Aurora Designs Review

When I first spoke to Colleen Saayman about her braclets neither of us knew what style or how wildly popular they would be.

With a keen eye for detail and enormous amounts of patience ,she asked me what about morse code? And then we set off to find beads.

I loved the idea and have since seen so do the bloggers who attended the Blogboss meetup.

The next teen craze

Kiki from Girl Trending managed to sneak two braclets from Colleen before I even recieved any for the event. ( She’s just lucky that Colleen is her sisters mother in law)

Her and her friends love them .

Could she have mine aswell was her first question.

Her words were friend and inspire.

After recieving the braclets I randomly popped one into each goody bag totally unaware of what each one said.

Some blogger love

Last night I read Karolien from Moms Directory recieved the word strong and how this resonated with how she felt she needed to be with a husband away at sea. She also wrote how she would test her husband many years ago on his morse code knowledge.

Megan from HeartfullTreasures told us how her word was believe and this symbolised her life and their adoption process.

My word

I got wish

I think for me this is a word that resonated well with me. I believe in my dreams and so put out secret wishes for them to come true. ( and then work my ass off to make it happen)

Thank you Colleen for our unique spoils.

To order your own you can contact Colleen

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