An Angel – poem for those who miscarriage

In honour of every parent who has experienced loss I want to share a poem I wrote to express my own loss many years ago, because words have always been my solace.

(This poem was first published in Pregnancy Loss Australia ( 2013))

An Angel
-Judy Dooley

An angel went to heaven,
My heart is beyond sad.
A beautiful little baby
Cradled in Gods hand.

His wings are made of gosmer
He wears a silken gown
And every time my heartbreaks
He sighs a little frown.

He leaves me little gifts
Sometimes … a sign or two
Just to say, “Dear mommy
I’m thinking of you too! ”

So, although I can not hold him
Or call his gentle name
I see him all around me:-
In wind and sun and rain.

He’s the mornings rising sunlight
The moon within the sky
He’s the rainbow after raindrops
And the light that caught my eye.

He calls me through the wind,
The ocean and the trees.
I sense him all around me
And hear him in the breeze.

I see him in the flowers
That smile in summertime,
And although I never held him
His heart is always mine.

An angel went to heaven
I never knew his name,
But I’m his dearest mommy
And love him all the same.


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