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All about craft beers

Since moving to the Cape I discovered a love for good wine on beautiful wine farms and Brent developed a palate for craft beers.

Luckily several wine farms now have craft beer on tap which means we can spend a lovely day out as a family and enjoy our beverage of choice at lunch.

But what is a craft beer?

Melvin Brewing is quoted at saying ” If your beer is not madness, it’s not beer.”

Craft beers are produced by microbreweries, also known as craft breweries, that produce small amounts of beer.

These breweries are independently owned and do not supply the large demands like corporate breweries.

A craft brewery will often place a huge emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique.

Worldwide there are many great craft beers and we take a look at a few.

Craft Beer styles

Worldwide there are many craft beer styles and as it is up to the individual brewer to decide if they want to brew to a specific style or break away from a traditional mould and forge their own unique path and style.

Because there are so many styles, both traditional and new, it is almost impossible to list each craft beer style, but I found this guide informative.

South Africans can list over 100 different styles of beer from pale ales to stouts and pilsners.

These style groups usually fit under the main categories of ales ( these are heavy beers with intense flavour) and lagers ( these beers are clean and crisp)

Craft beer styles are categories according to characteristics like flavour, colour,aroma, body and location of the beers origin.

How to make craft beer

In order to brew beer you need:

  • Water
  • Malted barley
  • Hops
  • Yeast

The malted barley is responsible for producing the sugars needed to sweeten the beer and that react with the yeast to form the alcohol.

The hops balance the harleys sweetness and add bitterness. Hops gives the beer aroma and flavour and will act as a natural preservative.

The effect of the hops in the beer depends on when you add it in the brewing process. Adding it early in the brewing process will produce a heavier, more bitter beer whilst adding it later in the brewing process will produce a lighter more crisp beer.

Yeast is responsible for the beers alcohol content. The yeast converts the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The yeast also adds the final flavour to the beer and determines if the beer is fruity or spicy.

You can find a variety of recipes over at Beer and Brewing

Buy a kit or try a beer

If you are looking to start the hobby of brewing your own craft beers there are many online craft beer kits you can purchase to make the process easier and less daunting.

Whilst these will only be available after lockdown in South Africa you can purchase kits.

I’ve also seen many beer subscription boxes and online stores that will deliver these uniquely crafted beers to your doorstep in order for you to taste.

Last word on craft beers

Brewing your own is not for everyone and many people prefer to indulge in the crafts of others.

Whilst I have a son in law who enjoys home brewing, my own husband and adult sons enjoy a good Artisan brew.

I personally do not like the taste of beer but am no stranger to a craft beer in my kitchen to improve my culinary skills. They add an added flavour to many meals from hearty stews to indulgent desserts.

And if you are not sure which craft beer style is for you, or you’ve not yet discovered the cast variety of craft beers avaliable add this to your bucket list, you’ll thank me later.

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Table mountain Ariel Cableway release Free educational activity book for kids to download

Join the Table mountain friends, Phumi the Protea, Dale the dassie and Larry the lizard and learn all about Table mountain, the history of the cable way and nature in the mountains.

A fun and engaging truly South African educational activity book which you can download free to use here

The book contains:

  • Fun facts
  • Colouring pages
  • Quizzes
  • Treasure hunt
  • Dot to dot pictures

Whilst the activity book is geared at older children, Hamish enjoyed working through many of the fun pages, meeting the cute characters and colouring in the pages.

He loves Table mountain and points it out on our daily walks.

Although he hasn’t yet been able to go up the mountain, he is now aware that a cable car will take him to the top and we have set the treasure hunt aside and decided his birthday gift in September will be a trip up his beloved mountain.

This is a great way to teach the kids and build their general knowledge.

It would make a lovely family project or fun extra activity if your child is completing this assigned school work earlier.

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Homeschool open day at Butterfly world

On Monday we attended our first Homeschool event for 2020.

Butterfly world hosted a homeschool open day at their beautiful grounds.

We rounded up fellow homeschool mom @parentingbarely and her little boy and my friend Colleen and we set off for a morning of adventure.

About Butterfly world

Butterfly world is the largest butterfly park in South Africa and is situated near the quaint little town of Klapmuts.

Open Monday to Sunday 9am to 5pm*, with friendly and knowledgeable staff to make your visit educational, entertaining and enjoyable.

(*The only day they are closed is Christmas day.)

All the animals at Butterfly world, with the exception of the butterflies, have been donated to the centre.


Within the 1000 square meter greenhouse are hundreds of free flying butterflies. Some of the exotic butterflies are from a far afield as Costa Rico.

We used this chart to try and find each butterfly and I will print a butterfly treasure hunt for Hamish to check off before our next visit.

I was interested to read that the Butterfly world team fly pupae in from around the world to hatch in this miniature tropical paradise.

One of the things I was most greatful for was the opportunity to explain metamorphosis in real life to Hamish as we have just finished learning about the butterfly life cycle.

We were able to see eggs, chrysalis and butterfly emerging.

Sadly no caterpillars but in the eco centre the kids were treated to a beautiful puppet show depicting the life cycle of a butterfly. This was certainly geared at the foundation phase children and Hamish was mesmerized.

Of the other highlights were having butterflies fly around them, watching a butterfly feed and getting to hold one.

The eco centre

As we have been to butterfly world as a family I was eager to view it from an educators perspective and the eco centre certainly gained my attention.

I love the rustic lapa feel and the few decorations that di not attract to much attention, allowing your child to focus on the person giving the talk show or demonstration.

It was amazing. We unfortunately left half way as a three year old does not have the same attention span as a 10 year old.

My only critique would be a love to see the talks divided into age categories and specifically geared to preschool, middle school or high school with the home school children slotting into their age or ability category. This would allow for smaller groups and less stress on the animals, and preschool moms.

Having said that, I’m really looking forward to the next Butterfly world homeschool open day.

Up close and personal

Whilst in the eco centre we learnt about two types of lizards and the information was child centered, interesting and factual.

Hamish walked away knowing a lot more about lizards and got the opportunity to touch them both.

He also got a quick lesson about salamanders

And we got to see an axitoli ( a Mexican salamander) up close. It’s been on my wish list to own one, until I read how endangered they are.

But how beautiful is he?

Other animals

Butterfly world is also home to many other animals.

You can see tortoise, lizards, spiders,lemur, Guinea pigs,monkey, scorpions, snakes, meercat, and many bird species.

There are some stunning viewing decks and one of those house two friendly owls that we were privileged to say hello to.

There is also a road kill museum where your child can view several skeletons and preserved butterflies.


In conclusion, this is a beautiful day out with a lovely gift shop and delectable restaurant with affordable pricing.

It’s incredibly humid in the greenhouse, as these are the temperatures that the butterflies need to survive, so I would suggest taking water with for the kids.

There’s an outside area, so it is also advisable to pack in a cap and some sunscreen and don’t forget the camera as there are many photo opportunities, both with the animals and with the unique art works around the grounds.

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The slave route challenge

Today, I headed down to city hall with my husband and 6 of my 7 children to take part in the 5km Slave route challenge.

Judy running
Ready to run

About the slave route challenge

The Slave route challenge is a Cape Town race. One rich in heritage and historical significance.

The event traces the old ‘ slave route‘ and honours those amazing people who physically built Cape Town.

Bringing together a diversity of people from all walks of life, the slave trade route offer’s a variety of races.

  • 21km marathon
  • 10km run
  • 10km big walk
  • 5km fun run/ walk

The first Slave route challenge was run in 2011 and 2020 celebrates 10 years of this unique race.


The full Slave run route starts at The City Hall, through District six, Gardens, The company gardens, whale street, Bo- Kaap, Seapoint, Green point and the CBD before heading back down Darling street, through the Castle of Good Hope to finish on the Grande Parade.

This route was selected to highlight the historical landmarks along the way.

Some of the Landmarks you will see along this route are:

  • the whipping post ( where the slaves would be whipped),
  • the hurling slave pump ( where they had to pump water for their masters),
  • the company bell ( which rang to call the slaves),
  • Gallows hill ( where they were executed) ,
  • the Castle ( where the slaves were tortured and imprisoned)
  • and the Slave tree plaque ( where slaves were sold)
The castle Cape town
Runners entering the castle

In Bo- kaap runners and walkers can enjoy a traditional Cape Malay koeksister.

Hamish running
Hamish running


All children need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

We weren’t required to register for Hamish at 3 years old but did to ensure he too could get a medal.

Slave run medal
Proudly showing off his medal

Our run

As a family we signed up for the 5km ( mostly because most of us are rather unfit and also because that way we could run/walk with Hamish)

Waking everyone up was most likely the hardest part of the morning.

My family
My family

As we had checked routes and parking the night before, we had no struggle with leaving home on time nor finding parking.

Waiting the hour for the 5km race wasn’t that bad and everyone kept themselves busy. ( Big families come in handy at these events – we bring our own crowd)

After the hundredth selfie, our race began.

Me and kerri

The route itself was well marshalled and not at all crowded.

It’s one of the most scenic routes I’ve done and was really enjoyable.

Hamish walked about 3km of the 5km, with big brother Shaun carrying him quite a bit of the way.

Carrying Hamish
He ain’t heavy , he is my brother

For R40 a person we had a wonderful family morning out, got some exercise, enjoyed a refreshing coke at the finish line, ( somehow I missed the koeksister) and collected the first of our run medals for 2020

We also discovered on the race number are free entry to both the District six museum and The Castle.

On collecting our race numbers yesterday we recieved tickets to visit the Jewish museum, so we will take full advantage of enjoying Cape Town’s museums this month.

Art gallery
Art gallery

This truly was a lot of fun, and I was amazed to hear that 9000 registered to run for today.

We look forward to booking for next year.

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Our mom & me date – Two oceans aquarium

Last year Hamish and I would spend most Fridays on a mom & me date exploring new places or finding new adventures.

These moments have become extra special as my workload increases and he gets older.They are times where, the focus is truly on just us.

I try to choose places I know he will enjoy and we make a full morning our of it.

First 2020 date

We started our first Mom & me dates quite late into January this year, and on Friday I decided we needed an outing to our favourite place ….Two Oceans Aquarium

We both enjoy nature and could spend every day at the aquarium given half a chance.

There is always something new to see or discover.This year I’ve promised myself, I’m buying membership as I visit so often.

Our morning started off with me rushing to get a few things done in order to leave.

I don’t drive so we travel by Mycity bus and it’s an almost hour long drive into the city. Hamish enjoys the drive, chatting to the commuters and looking out the window to see the view.

Just before we were ready to get out the door, a courier dropped these adorable mom and me matching shirts from Fabulous Finds Botique . We quickly changed into them and started our adventure.

The aquarium

The aquarium is always exciting and we headed to the penguins first. They are just the cutest.

Not only does Hamish enjoy seeing the African penguin in it’s rocky shore environment but he also loves to watch the others dive and swim in and out the kelp forest.

In the penguin exhibit, there is a row of penguin cutouts that name several penguin species and tell you their height.

Each visit I take a photo of Hamish next to the penguin he is as tall as. He was thrilled to find out that he is now as tall as a king penguin.

Did you know that there is a fairy penguin?

Let’s play

After a visit to the penguins we headed to the I & J kiddy area where they have set up an amazing yellow submarine for the kids to be able to play in and watch the fish.

Hamish spent some time building Lego, drawing, doing magnetic puzzles, enjoying the sand pit and putting on his own puppet show for me.

We had our snack and headed back to enjoy the exhibits but not before following the cute trail of fish on the floor.


Our first stop was the fossil dig, where Hamish became a junior paleontologist and discovered a giant coelacanth fossil.

Next we went over to the touch pool and felt the sea anenome, kelp, sea weed and sea stars .

For the first time Hamish was interested in the microscope exhibit and he got to touch shark and skate eggs, called mermaid purses. Afterwards we went over to the stingray tank to see if we could identify the skate among them.


We strolled around looking at all the tanks, and I realised we never saw an octopus so that’s on our list to find next time.

But Hamish can now identify easy sea creatures like sea stars, sea anemones, sea weed and coral. So, as we looked into the tanks we discussed the items in the background that we found.

Eventually we found the sharks.

These powerfull creatures almost glide in the ocean.

Of course my three-nager couldn’t resist singing Baby shark.

Kelp forest

I think to me personally, the kelp forest is the most beautiful exhibit.

With it’s giant fish swimming past the tall kelp, penguins diving through the green tinged water and the sun shining down casting light.

I always find a reason to linger longer, look a little closer and stare up through the waters towards the surface.


Lastly, before ending our visit and heading home, we stopped by the nemo tank and Hamish climbed under to get a photo.

As we sat on the bus going home, Hamish looked at me and without missing a beat said “I love you mom” and we both knew, with hearts full, it was an amazing day.

Do you go on dates with your kids? Share some of your favourites with me in the comments below
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Tweede Nuwe Jaar 2020

The Cape Town Street Parade bring you the annual Tweede Nuwe Jaar parade on the 4th of January instead of the 2nd as is traditional.

This year the sunset of the 2nd January coincided with the Friday Jum’ah of the Muslim community.

The Cape Town street parade and the choral competitions , both presented under the Cape Town street parade banner, promise to yet again deliver a world class showcase of the best of “Klopse” entertainment at the largest cultural festival in Africa.

Entertainment starts at 12pm with an opening ceremony in the Grande Parade at 1 PM. Entertainment will continue until 10pm tonight.

The event,which has been celebrated in the Cape for 110 years expects to draw crowds of 60 000 – 100 000 people.

Minstrel troupes from all areas of Cape Town will perform in the streets of the city centre. You can watch this delightful display between Hannover street in District six to Rose street in Bo Kaap.

The choral competitions will be held at Athlone stadium on the following dates:

  • 1 January 2020
  • 11 January 2020
  • 18 January 2020
  • 25 January 2020
  • 1 February 2020
  • 8 February 2020
  • 15 February 2020

Previously known as the Tweede Nuwe Jaar Minstrel Parade, the Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association ( KKKA) has been the organiser of the new format Cape Town Street Parade since it’s launch in October 2017.

For the 2020 events, MTN South Africa and Samsung will join the city of Cape Town, the Western Cape government and Coca Cola ( Peninsula Beverages) in presenting this traditional parade.

Tickets are available for the Golden circle and any of the choral events at although the event is free to the public.

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How to book convenient Holiday road travel with the Travelstart buses platform

With the holidays here and many families looking to unite and visit with relatives in other cities, Travelstart have launched a new online bus booking platform to take the stress out of road travel.

The Travelstart buses platform,which was launched this November, will not only save you time and money but will allow you to compare bus tickets from reputable competing companies.

Travellers can now enjoy the flexibility of finding tickets suited to their budget by searching, booking and paying for bus travel from numerous suppliers within South Africa or to neighboring countries.

With the Travelstart buses platform you can book up to 10 passengers in a single booking and filter your search by destination, bus company, coach, class and price.

To make payment convenient, you can pay by Credit card or at your local Pick n Pay countrywide. There is no more standing in long queues, your bus ticket is sent directly to your inbox.


Traveling in South Africa you will be able to use the best bus companies, ensuring you arrive safely at your destination.

Whether you are traveling on a one way ticket or return , you can book for major cities like Cape Town and Durban or to smaller towns like Harrismith.


The two most popular travel routes by bus are :

Johannesburg – Durban – Johannesburg

Cape Town – Johannesburg – Cape Town

And these routes are serviced by the following reputable bus companies:

  • Eldo coaches
  • Citiliner
  • Intercare
  • Greyhound
  • Eagle liner
  • Intercity Xpress
  • And African People Mover ( APM)

Reginal Destinations

For those wishing to travel a little further to visit family in Zimbabwe for example or who wish to do a holiday trip outside of South Africa, you are able to purchase reginal tickets and travel safely to destinations like Harare, Bulawayo, Maputo and Windhoek.

The most popular reginal route is :

Johannesburg – Harare – Johannesburg

How to book

  • Visit the Travelstart bus booking page
  • Choose your departure point and destination
  • If you are only wanting to travel to the destination and do not require a return ticket, click the “one way” option
  • Fill in your travel dates and the amount of tickets required
  • Choose your preferred bus company to travel with
  • Once you have selected the bus company that offers you the best value for your budget, head to the final page and enter your personal details
  • Provide your credit card details and pay

Your booking confirmation and a reference number will be sent to you via email and SMS.

How to book with Travelstart buses

How to redeem your ticket

Once you have recieved your ticket via email you will need to print it. You will use this, along with your ID to board the bus. Your name on your ticket will need to match your ID in order to board the bus.

On the ticket you will also find the information you will need on where to board the bus and at what time.


  • When booking your tickets with children, please note that infants travel free but are limited to one infant per accompanied passenger.
  • If you have made an error on your ticket or need to cancel a booking you can contact Travelstart on 087 650 1369 or via email at

Booking a bus ticket these holidays just became a whole lot easier with Travelstart buses and family can reunite this Christmas by purchasing a ticket online with the Travelstart bus booking option.

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Questions you should ask before taking your child on a game drive

This weekend we visited an established game farm, in the Western Cape, and Hamish experienced his first game drive.

A bad experience

I would love to tell you it was enjoyable but sadly it was not up to standard with other drives I have been on.

Whilst the guide was knowledgable, he spoke over Hamish’s questions, ignoring him to make rugby jokes with a rather rude visitor who seemed intent on spoiling everyone’s experience.

The “rude visitor” was allowed to enter the vehicle clearly drunk and carrying a beer, which to me having Hamish there and another mom her son , I felt was both irresponsible of the game farm and inappropriate for a game drive.

This man made stupid comments through out the drive, often interrupted the guide and then climbed out the vechil to relieve himself whilst we were stopped to view the giraffe.

The vehicle, which can seat 3 people per seat was crammed and myself and another mother were left holding our children for over an hour as their spaces to sit were taken so that we could squash in another two people instead if taking a larger vehicle or simply dividing the group into 2 vehicles.

This to me was not safe and was certainly not comfortable for either us the moms or the two little boys . Who on our laps kept knocking on the sides of the vehicle as the road is bumpy.

The vehicle at one point looked like we were not going to be able to navigate through the soft sandy path and smelt like something was burning. I imagined trying to walk back with a 15kg 3 year old to carry.

Needless to say the atmosphere on the vehicle was cramped and not pleasant with this unruly visitor.

But worst of all was that we hardly got close to most of the animals that the farm boasts.

We got up close to the zebra and springbok to get decent photos and came semi close to the giraffe and the poor lonley looking camel but all the others were so far into the distance that Hamish was often just looking at trees and those he could make out just looked like ordinary bucks.

It’s hard to explain the different physical features on an animal you can’t see.

I was bitterly dissapointed and actually packed my phone away, after we had seen the giraffe as prior to this we had sped past the emu and I was trying to keep Hamish comfortable on my lap and prevent us both from falling off the seat and bumping onto the railings.

The last 25 minutes of our drive I was willing it to come to an end now.

I was really dissapointed that this was Hamish’s first experience at something that should be magical in the eyes of a child.

It has however prompted us to ask few questions before booking any further game drives anywhere with a child.

Questions you should ask before taking your child on a game drive

  • Does the child have their own seat
  • How long is the drive ( this matters, especially if the child does not have a seat)
  • Are kids given a treasure hunt of animals to find or a spot sheet to tick off
  • Is their information avaliable for children on the animals before or after the drive?
  • What time is the drive? ( this also matters for naps, feeding of children, ect)
  • How many animal species approximately are seen at each time.
  • What is the best time for maximum exposurea to the animals
  • How close do you get to the animals
  • How many people per vehicle
  • Is alcohol permitted on a drive
  • If yes, can I request a family friendly game drive without alcohol being allowed and does this cost extra?
  • How are rude/unruly guests dealt with on a drive
  • Will mine and my child’s questions be answered along the drive
  • Is the drive child friendly
  • Can a car seat be inserted
  • What can I take along on the drive
  • Who do I complain to should the game drive not meet standards

Whilst bitterly dissapointed at our first game drive with Hamish, I’ll certainly do more research before booking a weekend away and wont just jumping on a game drive without asking enough questions for usto ensure he is safe and enjoying his adventure.

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Slide into Summer with some Frozen Fun at Canal Walk Shopping Centre

Canal Walk Shopping Centre’s Frozen Fun Slide Park celebrates the launch of Disney’s Frozen 2

Get ready to slide into summer with the arrival of Canal Walk Shopping Centre’s Frozen Fun Slide Park, which opens on 29 November 2019 and runs until 5 January 2020.

The school holiday entertainment celebrates the eagerly awaited launch of Disney’s Frozen 2, the sequel to the smash hit 2013 movie, Frozen.

Frozen 2 follows Elsa, her sister Anna, and a host of friends, including the lovable snowman, Olaf, as they set out on their latest quest and will hit the big screen in South Africa from 6 December 2019.

Frozen Fun Slide Park

The Frozen Fun Slide Park is made possible by a collaboration between Canal Walk Shopping Centre (CWSC) and The Walt Disney Company Africa.

Sharing in the excitement of the upcoming launch, Canal Walk’s Marketing Manager, Vanessa Herbst said:

“Fans have waited for this movie for a long time and with its release on the 6th of December coinciding with the school holidays, we wanted to make the most of this magical time of year and give visitors a special Frozen experience.”

Canal Walk is well known for its family focused fun-filled events, and the Frozen Fun Slide Park will be no exception, with four frozen slides of varying heights appealing to thrill seekers of all ages.

But, if building a snowman is more your style, then an Olaf snow play area will help let the inner creative out.

Sessions are 45 minutes every hour, on the hour and will open from 10H00 each day (except 25th December and 1 January 2020), with the last session at 20H00.

This allows plenty of time for festive season shopping, or for entertaining energy filled kids during the holidays, not to mention a space for mom and dad to chill out in the heat of summer.

Ackermans print for Free!

The fun doesn’t stop here though. Ackermans is the retail sponsor for the event and will open a pop-up Frozen character activation at the event, where youngsters (and those young at heart) who have purchased a plain white t-shirt in store, can have a Frozen 2 character printed on it – for free.

The pop-up will operate at specific times. Check out the Canal Walk website for details.

Extended Shopping Hours

It is the festive season, so CWSC will extend its shopping hours from 29th November.

The Canal Walk Express and wrapping station will open on 6 December – wrapping starts at R15 per item and funds will be donated to charity.

Donate an Olaf

Because this is indeed the season of giving, a giant celebration tree will stand guard in the Food Court. Adorning this, will be a host of Olaf plush toys, you can donate R50 so that these cuddly Olafs can be given to children supported by Reach for a Dream or receiving treatment at The Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital, and Tygerberg Hospital.


Tickets to the Canal Walk Shopping Centre’s Frozen Fun Slide Park are available on and on site at the event ticket booth and cost:

R100 – full rider

R80 – mini rider

R35 – non-rider.

Other Attractions

Meet Santa

Dates: 13 – 24 December 2019

Time: 10am – 9pm

Venue: Canal Walk Centre Court

Kids World Express

Dates: 7 December – 12 January 2019

Venue: Upper Level, Centre Court

Times: 10am – 5pm

Tickets: R20 per person

Magical Gift Wrapping

Dates: 6 – 23 December 10am – 10pm & 24 December 10am – 9pm

Prices: R15 – R55

Visitors are encouraged to share their festive experiences with Canal Walk Shopping Centre ….


Facebook: Canal Walk Shopping Centre

Twitter: @canal_walk

Instagram: @canalwalk

Hashtag #FrozenFun #CanalWalk

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Waddling for penguins

Today is International African penguin Awareness day.

A day to celebrate and highlight these cute aquatic birds.


This species is still on the brink of extinction with only approximately 50,000 birds left in the wild.

It is estimated, that with the current level of decline they will be extinct by 2026….

A short 7 years from now!

A waddle for penguins

We headed to the V & A Waterfront to join the Two Oceans Aquarium in a fun waddle for penguins.

Dressed in black we were ready for the easy 3km walk around the waterfront district.

Before setting off we were encouraged to paint our faces

and enjoy a penguin cup cake treat.

Hamish was extra excited and although scared of the mascot,

he really loved the soft toy penguin and happily let me get some photos of him with it.

Just after 9.30am we set off on our hour long walk. The excitement was in the air as aquarium staff and public encouraged motorists along the route to HOOT FOR PENGUINS!

Hamish got caught up in the excitement very quickly and joined in with all the energy of a 3 year old.

He however, decided he wanted to be the leader and joined the amazing aquarium staff up in the front of the group to lead the waddles.

It was a lot of fun. Hamish managed th entire 3km walk and I’m looking forward to many opportunities to share with Hamish why we were hooting for penguins this morning.

About the African Penguin

The African penguin feeds on fish such as anchovies and sardines.

Adapted for its aquatic lifestyle, the African penguin can reach speeds of 12 miles per hour (20 km per hour) in the water and travel from 18 – 42 miles (30 to 70 km) in a single trip.

An average dive last for 2.5 minutes, reaching depths of almost 200 feet (60 meters).

How you can help

  • Support our aquariums: they use the funds for much needed education, research and to look afte the birds in their care.
  • Refuse single-use plastic:
    Penguins can ingest or become entangled in plastic packaging, their food, the fish are ingesting microplastics which are passed to the penguins.
  • Say no to all plastic: Plastic is made from oil, if we reduce our demand for plastic we also reduce our demand for oil. Oil spills are disastrous for penguins.
  • Join beach clean ups: help to remove the plastic which could end up in their home.
  • Recycle
  • Consume only sustainable fish
  • Educate others: on both the bird and how to care for the oceans.