Asher series- Fun on the farm book review

So much excitement… Hamish received his new readers in May.

I bought this amazing set from Wild kids book
I searched for quite a while to find just the right set of readers for Hamish.
I knew I needed a comprehensive set of readers that would guide him confidently into reading but I also knew that I wanted a set of books he would relate to and love.
Mostly I wanted him to enjoy the story so that reading wasn’t a chore.
I wanted the story to come alive, the characters to be real for him, and for him to truly want to pick up the next book.
I wanted reading to be fun.
I couldn’t have chosen a better set of readers than the Fun on the farm series by Wild kids books
This set of 26 books follows the tales of a little boy called Asher and his life and adventures on the farm.
Designed for grade 1 & 2 readers to read and identify sight words, each book focuses on a letter of the alphabet.
Basic first words make up most of the text with many words repeated for emphasis
How I use these is …
I first read the book to Hamish
💕We read the book together and discuss the images on each page.
💕He reads the book alone 6- 10 times until he is completely fluent in reading each word.
💕The first time he reads the book alone I ask questions to see that he has comprehended what he has read.
💕I test to see that he can both spell out the phonetic sounds as well as identify individual words by asking him to look at the page and point to a word.
💕I have made flashcards of the sight words used and we flash these in the afternoon.
💕He then reads the book aloud to a family member.
💕Lastly, he moves on to the next book.
To make reading fun sometimes we read loud, or soft, or like a grandma, a pirate or a Gruffalo, etc
This also helps him later to add tone and expression to his reading
You can hear him read them here

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