4 every day ways to spend time with your teenagers

As the mom of a toddler it is often very easy to get caught up in looking after Hamish and ignore the teens unless they need me.

So, although we catch up daily after work and school, I realise they need a bit more of my time. Because of this I’ve made a special effort to spend more time with them.

Here’s how I’m intentionally spending time with my teens ….

1. shopping

By leaving Hamish with Brent, I’m able to take one or both of the teens with me to the shop. We walk so that gives us time to catch up on conversation.

2. WhatsApp

Technology has a wonderful place in today’s communication gaps if used correctly. I use WhatsApp regularly with the teens to send a quick message, a hello, a meme or to check up on them.

3. Get physical

Nothing beats spending time doing something together and if the activity promotes a healthy life style even better. I encourage my teens to join me in walks, the Park run, beach clean ups or other fun runs. This allows us to share and make memories.

4. Chores

If everyone in the family has chores they learn to work together and feel more of a family team. Often by doing chores your teen works alongside you, opening up opportunities to talk as you work to finish a task.

The thing I’ve realised with growing teens is to meet them where they are at and that at the end of the day our teens need us just as much as our toddler’s even if they push us away.

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