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Title: Rosie’s Travelling Takkies

Author: Melanie Rosetienstein


It’s Rosie’s birthday and she receives a  pair of enchanted travelling takkies from her grandpa.
These magical shoes can transport Rosie anywhere she wants to go.

Her and Grandpa take to the skies and explore some of the wonderful places in South Africa.
From Table mountain in Cape Town to surfing in Durban, Rosie and grandpa’s journey reveals some of South Africa’s best kept secret places and shows us you are never too old to travel.
This book warmed my heart as Hamish at 3 now identifies his beloved Table mountain and could point out his grandmother’s lives in Durban.

I showed him the photos of when he too visited the point where oceans meet and photos of him at Hole in the wall.
A truly South African book and a lovely introduction to geography for little ones.

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