A healthy fishy snack for toddlers

I love getting creative with food and over the years have made many “picture” meals to entice a toddler to eat.

I find little bear isn’t a fussy eater and loves his food in any form but i still enjoy making new picture plates as a treat for him.

Fishy snack

You will need:-

🐠Hey Baby teething biscuits

🐠Slice of cheese

🐠Marmite to make the eye and fishy bubbles

🐠Earbud to dip in the marmite

🐠Apple or cucumber slice to cut into seaweed


On a plate place two Hey Baby biscuits at the top to form waves.

Next , using a sharp knife, cut a fish shape from a slice of cheese. Dot an eye on with the Earbud dipped in Marmite. Place swimming under the waves.

Lastly, from a slice of Apple cut strips to make seaweed. Arrange under the fish.

Happy snacking !

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