Arnold the not dinosaur by Jess Robus- review

Hamish received a copy of ARNOLD THE NOT DINOSAUR by JESS ROBUS, and this has quickly become his favourite book.

Arnold is a galumphing green dinosaur who plays on Table Mountain and needs a little help to remember who he is.

In a world full of people trying to convince him that he is something other than an amazing dinosaur, he is reminded to stay true to who he is whilst grappling with his personal identity.

Beautifully illustrated by Holly Evers, this story comes alive in the expertly yet gently scripted text.

The story is relatable, fun and easy to read.

What makes this book special ?

There are several things ….

The first is that the author Jess is only 16 years old . The second is that the entire book has been written in dyslexic friendly font ensuring all children the ability to enjoy this story.

And for me, personally, what made this book special was the sweet and thoughtful way Jess has addressed the issues our children face today. Reminding them that they are Enough just as they are.

You can read more about Jess here:

16-year old JESS ROBUS releases Children’s Book ARNOLD THE NOT DINOSAUR

Or order a copy of her book from


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