holidays, the Instax Mini 40 retails for a suggested R1 399.


Instax Share SP-3

If your dad is one of those who has beautiful photos on his smartphone but never gets round to printing them, then the Instax Share SP-3 instant printer is ideal. Download the app and soon he’ll be printing beautiful square-sized instant photos from the SP-3 to treasure as physical keepsakes and not just digital copies.

The Instax Share SP-3 also connects wirelessly to Fujifilm X-series cameras and is available in black or white for a recommended R2 999. 


Fujifilm Print A Photie app

Maybe more traditional prints are more to your dad’s liking, so why not spoil him then with some special family photos this year? The Fujifilm Print A Photie app allows you to select your favourite shots of dad from the comfort of your home and send them to order from your closest photo print shop. Your photos get printed and will be ready and waiting for you in-store, or for delivery if you so choose.

The Print A Photie app is available for free both for iOS and Android devices.

Fujifilm X-S10

Don’t let the X-S10’s diminutive size fool you, behind this is one of Fujifilm’s most powerful mirrorless cameras. Not only does it offer Fujifilm’s incredible colour science to provide beautiful straight-out-of-camera photos, but also the 26.1 MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor – as found on the flagship X-T4. Moreover, with in-body image stabilisation, your dad will receive pin-sharp images in almost all light conditions.

The Fujifilm X-S10 retails for recommended R24 999 alongside an 18-55mm lens.

Fujifilm X100V

The Fujifilm X100V is perfect for the dad that simply wants a pick-up-and-go camera that can go anywhere. Often described as the ideal travel camera, the X100V reminds of rangefinder cameras of old. However, inside this weather-resistant body you’ll find the X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, great low-light performance and enhanced face and eye detection.

With its fixed 23mm f2.0 lens, the Fujifilm X100V retails for a suggested R23 999.

Fujifilm KF 8x42H binoculars

Fujifilm recently introduced its binocular range to South Africa, with the KF series perfect for dads who spend a lot of time in the bush. The KF 8x42H is not only ideal for game drives but also makes for excellent birding binoculars due to the small size and 8x magnification.

With bright and sharp optics, the Fujifilm KF 8x42H binoculars are available for R3 999.


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Toy Review – Ding Dong game

Another great game we received from Pediatricks2020 is Ding Dong.

This fast paced maths game is great to improve focus and memory.

Your child then relies on these skills to react quickly to memorize and volunteer objects.

The object of the game is for children place their cards on the right category ( bear, ball, duck or fish) and as soon as the card value is 10 they ring the bell.

Fantastic for the whole family this game is suitable got children age 5+ and is for 2 -4 players.

Your box contains:
55 cards

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Toy review – Sound memory game

Pediatricks2020 sent Hamish this fun sound memory game and he has been thoroughly loving it.

The object of the game is to memorize and match the sounds the blocks make into pairs.

And if you thought this was easy …let me tell you it’s made me realise I need to improve both my concentration and listening skills.

The most fun to teach your children how to listen attentively , concentrate on aural stimuli, identify, differentiate, memorise and associate sound.

It also assisted to develop aural memory and improve hand- eye- ear coordination.

The game includes :
16 sound cubes
Game board

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Beach clean up with Save a fishie

On Saturday we jumped in the car and headed to a beach clean up at Lagoon Beach in Milnerton.

The reason for us driving 50 odd kilometers to attend a beach clean up was in support of World Ocean Day and to support Zoe from Save a fishie.

Save a fishie

Zoe is one of those dynamic young women that we’ve known for a few years who jumps in splashing and makes things happen. In her teen years she has successfully managed some pretty impressive achievements in conservation and teaching eco consciousness to others.

Save a fishie is her business. And not only does she arrange beach cleanups, plant trees, teach others about being eco concious but she also runs a small shop selling things like the hand printed turtle shirt you would have seen on Hamish, eco stationary and gifts.

You can support her HERE

A mask

On arrival at the the clean up, I realised I’d forgotten my mask. Now, driving back to Kommetjie really was not an option and so as they say, ” a boer maak a plan”

Luckily my poncho has a long fold over and I was able to wear it like a buff.

Masks are compulsory and all Covid regulations are strictly obeyed at each beach clean up.

Social distancing and sanitizing is important and one of the reasons I feel safe attending a Beach clean up with Hamish.

I had dressed us both warmly as it was cold when we left home but very quickly took off both our jackets and Hamish got to show off his BEACH CLEAN UP CREW t-shirt from KRAZI AWSUM

I changed 2050

This beach clean up was sponsored by Consol who generously handed out water and their “I changed 2050” glass water bottles.

If you haven’t seen these yet, they are stunning. With 3 different sea creatures designs : whale, seal and turtle, the bottles state the text I changed 2050.

The idea behind this initiative by Consol is to raise awareness and support global awareness to protect the world’s waters.

Currently we are faced with the very real reality that if we do not change the way we consume, by 2050, our Oceans will be full of plastic instead of fish.

To initiate change Consol have sponsored various beach clean ups giving away their bottles, and are also selling their water bottles at their store. If you purchase 2 bottles, you’ll recieve a third one free and 10% of your purchase is donated to sea life conservation.

Getting stuck in

Hamish and I jumped right in and grabbed a bucket, gloves and packet to store our dirt.

I was super impressed that the gloves used are reusable and were collected at the end of our clean up to be washed. Normally we are issued later gloves and I’ve always wondered if there was a more sustainable option to this.

We took a walk along the Lagoon. Past Lagoon beach hotel and it was here that the big dirt started. Whilst we had found lots of plastic, straws and bits of papers, it was outside the hotel that the cigarette butts, sweet papers and lolly sticks started.

Next to a bin we found a tin can and some chip papers and there were remnants of a cut up matress scattered along the shoreline.

A little fishie

At one point, Hamish found a little fish. On realizing that the fish was dead, he was heart broken, convinced that all the dirt had killed this little fish.

By the end of our hour on the beach, he had found 3 little fish and wouldn’t let go of them.

His little heart kept asking me if we could save them by putting them back into the water.

Whilst this was the perfect time for me to explain the importance of not littering and changing some of our lifestyle choices ….as a mom how do you really explain to a 4 year old that these are just 3 of the many fish dying because of human behaviour?

Visions of change

At the end of our clean up, Hamish handed the bucket and a half of dirt we had gathered. Still clutching his fish he asked what Zoe was dragging out the Lagoon and we watched as she, alongside another volunteer, pulled meters and meters of material from the Lagoon.

Hamish determined to put these fish in the car and bring them home was not hearing about throwing them into the Lagoon until Margo Adonis, a former miss Earth ambassador and founder of Visions of Change offered him the choice of a new Fluffy toy.

Visions of Change is a movement to inspire change makers by advocating the protection of Environmental Human rights for all.

Eco Tods

Hamish quite happily decided to throw the fish back and headed off with Margo to choose a new fluffy friend from the pile of choices that jncluded dogs, teddies and a unicorn.

These are really cute and all kids , or ECO TOD’S, as they are referred to were given a new Fluffy toy and snack pack sponsored by Save a fishie, Checkers and Visions of Change.

The package of treats contained sweets, something to drink, chips and fruit and after the hour of hard work Hamish tucked into these straight away.

Driving home

Driving home, Hamish noted how this beach was a lot more dirty than the beach at Kommetjie and how we had collected much more dirt.

He spoke about the fishies and how sad it made him and we spoke about the things he could do to help save other fish and he cuddled his little dog as he snacked in some nicknaks and said ” Mom, I think beach clean up people are the best people”

From the mouth of babies……

If you are wanting to join a beach clean up you can join Cape Town Beach clean up on Facebookto find out about the next events.

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It shows in your face

Yesterday I was rushing home to beat the Eishkom rush …you know, that 30 minute window we have to cook, clean, bath Hamish, put everything on charge and boil the kettle for coffee before Eskom hits that button and switches off all electricity , plunging South Africa into stage 4 darkness.

Anyway here I was chatting to Hamish as we approached the house and my neighbours lazed on the grass outside.

Kommetjie is very much hippyville and as well as not wearing shoes…like ever, the locals can be found just sitting in the street on a normal Thursday afternoon.

There they sat, the foreign woman across the road holding onto some champagne …not that I blame her, after all she is the mom to a very busy and adorable toddler ….she deserves the champagne.

The grumpy guy next door growling at me because I’ve managed to get myself the reputation for being a staunch non supporter of misogynistic males in this town and him, being friends with them has heard the rumor and sadly even with his mansplanning I’m still not giving in like a good submissive woman should. ( I also think he’s more upset about this than I am )

A strange car with a couple I don’t know and a man walking a dog all approached as I heard my neighbour, the foreign woman,ask ….

” When do you move ?”

We got chatting and I answered that we would move by month end and I was overjoyed.

The grumpy guy grunted for the fiftieth time and disappeared. The elderly couple moved closer to join the conversation and the man with the dog bent down to pick up his little girl before the dog trampled her.

The woman turned and said ” I see it in your face”

Totally confused, I asked what she saw.

Her answer shocked me.

She explained that in the year she’s known me she hasn’t seen my eyes light up as they just did. She heard real joy in my voice and I was even wearing my hair down and smiling.

I agreed with her and told her it had been a long year.

Inside the house I later sat with my thoughts ….

She wasn’t wrong. It has been a long year. A year of upheaval, disappointment and depression. Of feeling stuck and whilst I may be living in one of the most beautiful towns in the Western Cape, knowing this was not at all the place I wanted to be.

I was unhappy and lately I’ve noticed the change in me.

It’s easier to get out of bed, I’m more motivated. More focused. I’m excited about the day and slowly I feel like my old, busy and vibrant self again.

I wake up knowing that soon, I’ll be where we are welcomed. Where we belong and more importantly where we are treated respectfully ….

Living here has been a challenge. One I realise, led to me not being myself. One that stole joy from my days ….consciously and unconsciously.

A challenge that played way heavier on my heart and mental health than I was willing to admit.

It’s been a year since I cared if my hair was dyed or if I was matching my make up. It’s been a year of chucking on tights because I’m not seeing anyone anyway instead of dressing up, which I love.

So, yes I noticed the change in me two weeks ago , when I grabbed the hair dye and ordered new makeup. When I bought city shoes instead of beach sandles and yesterday when I genuinely smiled in happiness for the first time in far too long.

I’m greatful to my wonderful neighbour for pointing this out to me and more importantly for seeing in that brief moment of joy on my face who I really am.

When you are truly happy you see it on your face.

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13 ways to use Megabloks in the classroom

I’m a big advocate for learning through play and recently used Hamish’s Megabloks to do some revision on numbers colours and shapes.

For colours

1. I had him sort his blocks and divide them into groups of the same colour, then build only red / yellow towers for example.

2. We made patterns using the different coloured blocks. ( eg red / yellow /red /yellow/etc)

For fine motor

3. I had him use some mini pegs to peg into one of the bigger blocks

For shapes

4. He divided all the shapes into different shapes and classified them together.

5. He built shape outlines using the blocks.

6. I drew 2 sets of shapes on big blocks and he had to match the correct shape.

For early maths skill development

7. We divided and classified the blocks into small, medium and large.

For number work

8. We counted out the blocks in each group.

9. I numbered 10 individual blocks and Hamish then put these in order from 0- 10 and then 10 – 0 . He also built towers up to 10.

10. Using the numbered blocks I had him count out the correct amount of blocks infront of the number and then build a tower.

Following our colours,shapes and numbers revision we worked with some letters and cvc words as well.

For name recognition
11. I wrote Hamish’s name on 2 larger blocks using one spot for each letter and then on corresponding blocks and he matched them to spell his name.

For alphabet

12. I wrote the Uppercase on large blocks and the lower case on small blocks and he matched up the correct letters.

For cvc words
13. I wrote the end sound ,in this case -at, on a large block and several letters onto single blocks. Hamish placed each letter in front of the sound to make the words.

These are fun activities that can be prepared in just a few minutes.

I used a whiteboard marker to write on the blocks as this wipes off easily with a cloth and water.

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The Twinkl eARTh Day Art Gallery. 

If you are not yet familiar with the website Twinkl allow me to first state what a wonderul resource it is for parents and educators alike. In fact it is one of my own personal favourite sites to visit.

Over April, Twinkl opened up submission for Earth day artwork made by children to exhibit in an international virtual art gallery.

The idea behind the exhibit was to help spread. Message of change through the use of creativity.

We had just finished quite a few Earth day crafts and I was excited to send through Hamish’s entries.

You can view the exhibit HERE and see wonderful artwork from South Africa, Kenya, Germany, Canada, United States and Brazil.

Well done to all the creative children who took part and thank you to Twinkl for such a wonderful initiative.

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Organon South Africa Launches as New Women’s Health Company


Organon (NYSE: OGN), celebrated its launch on 4 June, as the only global company of its size focused on women’s health. Worldwide women’s life expectancy is on average 75.6 years while in South Africa life expectancy for women is on average 68.42 years.Organon South Africa aims to address the healthcare issues facing South African women and those in the Sub-Saharan region, and in turn to significantly improve their health.


With an international footprint that serves people in more than 140 markets, Organon’s mission is to deliver impactful medicines and solutions for healthcare issues facing women in Sub-Saharan Africa.


“As a new healthcare company in South Africa our focus is on listening to South African women’s healthcare needs, and develop solutions tailored to their needs. With our global reach and local mindset, we know there is much we can do for women’s health in South Africa,” explains Organon South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa Managing Director, Dr Abofele Khoele. 

Organon will also focus on its important biosimilars business, focusing on oncology and inflammatory diseases, while maximizing the value of its trusted dermatology, pain, respiratory and cardiovascular portfolio in countries around the world where there is still great need for these treatments.


Yesterday, the Organon global executive leadership team rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to mark the first day of active trading. Recognising the need to listen to and act on women’s experiences to address the challenges in women’s health, Organon gathered voices from around the world to create the “Wall of Voices,” a multimedia installation outside of the NYSE sharing powerful perspectives, voices, and images. “Women form the backbone of societies across the world, playing crucial roles in all aspects of life. It is long past time that the challenges facing women’s healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa are in the spotlight,” says Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng, Sexual and reproductive health expert and author.


Diverse Portfolio will Drive Sustainable Growth

At launch, Organon’s portfolio will consist of more than 60 medicines and products across an international footprint that serves people in more than 140 markets.


Organon has three core pillars which will benefit from renewed management focus and commercial investment:


  • Women’s Health: As a long-standing leader in reproductive health, this part of our portfolio empowers women to make an informed choice for their life. No other large global pharmaceutical company has the health of women as its primary therapeutic area of focus.
  • Biosimilars: We will continue to build on our unique global expertise and experience and are seeking to bring new oncology and immunology biosimilar medicines to patients. We are seeking to expand our Biosimilar portfolio by broadening the reach of our portfolio of medicines into new geographies as well as commercializing additional products. 
  • Established Brands: Our established brands portfolio has a particularly strong foothold in emerging markets where we have a broad base of products enabling us to build targeted additional healthcare offerings.


Women at the Centre: Organon’s Approach to Innovation

Organon’s R&D philosophy is to build a business around patient needs, with the goal of identifying and advancing healthcare options for women that enable them to live their best lives every day. Extensive resources will be poured into the research and development of new innovative solutions to address healthcare challenges facing women.


As a result, women will play a key role in the company, from leadership to development. Nearly 60% of Organon South Africa is made up of women, and women are prioritised to be promoted into new leadership roles. “If we want to find realistic solutions to women’s healthcare challenges, we need women as the decision makers and in other key roles to ensure we do so efficiently and effectively,” emphasises Dr Khoele.


“For too long, women have been told to accept and normalise -frequently occurring conditions such as heavy, painful, and irregular menstrual bleeding, incontinence and menopause, as well as other diseases that only affect women, or disproportionately affect women,” states Dr Khoele. “Organon’s mission is to change this. We believe this approach will be very successful — the ability to identify diseases earlier, the ability to modify the course of diseases or healthcare conditions and to ultimately, improve the quality of life for women at all stages.”


The company’s extensive global capabilities in clinical development and patient safety, regulatory and medical affairs make it well-positioned to identify promising drugs, diagnostics, and devices with the greatest potential to impact women’s health.


To learn more about Organon, please visit:



  1. Worldometers. Life Expectancy of the World Population, pg. 1, 11. 2020. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 13 April]
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Toy Review – Little People Travel together Airplane

Buckle up and prepare for lift off with the bright blue Fisher Price Little People Travel Together Airplane.

Welcome aboard pilot Kurt’s Airplane, simply press him down into his seat and let your adventures begin.

About the airplane.

This sturdy plastic airplane requires some adult assembly before play to attach the wing and wheels, which just pop in. So no tools are required.

Your Airplane is interactive with sound and comes with 2 AA batteries included.

With steps that lower down to welcome passengers like Emma, a discovery button and a bright fun face, this airplane will soon become a favourite toy with your toddlers and preschoolers.

Little people Pilot Kurt and Emma come with the airplane, allowing your child open the package and start playing.

The airplane has fun sounds, phrases ,songs and lights up as your child explores their imaginary worlds and travels on new adventures.

Let’s fly.

Hamish loves his Airplane and I often find him pretending it is flying over trees as he spins the turbines.

The Airplane has realistic sounds welcoming you on board, telling you to buckle up, of a plane flying and thanking you for flying with little people airways.

More than a toy.

Suitable for children 1- 5 years and with a strong emphasis on teaching children kindness and friendship, this toy is an asset in any playroom.

As your little one plays with their airplane they will :

1. Encourage a sense of curiosity and wonder by activating the lights,sounds and songs.

2.They will also be introduced to cause and effect as they realise their action of pressing a button or opening a door results in an action occurring , like a sound, etc

3. Learn more about emotion amd self expression. By playing with pilot Kurt and Emma on imaginary adventures they learn how much fun it is to explore things with friends and start to imitate the social cues and conversation needed to interact with their own friends.

For more information: