An Egg-stra special Easter egg hunt with Cadbury

A few weeks ago we excitedly opened a press drop from Cadbury chocolates to find all the egg-citing chocolate treats to arrange the most egg-stra special Easter egg hunt.

Chocolates for days

Inside our mouth watering box was:

  • the most adorable cardboard house
  • Fluffy mallow eggs
  • Hallow eggs with whispers
  • Hallow eggs with Astros
  • Hens eggs – candy coated hallow chocolate eggs
  • A packet of mini eggs
  • Limited edition bunny top deck slab
  • And a delicious creme egg

Hide them with love

Brent’s birthday weekend and the arrival of our box of chocolates arrived on the same day and as we had the whole family over to celebrate, I couldn’t think of a better time to hide the chocolates with love.

And I set the girls the challenge to help me with an Easter egg hunt.

How to plan the perfect Easter egg hunt

Every year, we have an Easter egg hunt, but this year I wanted to make it a little more special so we turned to the Egg-sperts and visited the Cadbury SA social media pages for some inspiration from Fluffy the Easter bunny.

To start we needed a planned route and a designated area to hide the eggs where pets or insects would not eat them, the sun wouldn’t melt them and Hamish could find them with ease.

What better place to hide them than around the house.

This decided, I put the girls to work to design the perfect Easter egg hunt treasure map. They did a brilliant job and even drew little lines for Hamish to follow with silver stars placed at each spot he would find an egg.

Next we decided which eggs to hide and how many so that we could account for him finding them all.

We chose the mallow eggs as this is a tradition in our home, since when my eldest child was little.We have always bought a box of mallow eggs every Easter to hide.

Now Hamish would need something to gather his eggs into.

Cadbury sent him a super special Team MacGregor bag which was perfect to gather eggs.

I love personalised items and Cadbury are, true to their nature of generosity, always increadibly amazing at adding a touch of personalised specialness to their press drops.

The hunt is on

Once everything was ready it was time for Hamish to get his hunt on.

Easter is a soecial time for kids and even more so for 4 year olds who are deeply invested in the magic of the Easter bunny and his chocolate factory.

The excitement was high as he rushed about followed his map and with each shriek of joy we knew he had found another one,slowly filling his Easter bag with chocolate treasures.

Ten minutes later, a bag full of Easter mallow eggs. He asked if we could do that all over again

Why not set up your own Easter egg hunt and create special memories for your children to remember with Cadbury .

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