A fun and comprehensive Computer curriculum for children learning to navigate computers

I’m a firm believer in teaching our children how to navigate a computer early.

In a world where technology drives most businesses I feel there is a space to introduce constructive screen time.
Pinkie Wagner has designed the most amazing computer curriculum for children 5 – 10 that Hamish has started working through ….and loves!
These fun and engaging books are graded in 3 levels with a certificate earned at the end of each book.
Level 1 starts with introducing the computer hardware and learning the vocabulary and by level 3 your child has learnt about internet safety, how to navigate a search engine and create assignments on various programs.
A comprehensive guide to beginner pc knowledge that should be integrated into every home.
Avaliable in English and Afrikaans
Included in the Beginners Computer PDF kit:
📍My Computer Book Level 0
📍My Computer Book Level 1
📍My Computer Book Level 2
📍My Computer Book Level 3
📍Computer Icons
📍Matching Card Game
📍”What is a Computer?” Poster
📍Computer Room Rules
📍Computer Shortcuts
For R120 

To order email Boekwurmbekkies@gmail.com

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