5 Instagram mom accounts you should be following …

We all have our favourite Instagram accounts.

I must admit, as much as I really do admire those amazingly colour co- ordinates curated feeds, I find the accounts I mostly follow are a bit more like my own … less matching, sometimes chaotic and real.

Those that share the good and the bad sides of parenting. The mom’s who delight in the little moments, the big milestones and the special days.

Here’s my list of Instagram mom accounts you should be following ( in no particular order)

1. Ndibambe

Bongi is the mom of a busy toddler and gorgeous little baby girl. Her passion for babywearing, gentle parenting and nature are unmistakable.


2. Bronobell

This mom of 3 young boys cracks me up with the daily adventures of raising boys. I absolutely love her honesty. In a world of people hiding behind masks, Bronwen is a breath of fresh air.


3. One.loved.mama

Keratilwe’s Instagram feed is what I wish mine looked like. This stylish mama has managed to combine good taste and humility as she brings you snippets of her life as the mom of nearly 3.


4. Candid corders

One of the most honest feeds on Instagram. Laetitia shares the highs and lows of navigating parenting and traveling with a toddler.


5. Nixkallis

Nicole is mommy to little Aurora and she shares touching honest moments raising her little girl.


There are so many more amazing mom’s online, let me know in the comments who I should follow.

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