13 activities to keep your teens busy when bordom strikes

As parents of teens we are currently negotiating online school lessons, hours of our kids staring at their phones, playstation or xbox games and the occasional social chat where we try work chores and routine into their new normal.

But, just like younger children, our teens are also facing a new level of bordom, loss of freedom and perhaps silent anxiety as they hear the negativity of the Covid-19 updates.

Here are some ideas to present to your teens when they grumble an unhappy I am bored.

  1. Lip sync battle – set up a private Facebook group where they can share videos or do virtual lip sync battles with their friends.
  2. Start a lockdown diary to record their thoughts and feelings.
  3. Draw the view from their bedroom window. Add these to their diary or time capsule.
  4. Picnic in the garden – if you are lucky enough to have a garden grab a blanket, some food and enjoy the sunshine.
  5. Movie marathon – pop some popcorn and let the teens binge on their favourite movies.
  6. Video games – if your teen is into gaming they can invite family and friends to play with them.
  7. Watch a TED talk
  8. Host a family games evening – let each family member take a turn to choose which games to play.
  9. Join an online fitness challenge
  10. Learn to cook.
  11. Bake a cake.
  12. Start a journal– use any notebook and let your teen express themselves freely in the notebook.
  13. Make a vision board

Most importantly, our teens are just as concerned as we are and tuning into their mental health right now is important so allow them time to :

  • Read without disruption
  • Spend time connecting on their phones with their friends. These social interactions are important
  • Nap. The uncertainty of lockdown may be more successful to your teen than you realise, let them rest.
  • Watch a little extra tv or “chill” with some screen time.

As long as their activities are not harmful, damaging, controlling their day or interfering with school and chores, now more than ever it is important to relax with your teen, connect over shared activities and pick your battles.

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