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San-O-Tizer – A safe non alcohol based sanitizer for your family


By now you would have heard about the controversy as to whether HOCl is more effective and safer to use than sanitizers containing alcohol.

What Are The Benefits Of San-O-Tizer?
Electrolysed Hypochlorous Solution is a completely natural and non-toxic sanitizing agent that is an incredible immune molecule, which is produced in mammalian neutrophils (White blood cells). It is not only a powerful disinfectant but also has other benefits to human health:
– Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Biocide = Effective against biofilms, bacteria, spores, viruses, and fungi.
– Anti-inflammatory = Interacts with and neutralizes the production of pro-inflammatory factors.
– Wound repair = Enhances the production and release of cell repairing compounds such as Cytokines, Growth Factors, and Taurine Chloramine.
This powerful biocide is effective within seconds of using it and does not require rinsing or wiping, as it readily degrades into a saline solution. Anolyte solutions have been shown to be 80 to 100 times more effective than potent/harsh chemicals such as bleach.

In contrast to conventional non-alcohol and alcohol-based (ethyl-, propyl-) sanitizers which are dehydrating, hyper allergenic, carcinogenic, and/or toxic to humans, animals, and the environment;

San-O-Tizer anolyte solutions are:
– Hazard free & Non-flammable
– Moisturising, Hydrating, and Healing
– Non-sensitising & Non-irritant
– Hypoallergenic
– Safe for pregnant women, infants, animals, and sensitive skin
– Contain 0% Alcohol
– Ammonia-Free
– No Bleach
– No Sulfates
– Free from Pesticides and Fragrances
– Animal-friendly and Eco-Friendly
– Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive and Non-Combustible
– 100% Natural

Has San-O-Tizer Been Approved For Its Safety & Efficacy?

Electrolysed Hypochlorous solution is known as “Natures Disinfectant” due to its extremely effective biocidal activity as well as being completely safe for animals, plants, and humans (including pregnant woman, babies, and sensitive skin)
It has been approved both locally and internationally for its safety and efficacy.

A proudly South African manufactured product that is MDS tested for your health and wellness.

To find out more or purchase please contact

Or shop at lifestyle shop online

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Bramley Magnolia and Cocoa Heaven Tissue Oil Now Available in 250ml Bigger Pack, Better Value!

Magnolia and Cocoa Heaven Tissue Oil by Bramley has become so popular, it is now being made available in a bigger 250ml value pack.

Bramley Tissue oils are South Africa’s #1 best selling tissue oil.

Magnolia’s floral fragrance combining the scents of magnolia, carnation and rose has been voted the best loved fragranced tissue oil.

This amazing formulation is enriched with vitamin E and Bio-Pharm oil; the latter being made up of waxy lipid molecules known as ceramides, which has become a modern scientific treatment that influences the water holding capacity of the skin and provides structural integrity, while protecting against pollution and stress damage.Loyal customers swear by this tissue oil’s ability to help to get rid of stretch marks, scar tissue and very dry skin. As well as maintaining and improving the over all health of their skin.Bramley Tissue Oils are also used to make brittle nails stronger, as a lip balm that adds a glossy shine, for nurturing and thickening eyelashes, a rich hair conditioner and treatment for itchy scalp, a luxurious body lotion, a skin softening bath oil, a brilliant shaving balm and a soothing massage oil, which is why the standard 100ml runs out fairly quickly.

Cocoa Heaven

Bramley also has the 250ml tissue oil in Cocoa Heaven
Cocoa Heaven is our dreamy yet exotic and indulgent range.

This luxuriously rich range enriched with our signature, unique Bio-Pharm oil and Vitamin E oil, provides protection and nourishment to your skin and leaves it feeling warm, beautiful and glowing.
The delightfully appetizing fragrance is warm and vibrant, guaranteed to take you to your happy place.The 100ml pack sells for R19,99 and the new 250ml value pack will sell for an amazing R39,99 only.

Available in Pep Stores from 27 November 2020. While stocks last.

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The festive holiday season is almost upon us, this year unwrap the magic of the season with an exciting range of great gifts brought to you by global play and entertainment company, Hasbro, who is committed to creating the world’s best play and entertainment experiences.With a wide selection of options, to surprise and delight, from popular brands including NERF, Play-Doh, Baby Alive, furReal, Transformers and more plus fun new Hasbro Gaming solutions – there something for each family member, no matter their age, to enjoy this summer!


furReal Pets

Meet this lovable mama from Down Under!Mama Josie the Kangaroo from furReal offers both interactive nurturing play and a surprise unboxing experience.Mama Josie comes with 3 adorable babies – one baby ‘roo is a boy, the other a girl, and the third one’s… a surprise!Unbox all three for the big gender reveal.This loving mama responds to touch with 70+ sound-and-motion reactions, she moves her head and arms, hops to music, and can hold and “kiss” her babies while making loving sounds.There are cute accessories for the babies, and one for Mama herself – a smoothie accessory kids can give her to hear cute feeding sounds… and the occasional hiccup!Whatever she does, she’s sure to captivate!

Watch Mama Josie in action here

To add to your collection of lovable furReal furry friends look out for the Peealots & Poopalots Big Wags Pets collection, another expansion of the brand’s successful pet-walking line, with a range of feisty pups and kittens to choose from.Each Peealots pet comes with a leash system that allows you to take them for walks and a water bottle so you can give them a drink.Of course, after quenching your pet’s thirst, they’ll need to go!Just lift its tail and watch as your pet lifts its leg and pees – but be sure to clean up after them – it’s the polite thing to do!What’s more fun than walking a pet? Walking a pet that poops!Give your cuddly Poopalots pet a few of the included play treats, then take them for a walk to do their ‘business’, leaving a trail of poop nuggets behind!Luckily, your pet comes with its own poop scooper for quick and easy cleanups.

furReal Poopalots pets feature a connectible system that lets kids walk one pet, or their favorite pack!

Baby Alive Doll

She loves to bounce and giggle!Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce doll bounces up-and-down with impossibly cute laughter when you hold her hands and squeeze her wrist — or repeatedly wave or move in front of her.She actually stands up and bounces on her own!

The interactive Baby Gotta Bounce doll has 25+ cute sound effects, drinks water and “pees” too, like a baby (bottle and a diaper included).Good thing her adorable, removable outfit makes changing-time super easy!Kids ages 3 years old and up will love caring for this sweet Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce doll that moves.


Play-Doh fans will love the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream Playset.Drizzle a crazy candy coating on your Play-Doh ice cream creations.For the first time ever, this toy ice cream set comes with Play-Doh Drizzle compound – a pretend syrup that turns into a pretend candy shell when you drizzle it on top of regular Play-Doh compound.The Play-Doh ice cream maker is easy and fun to use, load some regular Play-Doh compound and press the handle to create colourful Play-Doh sundaes and cones.Squeeze some Play-Doh drizzle on top and add fun Play-Doh sprinkles and candies to decorate.It’s crazy candy galore at the Play-Doh candy store!This Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Candy Delight Playset is a treat for the imagination as kids create their own silly gummy bears, pretend candy bars, and play candy cups.Fill the top with Play-Doh compound, then turn the crank on the candy machine to see the crazy colourful Play-Doh candies pour out.Scoop the creations into the pretend candy buckets to show them off to friends.

Elsa and Anna fashion dolls

Kids can sing along with the Musical Adventure Elsa and Anna fashion dolls (each doll sold separately) as she belts out a song featured in Disney’s Frozen 2 movie.Dolls includes batteries so the musical fun can start as soon as kids open the box.All they have to do is turn on the switch on her back and press the button on her bodice to start the catchy tune.Kids will also love their movie-inspired dresses with elegant designs and glitter accents.


There is an exciting range of Nerf blasting options on offer- (eyewear recommended – not included):Experience Nerf Ultra blasters – the ultimate in Nerf dart blasting!The Nerf Ultra One motorised blaster has a high-capacity 25-dart dart drum and comes with 25 Nerf Ultra darts.Fire over two dozen darts with the high-performance advantages of this Nerf Ultra blaster.You have the skills and the expertise as a Nerf battler, now you have the blaster and darts for game-changing superiority!Suitable for kids age 8 years and older.

Gear up for battle with Nerf Elite 2.0 blasters that come with double the darts and feature built-in customising capabilities so you can upgrade them and seize the advantage in Nerf competitions.Suitable for kids aged 6 years and older (avaible in South Africa from mid November).The Nerf Elite 2.0 Shockwave RD-15 blaster features three tactical rails, barrel attachment point, and stock attachment point to optimise for battle.This pump-action blaster has a 15-dart rotating drum to swamp your targets.Pull the priming slide back and press the trigger to unleash 1 dart or hold down the trigger and keep moving the slide to slam-fire all 15 darts.The Nerf Elite 2.0 Echo CS-10 blaster includes a removable stock and removable barrel extension so you can customise the blaster multiple ways.Take advantage of five tactical rails to add other battle accessories (not included).Comes with 24 Official Nerf darts – load 10 into the clip and keep the rest nearby for reloads.


The Transformers Battle for Cybertron is on!Mobilize for action with Cyberverse Battle Call Trooper Class figures and Cyberverse Battle Call Officer Class figures.Each figure includes a signature weapon, which disassembles and attaches to the figure to create power-up armour.Voice activation offers an exciting new way to play with Transformers.With each Officer Class figure, activate battle sounds and pulsing lights with voice commands and with each Trooper Class figure, activate pulsing lights in each figure’s chest with voice commands.Officer Class figures command Trooper Class figures with interactive sounds.Figures convert between vehicle and robot modes.Assortment features favorite Autobot and Decepticon characters from the animated Transformers series (each sold separately).

Power Rangers

IT’S MORPHIN TIME!The Power Rangers Beast-X King Morpher is inspired by the Power Rangers Beast Morphers TV show (as seen on Cartoon Network), with light up lion eyes.When kids strap the morpher to their wrist and move around, they will hear show-inspired sounds and phrases.Plus, when they use the included Morph-X key in the Beast-X King Morpher, the Beast-X King mane will flip out and the morpher will enter Beast-X mode, for even more sounds and phrases!

Hasbro gaming solutions



Don’t get sad…get even!Say goodbye to the frustration of losing while playing Monopoly and say hello to the Monopoly For Sore Losers board game.This hilarious twist on the classic Monopoly game turns losing on its head and celebrates it instead.Players earn cash by doing the typically frustrating things in the game such as going to jail, paying rent on a property, or going bankrupt.And those who really start sinking can make a comeback using the large Mr. Monopoly token that gives players advantages over everyone else.So get playing, get the revenge you’ve been craving, and feel good about losing!

Monopoly Mzanzi

Still a firm family favourite, Monopoly Mzansi, featuring 22 local locations, makes a perfect gift for the festive season.A definite must have for travellers, Monopoly Mzansi provides an opportunity for family and friends to come together and enjoy some quality time, Mzansi style.


Enjoy some fun family time with Boggle.Earn points by spotting words your opponents don’t before time runs out. Shake the grid to mix up the letter cubes, players have 90 seconds to write down as many words as they can find on the grid before time is up.At the end of the round, score the words. The player with the highest score wins.Game comes packed in an easy to store travel case for both timer and dice.


Play-doh Elastix

Stretchy Play-Doh Elastix compound looks and smells like the Play-Doh compound we all know and love, but it has a fun pull-apart effect for a different way to play.

Play-doh slime

This colourful premade slime compound is as much fun to look at as it is to touch!Stretch it, pull it, let it ooze – Play-Doh Slime for kids 3 years and up gives them a squishable, sensory, creative experience.

Nerf Elite 2.0 Trio SD-3 Blaster

Fire three darts in a row from the Nerf Elite 2.0 Trio SD-3 blaster that has a tactical rail so you can customise the blaster with different Nerf accessories. Fires darts up to 27 meters.


Easily convert and attack with Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures Action Attackers toys!Simply convert figure from vehicle to robot mode in a few steps.The last step of conversion activates the figure’s signature Shot move!Once converted, move can be repeated through easy reactivation steps.Collect all the Action Attackers figures, each sold separately.

Hasbro products are available from leading retailers (subject to availability) including:, Makro, Toys R Us, ToyZone, Toy Kingdom, Checkers, Game and Importatoy.

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CloudDine – the delivery-only restaurant franchise model designed for the future

Fiamme Holdings, owner and franchisor of over 100 outlets through The Fish & Chip Co. and Maxi’s Grill brand, today announced the opening of its new revolutionary franchise online restaurant concept – CloudDine.

The first CloudDine franchise outlet will service customers in the East Rand area with the store located in the Eastgate mall precinct.

Kitchen set-ups are state of the art, with a paperless business model and a plan to integrate the point of sale directly into accounting, labour and payroll modules.

Both customers and franchisees can rest assured of exceptional quality, variety and value with a laser focus on delivery only by CloudDine.

According to Carlo Gonzaga, Non-Executive Director at Fiamme Holding, the concept has been in the pipeline for some time. “COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of online purchasing and home delivery to the extent that restaurant business models need to be re-imagined with delivery-only in mind. We have carefully considered the pain points in a franchisee’s life, and believe that a delivery-only restaurant model will address these.

They stand to benefit from lower set-up costs as there is only a kitchen and no customer area to be fitted out, similarly these kitchens can be set up where there is a demand as opposed to prominent shopping malls, which translates into lower rentals,” said Gonzaga.

Gonzaga further explained that there is opportunity to increase margins, lower risk, and easier management for franchisees, all attributable to more efficient labour processes and outsourced delivery that removes the burden of having to manage a fleet of bikes and drivers.

Summarising the benefits customers stand to enjoy, Fiamme’s Managing Director, Jan De Beer had this to say, “Customers benefit in three main ways: first is choice – we have a large variety which means that families don’t have to always compromise between a pizza or a hamburger as they currently do. We think this is good for household peace! Second is speed – delivery is treated as a second priority in traditional restaurants whereas for us it is the whole business. Everything from prep times, packaging, and order accuracy is a priority which means customers get hot food fast. Lastly is value: we add the cost of delivery into the price of the product, as most restaurants currently have to add the delivery cost to the price. We are able to do this due to our focused delivery-only model.”

“Ultimately we want to optimize the work flow and management of the business such that our franchisees can own multiple outlets without needing massive back-offices as is currently the case.” said De Beer.

Gonzaga added, “What’s exciting is that we have taken everything we learnt from all the business we have been involved in and started from scratch. That means we have not had to make too many compromises.

We’re excited to be able to offer franchisees an opportunity to participate at the early stages of a new concept.”

Led by Jan De Beer (Managing Director) and Carlo Gonzaga (Non-executive Director), the team at Fiamme

has over 50 years combined restaurant experience launching brands like Scooters Pizza, Domino’s, and Starbucks in South Africa. Fiamme Holdings bought The Fish & Chip Co. and Maxi’s Grill from Taste Holdings in December 2019.

The entire operations and management team came across to Fiamme and were joined by Carlo Gonzaga, Wessel van der Merwe and Bheki Shongwe as non-executive directors.

For further information about Franchise opportunity visit

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South Africans Pledge with Lancewood® for Quality Mealtime 

Over the past three weeks, thousands of South African families have taken the Lancewood Quality Time™ Pledge, committing to at least one distraction-free meal every week.

A recent research survey revealed that 89% of households believe that quality time with loved ones is important.

However, the study also highlighted that this may be a challenge due to today’s busy and modern lifestyle.

This inspired Lancewood® to initiate the Quality Time Pledge encouraging families to make more meaningful connections over mealtimes.

Names you may recognise amongst those that have already taken the Pledge include Minki van der Westhuizen, Mpoomy Ledwaba, J’Something and Zola Nene.

According to Zola, “This initiative has inspired me to take the pledge. Sundays are now reserved for distraction-free, technology-free quality mealtime with the family – you know, the good old-fashioned way!”

J’Something, from Mi Casa, went as far as introducing a cellphone ‘lockbox’ for mealtimes, saying “All the cellphones go into the skaftin before mealtime and then we can focus on one another. There are better things that we could be doing during our mealtime, like catching up with one another, connecting and finding out how everyone is doing and enjoying that meal together. It’s a valuable thing to instil.”

“It seems the more ‘connected’ our lives, the less connected we are to those we love. By taking the Pledge, you commit to creating more memorable quality mealtimes together.

Leave the inspiration of what to cook to Lancewood®. Whether you only have 15 minutes to create a meal or wish to make something a little more challenging, we have hundreds of recipes to suit every occasion. And better yet, why not lighten the load and make the meal prep a family occasion,” says Shereen Anderhold from Lancewood®.

Take the Lancewood Quality Time™ Pledge to stand a chance of winning a beautiful dining room makeover to the value of R100,000 to make those mealtime moments even more special. Additional prizes up for grabs include a R50,000 dining room set and desirable KitchenAid appliances. The competition ends at midnight on 6 November 2020.

Visit for more information, follow on Instagram or Facebook and join the conversation using #LancewoodQualityTime.

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Share your child’s drawings with BIC SA to win a BIC Stationery hamper.

There have been multiple studies conducted to show that creativity and well-being are positively linked, and for children in particular, that art and creativity help their development in various ways .

The team at BIC Stationery recently chatted to Psychologist Bernice Castle to gain some insights on this. She shared the following thoughts:

– Art can be a powerful tool among children and adults alike. If children engage in hands-on art activities, they learn much better in all disciplines.

– Art helps children apply their gross and fine motor skills to something meaningful and tap into their problem-solving skills through visual cognitive responses.

– Art has been proven to stimulate imagination, improve observation skills, boost self-esteem, provide a sense of accomplishment and reduce stress.

– Art creates opportunities for them to communicate how they see and experience the world and allows them to give expression to their feelings about the situations they encounter in their daily lives.

BIC provides numerous FREE RESOURCES for parents and educators to spark creativity and inspiration, the most recent of which is a series of weekly tutorials available at

Parents are encouraged to share their child’s drawings on the BIC SA facebook page between now and 22 November for a chance to win a BIC Stationery hamper.

Many more resources are available at

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Homemation brings home another winning soundbar system with the Polk Signa S3

Polk Audio continue to up the ante with innovations and superior, reliable sound. Their Signa Series offers affordable universal TV soundbars which are quick and easy to set up.

Their latest offering is the Polk Signa S3 soundbar and wireless subwoofer system with Chromecast built-in, distributed exclusively through the Homemation network in South Africa.

This soundbar delivers an incredible, room-filling home theatre experience. It is built to work with any HD, 4K and 8K TV, is easy to set up and can be controlled with a single remote.

Fabulous Features

Features include the Polk-patented Voice Adjust technology for clear dialogue, and Dolby Digital decoding for immersive, performance-tuned surround sound. It comes equipped with a wireless subwoofer for deep bass impact. Plus, you can stream your favourite music with Chromecast built-in and Google Play Music, Amazon Music HD, Apple Music, Spotify and many more.

“The Signa’s superlative audio performance is anchored by a potent subwoofer that helps bolster the bottom end of both tricky soundtracks and bass-heavy music”, according to Cnet.

Soundbars continue to rise in popularity as they boost your TV sound and the Polk Signa S3 complements standard TV connections with multi-room, network music streaming, proving that soundbars aren’t only for watching movies and are ideal for music too.

Recommended Retail Price is

R 6 199.

Homemation is a specialist supplier of premium branded audiovisual, home automation and home theatre products. The brands in their stable offer some of the most advanced and sought-after home automation, AV and sound technology in the world. Homemation has the exclusive distribution, in Africa, of global leading brands such as Control4, Definitive Technology, Denon, Heos, Klipsch, Monitor Audio, Polk Audio, Steinway Lyngdorf, Stewart Filmscreen, SVS, Lutron, Roksan and Michi.

Call Homemation on 011-781 8887 for your nearest reseller, or visit or

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Child Growth Awareness How an app can help you monitor child’s growth

How an app can help you monitor child’s growth

On the 20th September 2020, organisations united globally to promote the educational initiative of International Children’s Growth Awareness[1].

The goal is to share and support the key message of the campaign in order to inform parents about the importance of annual and regular growth checks for their children1.

Children’s Growth Awareness Week was also commemorated in September between 13 – 19 September, 2020

Growth hormone deficiency

The growth of a child is a significant indication of the child’s health and irregular growth can be an early warning sign of medical problems.1

These kinds of medical problems first show themselves in a child’s irregular growth pattern.

1 Growth hormone deficiency has been identified in about 1 in every 3,800 children.2
Therefore, it is important for parents to understand the significance of regularly checking their child’s growth development. This can be done during visits to your healthcare practitioner.

For additional support and tracking, an easy to download growth app was launched this September 2020, in order to help parents to easily track their child’s growth.

“Growth is one of the fundamental differences between child and adult health care. Physical growth is an indicator and predictor of both present and future health. Among the numerous measures of growth, height and weight are perhaps the most important measures in childhood. While weight may change in adult life, height changes from conception to shortly after the end of puberty.” Says Dr Kuben Pillay, a Paediatric Endocrinologist from Durban.

Human growth hormone is a chemical messenger that is vital for normal growth and development.3Growth hormone is responsible for making us grow and in our bodies, growth hormone is produced naturally.
When a child is diagnosed as growth hormone deficient, it means his or her pituitary gland is not producing enough growth hormone.4 This could be due to hereditary or genetic conditions. Without enough growth hormone, a child does not grow the way he or she should, to reach his genetic potential or height and to attain well-being.
According to Dr Pillay “Changes in patterns of growth may occur during any of 3 different growth phases through childhood and may be due to numerous different causes.

These phases are the period between conception and the end of the first year of life (the infant phase), from approximately 1 year of age until the start of puberty (child phase) and between the start and end of puberty.

There are different causes that may change growth in these phases and thus, the timing of the change in growth may offer important clues to the underlying cause. For example, nutrition both in the womb and after delivery may result in changes in patterns of growth during the infant phase.

Congenital abnormalities (particularly bone abnormalities) and genetic disorders may also be causes.

During the child phase many more possibilities may influence growth including genetic disorders (e.g. Turner syndrome), severe chronic disease (heart disease, severe asthma, kidney, etc.), severe malnutrition and hormonal disorders. Growth in puberty is due to effects of the hormones of puberty viz. testosterone in boys and oestrogen in girls.”

How to measure growth and treat a possible growth hormone deficiency

· The typical growth of a child, which would be considered normal, is as follows:4
· From birth, infants grow about 20 cm in the first year of life
· From 1 to 2 years of age, babies and toddlers grow about 10 to 13 cm
· From 2 to 3 years of age, toddlers grow at a rate of about 7.5 to 10 cm
· From age 3 years to puberty, growth is stable at around 5 to 6 cm per year until puberty
Most of a child’s growth occurs before puberty, but the pubertal growth spurt accounts for more than 20% of adult height.4
When puberty occurs, there is a fast phase of growth.

With this guide, parents can easily notice whether their child reaches the growth requirements.

If, however, your child does not meet the growth requirements, he or she might need to consult with a healthcare professional, undergo tests and possibly undergo growth hormone therapy.

Growth hormones are also vital for the healthy development of essentially all tissues in the body, including muscle and bone.3 It is important that children who are growth hormone deficient are diagnosed and treated as early as possible in order to aid their bones in growing and developing at a normal pace.

Children with severe growth hormone deficiency show increased body fat, subnormal bone mineral density, and reduced lean body mass and could potentially develop lipid abnormalities.5 Once a child is tested for growth hormone deficiency related disorders such as short stature, a methodical approach is necessary.6 An evaluation of growth failure is needed and if there is no evidence suggesting growth hormone deficiency, then other tests are done.

If there are abnormalities suggesting growth hormone deficiency, then growth hormone stimulation tests and an MRI of the brain could be suggested.6
If a child does not undergo treatment once diagnosed with growth deficiency, he or she might not attain a normal height etc., when becoming an adult.7 Once a child is on a treatment plan, strict adherence is important to achieve the maximal benefits of growth hormone therapy.

Early initiation of growth hormone treatment in children with isolated growth hormone deficiency improves their chance of achieving their genetic height potential.8 Once a diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency has been made, it is recommended that treatment with GH is initiated as soon as possible.8

The first year is a crucial indicator.8Children who are on hormone treatment typically grow more over the first year of treatment, and further over the next 2 years.9

“Growth hormone continues to play an important metabolic role in adulthood long after the completion of linear growth, so growth hormone may become a lifelong therapy for children with childhood growth hormone deficiency whose condition persists into adulthood,” says Professor Thandrayen, Paediatric Endocrinologist at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital.

If effective, therapy should be continued for as long as there is a clinical benefit (defined as ongoing catch-up growth or maintenance of a normal growth velocity).5

The Growth Journey App

To aid parents in checking their children’s growth, Novo Nordisk has launched an app for growth monitoring in September 2020 called the Growth Journey App.

The Growth Journey App is a free growth tracking app that uses a phone’s camera to help you track a child’s growth regularly.10

Parents can easily track their child’s growth as the app automatically measures a child’s height and records it in the growth book with a visual record of all the measurements. It also shows the child’s growth over time and compares it to those of other children in his or her age group.

The aim for the launch of this app is to enhance awareness regarding growth and short stature, remove obstacles for diagnosis and support early referral to specialists, enhance compliance on treatment and loyalty for existing patients and to establish initial screening of patients.

This innovative digital solution is intended to provide simplicity and empower parents to take their children’s growth journey in their hands.

The app is available on Play Store on Android and iPhone at no cost to download.

It is important for parents to know what their child’s growth rate is and what it should be at any age.

If a child is not growing as he or she should, it could be the first sign of a possible medical condition.1

Parents should consult with their doctor for more details. It is impossible to manage what cannot be measured; therefore, it is crucial that children are measured frequently.7 This is especially important when children visit their health care providers and parents can now also monitor their child’s growth through the Growth Journey App.

About Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company that helps people with diabetes, obesity, haemophilia, growth disorders and other serious chronic disorders.

Novo Nordisk is headquartered in Denmark, and the South African affiliate was established in 1959 and currently employs 135 people who work within the South African borders only.

1. International Society of Endocrinology. 2019. 20th September – the International Children’s Growth Awareness Day. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 1 September 2020].
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10. [Accessed 1 September 2020]

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Playstation by Rush :- a no-fuss adventure filled party venue

Party time for your kids – hands free

If you have a child’s birthday approaching and are finding the prospect of organising it and the ‘to do’ list too overwhelming, there are loads of child-friendly venues that host kiddies parties.

One of the newest on the block in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs is Playstation by Rush – an indoor adventure park for children aged 2 to 13.

Playstation has a dedicated event organiser and also allocates a party host to make sure things run smoothly and the kids have the best time.

Fuss-free fun

Playstation has two private party rooms that can accommodate from 5 (minimum) to 20.

It’s about more than just good food, cake and fun. It’s about family and friends sharing special moments without having the worry of organising the party!

It’s simply a case of showing up and enjoying the occasion.

There are three party plan options, either catered or self-catered.

This includes two hours of play, party packs for the little guests and a gift for the guest of honour.

The team sort out everything from the setup to the fun and catering. And of course they clean up afterward. No mess, no fuss, for you!

Entertainment galore

And to keep the kiddies busy there is loads of action and something for everyone.

The adventure maze is a world of challenging levels, swing bridges and lots of nooks and crannies.

There’s a 4m climbing wall and a 40m bike track – you can bring your child’s own bike or borrow one from the park so they can race around and try to beat the clock.

For younger children there’s the little kids’ city and mini-slides. But one of the highlights, which even adults enjoy, are the super 6m long slides, definitely for the brave hearted!

For more information on the party plan options available from Playstation go to

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Durban based, Equator – the Belt FactoryTM has become the first member of the local fashion supply industry to achieve a Five Star Green Star Certification for Existing Building Performance from the Green Building Council of South Africa.

The company, which has completely transformed a former textile mill located in New Germany, one of Durban’s oldest industrial areas, is also only the fourth company to obtain a rating for an existing industrial building in South Africa. Africa. Other notable South African achievers are Belgotex and Darling Brew.

The rating, which is comparable to other respected international certifications, focuses on energy use and water efficiencies, waste management and peoples’ working environments – all factors that were not priorities, in a different era, when the factory was initially built by the then Frame Textiles in 1967.

Equator – the Belt Factory TM, an entrepreneurial success story in its own right, purchased the former textile mill in 2017 and has invested significantly in implementing a number of sustainability interventions and initiatives.

These include rainwater harvesting and water saving fittings, energy efficient fittings and systems, waste management systems (including reduction, recycling and composting), improved indoor environmental quality through the use of double-glazing, non-toxic paints and finishes, the use of second hand and upcycled furniture, employee training and operational initiatives to improve efficiency, material offcut donations, and small business and employee development.

Managing director Leon Buhr says that it now requires less energy to make a belt from start to finish than it takes to make a cup of tea. *

Leon Buhr, Managing Director of Equator – the Belt FactoryTM Leon Buhr

He says that, while this significant Five Star Green Star Certification marks a notable milestone for South Africa’s largest belt manufacturer, this is just part of a long-term journey.

For Equator – the Belt Factory TM, the sustainability journey and intent to pioneer responsible manufacturing processes in South Africa goes far beyond a green building certification and box ticking exercise.

“For us, sustainability is a company-wide, all-encompassing effort that is becoming deeply ingrained in the company culture. The Green Star certification is an important and credible marker of our progress and has taken a great deal of effort, says Buhr. “It is said there is no destination for a sustainability journey – just daily improvement. But if one could define sustainability goals, it would be a circular economy and carbon neutrality. So we use those as our guiding lights in terms of decisions and choices we make and innovations we implement.”

The company, which makes belts for retail and brand partners like Polo, Woolworths, Markham, Levi’s®, Mr Price, Old Khaki, Jonsson and Foschini as well as for export and sale via its own online shop, has positioned itself as “a place of craft and a place of science” and seeks to set new standards in a fashion sector where consumers are becoming increasingly aware of a company’s purpose, sustainability and environmental issues.

Informal trader, Musa Mkhize (left) with Lungani Manqele (right), one of the enterprise development partners atEquator – the Belt FactoryTM..

“The fashion retail supply chain starts with having the right product and value for the shopper, but it is much more than that. Increasingly it is transparency, responsible and ethical sourcing of raw materials, environment, good working conditions, compliance and more. We can no longer be just a belt factory. Our sustainability journey must make sense to the industry, our retail and brand partners and the consumer. We have to be product, raw material and consumer trend specialists,” he notes.

Buhr adds that, Equator – the Belt FactoryTM is also committed to ensuring that sustainability claims are backed by science. As such the company worked with sustainability and green building advisors Ecolution Consulting, in order to certify the building and ensure a credible and comprehensive sustainability journey.

Having achieved a certification for the factory, the focus will now shift to more responsible raw material sourcing, packaging and lower impact logistics. “Companies can easily fall into the trap of making bold and misleading sustainability claims. But we want to be clear that we do have an impact and that we still have far to go. We are, however, set on making every decision with sustainability in mind and communicating that transparently. We are excited to announce our progress with regards to our green building certification,” he concludes.

*Based on 2019 production average