50 ways to show your love

Love endures all things

It’s the little things that make a great marriage .

Whilst grand gestures have a place and time people often remember the little things we do for them out of love.


Because it’s these little gestures that show we care and appreciate our partner. It’s the small things that express our gratitude and make life a little calmer for each other.

Here is a list of 50 small gestures you can do to show your partner just how much they mean to you.

1. Wake them with kisses and a cheery good morning.

2. Make them coffee or tea first thing in the morning.

3. Hold each other’s hands when you are out together.

4.Write a message on a Post-It note. Stick it to the fridge for them to find .

5. Pack them a healthy lunch for work.

6. Leave a special note in their lunch bag.

7. Buy small gifts on any day that isn’t Valentine’s Day, your anniversary,birthday or Christmas.

8. Never go to bed angry. Always make up after a fight even if you have to say sorry first.

9. Say goodnight with kisses.

10. Hug each other.

11. Remember what you enjoyed as a couple before kids and do that.

12. When shopping buy the brands your partner likes.

13. Don’t bug them when they reading or watching a movie or sports show.

14. Record the show they want to watch if they working late.

15. Hold each other’s hands or hug each other whilst watching movies.

16. Go on a picnic together.

17. Do the chore your partner hates the most .

18. Send love texts during the day.

19. Send an ecard .

20. Wash their car.

21. Run them a deep hot bath.

22. Give a massage.

23. Let them sleep in.

24. Compliment your partner.

25. Tell each other what qualities you love about each other.

26. Cook a meal for each other. Even better if it’s their favourite meal.

27. Go on a romantic picnic.

28. Mend things that need to be mended.

39. Tell your partner you were thinking of them throughout the day.

40. Tag them in a post on Facebook or Instagram that reminded you of them.

41. Initiate contact. A hug, a hand on the lower back or a light squeeze.

42. Ask how their day was.

43. Make each other laugh.

44. Comfort one another if you sad.

45. Really listen when your partner is talking.

46. Don’t interrupt

47. Take their side if someone has upset or hurt them.

48. Randomly send your partner a photo of you, something funny or the kids.

49. Compliment your partner by telling them what a great parent they are and why you think so.

50. Go on a date together.

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