21 Free Digital Escape rooms to enjoy

Are your kids tired of online stories and colouring? Do you have tweens and teens looking for something new and exciting to keep them entertained during lock down?

Have you tried a Digital escape room?

What is an escape room ?

An escape room is traditionally a locked room, in which you are tasked to find clues to help you escape.

You need to solve each clue of problem in order to move to the next clue, until you’ve found the final answer and can escape.

A digital escape room is the same concept in a digital space.

The digital escape rooms give you a short story in reference to your theme. You will be given prompts leading to clues that need to be solved. Just as in live escape rooms, all clues need to be answered in order for you to escape.

Escape rooms help to build problem solving skills and so are great educational tools.

Physical escape rooms

We visited the Hint Hunt escape rooms in Woodstock last year and it was a huge amount of fun as we dashed about trying to solve our clues before time ran out.

They also have a branch at V and A waterfront

Country wide you can find physical escape rooms at this escape room directory

Online escape rooms

Alice in Wonderland – Kids aged 10 + will enjoy this adventure in Wondrtland as they fall down the rabbit hole with Alice.

Animal adventure – This game is designed for children from gr 3 up. Help the zoo keeper round up the animals that have escaped in the zoo.

Asteroid collision – You have 45 minutes to find the lost codes to your space station before an asteroid crashes into you.

Cinderella’s escape – A game for the tweens. Help Cinderella escape her evil step mother and maybe meet her prince.

Dr Seuss – Oh the places you will go as you work your way through the 5 Dr Seuss challenges. A fun game for kids 8+

Escape from Star Killer base ( Star wars) – This Star wars inspired Tom has multiple roles to choose from. Designed for group play, you can play alone as you escape the Stormtroopers.

Escape the fairy tale – Although designed for children 10+ , a younger child would manage trying to escape the 3 bears, like Goldilocks did, with adult help for the more difficult clues.

Escape the lions den – on a field trip you get left behind in the lion dens. You need to escape before the lions get back from the vet. Aimed at children from grade 2

Famous Americans – Can you save these 10 famous American figures? A game for kids age 9 +

Fortnite – reading comprehension – Battle Royale – A game your Firtnite fanatics will enjoy. This game tests your reading comprehension as well as your knowledge of maneuvering around Fortnite. An engaging game for struggling readers.

Halloween haunt – perfect for grades 3 to 7 this haunting game needs to be solved before the clock strikes midnight.

Harry Potter – escape from Hogwarts – This Harry Potter inspired escape room is a great escape into the magical world for any young witch or wizard as they transform into a first year student at Hogwarts.

Hunger games – Compete in a game of life or death as you dodge the curve balls. This popular escape room incorporates literary elements and figurative language in the clues.

Looney Tunes escapes – designed for all ages , this fun game brings the Looney tune world to life as you solve each puzzle to escape.

Marvel Adventures – Escape from Hydra base – This game is for all ages but ig is suggested an adult or older sibling help younger kids. Your mission is to encode the location of a doomsday device before undercover hydra agents steal it to do evil.

Pikachu’s rescue – A great challenge for children age 6 +

Pikachu has dissapeared and you need to solve the clues to find him.

Rescue the revolution – This is one for the History fans. The Colonists race to find the key to win the American revolutionary war. Can you save the country?

Sherlock Holmes – You will need a pen and paper for this game as your detective skills are put to the test. A detective of any age can solve these puzzles.

Smurfs escape – Help save the Smurfs from Gargamels trap by solving all the puzzles before he returns. A good game for kids from Grade 2.

Spy apprentice adventure – Travel the world as a spy apprentice solving clues and mysteries. A great game for teens and adults.

States of matter – A great game aged at kids grade 3 to 5 and focuses on the science of matter. Solve the clues and uncover the states of matter.

Each of these escape rooms offer between 10 and 30 minutes of challenging fun.

Grab the kids, hubby or a friend online and get problem solving.