A gift of time – children’s character watches from The Mom Shop

Do you remember getting your first watch?


I bought my children their first watch when they learnt to tell time.I would make a big deal about them being big kids and how smart they were. My boys especially, couldn’t wait to own their own big kid watch.I’d always start with a digital watch and I still love watching how the concept of time slowly starts to grow when they now are able to tell time.Usually the watch contained images of their favourite cartoon because children always learn best if they are interested in a subject.

Hamish gets his first watch

So when The mom shop asked me to choose from their products I just knew this action hero watch was perfect for Hamish.He has recently started telling time and was so excited to open his package with this precious treasure.Retailing at R99 this would make the perfect end of term gift for your kiddies entering Grade R or Grade 1 next year.I think they fantastic to add into Christmas stockings.The boys Justice League range has Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Iron man and Captain America.For girls you can choose one of many LOL dolls or Hello kitty.

About the watch

These multifunction plastic watches allow you to push up the bodies to hide the watch part and your child can enjoy wearing their favourite cartoons on their arm.At first I was really confused where to set the watch, but it has 2 small buttons on the side which were easy enough to use and set the time correctly.The watch comes with a battery already inside so there is no need to suddenly hunt down watch batteries on Christmas morning.Recommended for children ages 3+This Christmas give a gift of time.

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