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The LEGO® certified store opens in Canal walk

Yesterday we attended the opening day of the LEGO® certified store in Century City’s Canal walk shopping centre.

Unlike some fans, who had camped out in front of the store over night, we arrived at 10am and took our place in the queue.

We were handed brochures containing a LEGO® minifigure piece and encouraged to build ourselves at the minifigure building station, once inside the store, using this piece for R20.

The crowds were kept entertained by KFM radio, who were broadcasting from inside the store. We even spotted the KFM penguin mascot.

I was really concerned about standing in long queues with Hamish, who at 3 years old can bearly stand still long enough to get his shoes on, but with all the excitement of balloons and giveaways he was perfectly happy to wait his turn to enjoy this unique experience

LEGO® certified stores are renowned worldwide for their remarkable focus on customer service and this was certainly demonstrated yesterday as I observed moms with babies being taken through first to avoid niggles and as we were handed bottles of LEGO® branded water whilst we waited.

The queue moved quite quickly and we soon found ourselves waiting outside the doors for our turn to enter as Hamish admired the model of a Harley Davidson, made entirely from LEGO®

I had read that each LEGO® certified store offers a uniquely local experience and the essence of Cape Town is certainly represented by the giant Mother city mural, depicting Table mountain,on the wall ….

and the quaint model of Bo kaap that captured my attention with it’s familiar bright colours.

Inside the store was hectically busy and honestly we were not able to enjoy all the offerings of this fun filled store as the crowds were eager to explore.

The LEGO® certified stores offer a variety of fun LEGO® installations, extended and exclusive kits and unique experiences that are not avaliable through other toy distributors.

This particular store has :-

  • A Pick a Brick wall, where customers are given a choice of plastic cup size to fill with bricks of their choice from a wall of colorful options.

  • A mini figure building station where you can dream up your own creations fom a large variety of parts and options.
  • An augmented reality screen which showns you a 3D image of the box set you want to purchase helping you to visualize your buildig project.
  • And special building areas to keep little hands busy and encourage creativity.

Hamish and I had a quick walk around and have decided to explore and build his mini figures a little later,when the store is less crowded.

He did however enjoy learning some fun LEGO® facts ….

And discover how many LEGO® meters tall he is.

After we both made mental wish lists of all the kits we would love, we heade outside of the store to enjoy the entertainment area.

Here customers who had made purchases could enter a lucky draw and the children were treated to special activities for them.

The LEGO® bowling was Hamish’s favourite. ( How cute are those mini figure plushies?)

There was also a colouring station, LEGO® building station and a giant pit full of LEGO®

It was a great morning out and I see this store becoming a regular monthly visit for our LEGO® crazy little boy.

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Custom names with Sticks & Stones

Decorating for a teenage girl who is determined to express herself, yet is still trying to find her identity can be quite a challenge.

So, when Sina from Sticks & Stones recently offered to make Kerri a beautiful name plaque and asked her likes I was a little stumped.

I remember saying “she likes pinks and purples and flowers“, because as much as she’s a wanna be Rock star , she is still very much a gentle young lady.

I did not expect the delicate art work that described Kerri so well when we opened the package.

Beautifully crafted pieces of neatly painted wood formed a gentle bouquet of pastel blooms highlighting a cursive font of her name.

Kerri was speechless.

“Mommy, it’s gorgeous” were her words to me eventually before she whipped it away and found just the perfect spot to display it.

Who is Sticks & stones ?

Sticks & stones is run by the increadibly talented Sina, a mom and creative, who hand makes personalised lettering for your children’s rooms.

Although aimed at children, her letters have also been ordered for adults and would add a designer edge to any business.

With a wide variety of options to choose from you will be spoilt for choice of styles.

Of course, as a company that specialise in custom designs your could also dream up a unique piece of decor.

For more information contact Sticks & Stones on Facebook

Photo credit Sticks & Stones
Photo credit Fun mamma SA
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Bed king answer your pregnancy sleep questions


Between midnight bathroom runs, a racing mind, cramping legs, heartburn and a metabolism that’s turning up your internal thermostat, sleep can be challenging during pregnancy.

Consider it preparation for the sleepless nights that lie ahead.

However, getting enough sleep is more important than ever now that you’re snoozing for two.

The necessity of sleep

Sleep is the time when your body resets and repairs itself including your blood vessels, which is vital now that they’re under increased pressure from the extra blood flow required to support your baby.

Sleep also keeps your immune system, which is suppressed to support your pregnancy, healthy. Plus it controls how your body reacts to insulin.

Not getting enough results in a higher blood sugar level, upping your risk of gestational diabetes.

Is left best?

The best sleep position when you’re expecting is on your left side.

This position is ideal for your circulation, optimising the oxygen and nutrients that get to your baby, as well as supporting kidney function, taking pressure off your liver and reducing swelling.
You should also avoid lying flat on your back all night long. The weight of your growing uterus presses on your vena cava, the artery running blood from your lower body back to your heart, disturbing circulation and possibly making you dizzy. Your womb also weighs on your intestines and back, making common pregnancy symptoms like backaches and haemorrhoids worse.

But don’t fret if you’re not a left side sleeper. As long as you practice the ‘SOS’ position (sleep on side) you’ll be fine.

Most woman find it uncomfortable to sleep on their back after their 4th month and you might find that you roll onto your side regardless.

Does your mattress play a role?

Besides using pillows under your belly, between your thighs and behind your back to alleviate pressure, you could consider investing in a mattress that offers the optimum support far beyond your due date.

The ideal mattress will hug the body closely to help align the your spine and alleviate aches and pains.

Temperature neutrality is also key, since many pregnant women sleep hotter than normal, a bed that absorbs minimal body heat and sleeps fairly cool will be a benefit now and during summer.

Additionally, mattresses that isolate motion well and produce minimal noise can be beneficial for couples, since pregnancy often leads to frequent nighttime bathroom trips and restless sleep.
Mervyn Ewertse, sleep expert and owner of the Bed King, says:

“Especially during pregnancy one is attuned to ones body and if you’re waking up with more aches than usual, it’s a sure sign that it’s time for a new mattress. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in bed in the next few years with nursing and sleep routines, so you may as well look into the right mattress now.”

All Bed King stores nationwide have the Comfort Solutions Lab, a state of the art system that uses the latest heat and pressure mapping technology to determine the correct firmness and support your body needs in a bed, all within 5 min of lying down.

To find out more on the Comfort Solutions range, visit

(Article supplied )

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Jars of love …unique gifts to suit your love language

Last week I was gifted a wonderful little jar of gifts from Elsie Gifting.

My jar was called the gift of service jar and  I opened it to find a treasure of little items that made me smile.


As a young girl my ouma would put together a small shoe box of items for each of us that we recieved at Christmas or a birthday.

This box contained small thoughtful little gifts that we could use or treasure and this gift jar brought back the same feelings of joy and love.

What was inside the jar ?

The jar which is beautifully decorated and reusable without too much packaging contained a treasure trove of self love trinkets.

Just the things I needed whilst in the middle of the last preparations of my eldest daughters wedding.

Protea coffee in a bag ( which is a brand I love), a novelty tea strainer, branded pencil with origami crane eraser to write notes in the sweet notebbook, recipes, paper boat, little umbrella to turn my ordinary mom days into pretend holiday on the beach days, some nail varnish my teen grabbed before I could and a personalised note.

Inside was also a book of vouchers that allow me to show my love to my partner/ family through gifts of service…..and this is my love language.

I love showing the people around me just how much they mean by doing little things for them.

The love languages

Each of the thoughtful gift jars is based on the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman and there are options for you to customize your jar.

There are 5 different love language…

❤words of affirmation

By knowing what your loved ones and your own love languages are allows you to love them the way they need to be loved, not the way you want to love.

Why a gift in jar?

For me this is a truly unique and personalised gift that will speak straight to the heart of your loved one.

I love that the gifting comes with very llittle packaging and that the har is reusable and recyclable.

Thank you for gifting me a little jar of spoils ❤

📸  (Elsies Gifting) ( fun mamma sa)

For more information

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Fair Cape factory tour

Last week I was invited to a factory tour at Fair Cape Dairies. To say I was excited was a slight understatement.

A factory tour

I arrived at the Fair Cape factory and greeted a group of fellow bloggers and food journalists.

After a quick briefing by the experienced and knowledgeable staff we were kitted out in factory gear and headed off to see where the magic happens.

I even got a pink hair net.

The first thing that was evident was how strict the hygiene policy is at the factory. We were shown how to scrub up correctly before entering the factory and at other areas we were asked to sanitise our hands again.

The factory is meticulously clean and temperatures are set to assist with the yoghurt making process.

Large shining silver containers containing the dairy that make our favourite yoghurt snacks greeted us.

We were then expertly guided through the factory and each process was explained to us.

I was, and still am fascinated by these amazing machines and the people that operate them with such precision.

I could have watched the process of yoghurt pots being made, filled and labeled all day.

This was such a fun, educational visit.

Why I love Fair Cape

As a household Fair Cape is our preferred dairy brand.

They have become a name I trust with high quality products and Hamish loves that Barney is on his favourite yoghurt and Batman on his milkshake.

But mostly, I know that by purchasing Fair Cape products I’m supporting a company that does it’s part to give back.

Fair Cape established the Fair Cape Cares Foundation in order to make a difference in the many beneficiaries they support.

By purchasing Fair Cape products and supporing the Fair Cape Cares Foundation events, you add to this amazing initiative.

Today,on International Charity Day, I would like to encourage you to ” do the right thing” and buy the Fair Cape charity yoghurt 6 packs. 50c from each pack goes back to the foundation to make a difference.

To learn more about our favourite dairy or the Fair Cape Cares Foundation visit

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Keep the Mosquitos away with Chicco Anti Mosquito Cosmetic Range


Keep little ones sting-free the natural way this year. Chicco, leaders in baby products for over 61 years, introduce the gentlest, yet most effective way you can keep your little ones bite and sting-free this Spring – the Anti-Mosquito cosmetic range.

Affectionately known as Zanza, after the Italian word for mosquito, the range offers a comprehensive collection of products that have a fresh and non-toxic scent to them.

With key effective ingredients ranging from Melissa Oils, Crabwood to Eucalyptus, the range offers Lotion, Spray, Roll-On, Wet Wipes, Ultrasound Plug-in, After-Bite and Cot and Pram Nets (brilliantly infused with natural product to keep mosquitos from coming anywhere near your child).

As with all Chicco skin cosmetics, the simplest and most natural solution has been deployed to ensure hypoallergenic, dermatologically approved products with no alcohol, no parabens and no preservatives.

And the good news is, it’s also safe for pregnant women and newborns.
Pick up the Zanza range from Baby City, Babies R Us, Takealot,, AZ Baby, Baby Shoppe, City Gift & Toys, Kids Emporium stores and

(Photo credit: Chicco South Africa)

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Sleep well and Do Good with Bed King

For the third year in a row, Bed King are running a promotion to assist The Children’s Hospital Trust.

For every Comfort Solutions Matress sold, R500 is donated to The Children’s Hospital Trust.
In 2018, an amazing R253 000 was raised.

This year, with your support, they are hoping to double that and help The Children’s Hospital Trust  to upgrade their emergency ward.

About the Children’s Hospital Trust

The Children’s Hospital Trust is an independent, non profit organisation that was established in 1994 to raise funds to support specific programs and projects to help advance child healthcare through the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

The Comfort Solutions Range

The Comfort Solutions Range is a high quality, premium hotel standard range of matresses that have been specifically designed for Bed King by leading brands.

With this initiative in place you can now save 15% on these top sleeping solutions.

The Comfort Solutions Lab

Bed King spent 5 years developing The Comfort solutions Lab, because they understand that buying a matress that will last you at least 10 years can be a very overwhelming.

With the use of advanced mapping technology, the Lab assists you to determine your unique comfort and support needs based on your body composition and sleep position. Allowing you to be matched up to a matress that fits your level and areas of support.

This takes 5 minutes and Bed King offer this service in store nation wide.

Each Comfort Solutions Lab is a spacious booth containing one matress that has a built in pressure mapping sensor.

Customers lie on the matress in their usual sleep position and using a series of pressure points, the system matches you to the right matress for your body composition and support needs.

Your data reading is displayed on the screen and you will be able to see where your unique pressure points are.

The Comfort Solutions Lab identifies two primary factors :- your individual ccomfort level and level of support needed.

So, when visiting Bed King, you can now be certain that you are purchasing the correct matress to support your body and sleep patterns as well as being able to support a good cause.

You will also now get a free Kingsley bear with every Comfort Solutions matress bought.

For more information visit

(Photo credit: Bedking)

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Natura Moms and Baby Range

Hamish and I were recently sent a gorgeous gift hamper from Natura, containing some of their new Moms and baby range to try.

I am a firm believer in the Natura tissue salts and have used their range extensively so I was excited to try these new products.

About Naturas New Moms And Baby Range

Natura’s new mom and baby range offers gentle and effective, quality solutions through their trusted homeopathic remedies.

From morning sickness and breastfeeding to colic and teething this comprehensive range have a remedy for many of the common niggles moms and babies have.

What’s really great is that all the remedies are prepared as quick dissolving tablets,making it much easier to administer to babies and toddlers.

Products in the range

There are 17 products in the range.

For Mom

  • Prolak
  • Used for lactation, this supports the production of milk and eases with pain associated with breastfeeding.

  • Moton
  • Used for morning sickness, this assists with nausea and vomiting in the mornings and is useful if you are suffering from dreadful persistent nausea. It also assists with severe water brash.

  • O4 Serum
  • The O4 serum is a stretchmarm reduction gel and is used to reduce the appearance of blemishes associated with stretch marks and scars. It evens the skin tone. Offers intense moisturising and hydrated the skin. It is quickly absorbed to  improve the skin’s elasticity and suppelness without leaving an oily residue.

  • Nipella
  • Used to soothe and protect sore and cracked nippels. This cream 8s GMO free, 100% natural, contains no fragrances or preservatives.

    For Baby

  • Rescue
  • Used if baby is distressed,  tearful, restless, has anxiety or fears or for emotional shock.

  • Arnica D6
  • These are for those every day bumps and bruises or sore muscles.

  • Castro
  • You can use this for baby sniffles like runny nose, post natal drip, nasal congestion and thick sticky tears.

  • Dental
  • These ease teething. Use for painful gums,difficult teething, delayed teething, emotional crying caused by teething and to ease the teething runny tummy symptoms.

  • Kolik
  • For little ones suffering from colic, persistent crying, crying after feeding and if they have a flushed face from crying.

  • Snappy nappy
  • This cute barrier cream contains zinc oxide, soothing calendula and aloe vera to soothe sensitive bottoms.
    It also contains bees wax to act as a barrier against the moisture in your little ones nappy. With no parabens, colorant or fragrance you know this is a gentle product.

    For Mom and Baby

  • Karma Sleep
  • Used for sleeplessness, especially if you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Also good for restless sleep or changes in your sleeping pattern.

  • Ezin cough
  • Used for md wet and dry coughs.

  • Starlite
  • This product is used for sore throats, coughs, mild fevers and stuffy or runny noses.

  • Magen
  • Used for indigestion, bloating, motion sickness, heartburn or nausea after eating.

  • Kronolax
  • This is used for constipation, difficulty passing stools and to ease abdominal discomfort.

  • Danon
  • This runny tummy remedy is used for diarrhea, loose water stools or involuntary stool movement.

    Our experience

    Not being a lactating mom, we passed some of our samples onto 2 moms who could use them but we did try the awesome bath products.

  • Double Bubble
  • This 3 in 1 body wash, shampooanx bubble bath contains Calendula and Camomile making it the perfect combination to calm Hamish after a busy day.

    He loved the smell, I loved how soft his skin felt after his bath.

    All the ingredients are of natural origin and it has no colorant or Parabens.

    There were sufficient bubbles and it doesn’t leave a stain or mark on the bath.

    Of course I love that I only need one product to clean my busy boy with.

  • Calicalm
  • This calming Calendula and Lavender bath and massage oil could not have arrived at a better time as Hamish hurt his leg at school.

    So I massaged his leg with a little of this to calm him and dropped a few drops into his bath.

    The bottle contains a cute hippo and he was convinced the hippo remedy made his leg feel better.

    I love that this range of personal care products has cute animals on the containers. 

    I also love that when developing these products Natura sourced raw materials which are of natural origin, making them organic or Eco-cert approved, and from sustainable resources.

    You can purchase Natura products at Diskem or Clicks.

    To find out more

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    Sand art with ideas factory

    We were recently sent a Sand Art home Kit from Idea Factory to review.

    This was so much fun for us all and the perfect holiday and family bonding craft.

    Not only is it easy enough for those who might be creatively challenged , it’s also stimulating for the more creative.

    The kit comes with

    A variety of cards, magnets and bookmarks to make.

    Bottles of coloured sand

    A funnel

    Scraper tools to lift the sticky paper

    Trays to work on

    Detailed instructions

    How to do Sand Art

    Sand art is really easy and not messy at all.

    Here’s my step by step guide to using your sand art kit cards to make a masterpiece.

    1. Choose an image and place it onto a working tray supplied with the kit.

    2. Start peeling the sticky paper away, a little at a time with the tool provided.

    3. Pick your colour and pour some onto the part of the image you have exposed.

    4. Once the section is covered in sand, lift the image allowing excess sand to fall onto the tray. Use the funnel to pour this sand back into your container.

    5. Continue until you’ve completed the entire image.

    The cards can be laminated or turned into greeting cards. The detailed instructions included in the box tell you how step by step as well as share ideas on how to care for the sand and the best ways to work on your sandy projects.

    Our experience

    Teenage holiday fun

    I first introduced the kit to my teens on a particularly bored holiday. They were all moping around on their phones and I brought out the kit.

    Within seconds all phones were down and creativity had begun. There were giggles and laughter and shouts about how each one needed the funnel or a colour or a new card.

    Two of the girls had never done sand art before and were excited that their first attempts were so easy, not messy and beautiful.

    But the girls weren’t the only ones having fun … Ronan was totally engrossed and it’s a good thing you can buy refill cards and sand because he started making cards for everyone .

    The mandalas were a firm favourite amoung the teens as were the book marks.

    Toddler pictures

    This gorgeous dinosaur was made by Hamish, now nearly 3 years old,almost unassisted.

    I helped him to remove the sticky paper but he was able to do the rest alone.

    We’ve done several and with winter and a sick toddler, this has been one of my go to activities.

    Mom gets creative

    Not to be left out, I did my own fair share of pictures and they were both relaxing and easy to do. I especially like that you can laminate the image using the plastic that it comes in.

    This kit is a great investment to encourage bonding,especially with the teens. To boost creativity in a child who may not be confident being creative. For holidays or Christmas time. To use for kids to make teacher gifts and those personalised grandparent pictures.

    To order your own kit contact

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    Hasbro’s #SaveTimeforPlaytime video, which showcases several South African youngsters discussing
    what they’ll do to convince their parents to spend more time playing with them provided a heart-warming moment of clarity for many people.

    While the kids promise to do the washing, make coffee, even trying out ‘puppy dog’ eyes to convince their parents to play with them, what they
    don’t know is that their intended audience is listening behind the scenes.

    The parents featured in the video all agreed that while they consciously know they are not always available or actively participating even when they are in the same room, what they hadn’t realised is the impact this was having on their kids.

    After being part of this social experiment, they offered up a few suggestions to try and create more time during the day – these included not taking work home
    with them, spending less time on their cell phone and actively prioritising play time, even just 30 minutes a day, which could make all the difference.

    Because the idea resonated so deeply with the local audience, Hasbro decided to take the campaign one step further.

    To encourage South Africans to make more time to play, Hasbro introduced the #SaveTimeforPlaytime pledge, complete with a pinkie promise, which asks kids and parents to suggest ways to make playtime a priority – and then commit to making this happen.

    The evidence of the benefits of play is overwhelming. The latest World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines prescribes active play for kids under 5 to increase their mental and physical wellbeing as they get older.

    The United Nations High Commission for Human Rights recognises play as an essential right of every child and the Flux Trends’ 2019 Report – describes how doctors are prescribing playtime for stressed, depressed children and their equally anxious, always-connected

    Engaging in shared play time plays a significant role in parent-child bonding and provides
    invaluable opportunities for parents to role model positive values and behaviour to their children.

    According to Hasbro South Africa marketing manager and working mom, Cara Birkett, “The video highlights how important it is to make the moments you spend together count. By actively engaging
    in playtime with our kids we are also encouraging them to spend more time at play. The Hasbro
    #SaveTimeForPlaytime video shows us that it’s not necessarily the grand gestures that make the
    difference but rather the small uninterrupted everyday moments that make memories.

    To make your pledge and share your ideas on how you can #SaveTimeForPlaytime or get some tips from other time-starved parents visit Monopoly South Africa on Facebook and click on the Save Time
    for Playtime Pledge Page.

    To get you started Hasbro has a few tips on how to save some time and incorporate more play in a day:

    • Make the morning rush fun: The usual chaotic panic of getting ready for school can put everyone in a spin. Make the morning rush fun and ‘gamify’ getting ready with points for helping with breakfast, getting dressed the fastest, etc. The kids can redeem the points for
      playtime later in the day once homework is done.
    • Skip the shops: Grocery shopping takes time so why not skip the store and buy online once your little one’s in bed. You’ll not only save on time but fewer in-store impulse purchases will also be kinder on your pocket.
    • Ditch the extra episode: Watching one less episode of your favourite series means an extra 30 to 60 minutes to play! Have a family board games night, competing over the classics, like Monopoly or Jenga or get extra active with Twister.
    • Cook up a storm: Turn Sunday nights into family meal prep time. Encourage everyone to lend a hand to prep meals and lunchboxes for the week ahead. A big pot of stew or soup can be stretched across several meals, make two lasagnes at the same time and freeze one – this will go a long way in saving you time during the week.
    • Picnic time – turn one meal a week into a picnic night. Set out a picnic blanket in the living room and serve dinner picnic style. It’s a great opportunity to break the monotony and combine mealtime and playtime as the setting allows you to play a few games during dinner
      as entertainment.
    • Bath-time bribery: Another potentially tricky time for the family! Encourage older kids,
      especially, to stop arguing over bath time by striking a bath-bargain. If the child gets
      squeaky-clean super-speedily, there’s more time for a game of his or her choice!

    “Parents work extremely hard and it’s completely understandable that sometimes the energy and time just isn’t there to make playtime possible. However, we’re hoping that the
    #SaveTimeforPlaytime pledge will help bring to the fore how big a difference just a little bit more play each day can make and hopefully starting this conversation will encourage people to share their ideas on how they can save on time during the day,” says Cara.

    Visit the Hasbro YouTube page to view the #SaveTimeforPlaytime video and Monopoly South Africa

    /Save Time for Playtime pledge page on Facebook to make your pledge.