Babies R Us Calls on Parents to Share Their Joy Amongst Chaos in Raw Honest Campaign

Celebrating the

Imperfect moments

in parenting

Babies R Us is calling on parents to share their joy amongst the chaos of parenting in a raw honest community driven campaign to support parents through the reality of parenting.

The Imperfect Moments campaign kicks-off today and is a movement to celebrate and recognise the journey of parenting through all the messy and delightful moments.

The campaign will run for three months with a call for parents across South Africa to share their moments and experiences to help other parents to feel less alone.

“We know parenting is consuming, there’s no such thing as a perfect parent and it’s okay not to keep it all together, but parenting is also incredibly rewarding,” says Catherine Jacoby, Marketing Manager at Babies R Us. “Our aim with the Imperfect Moments campaign is firstly to remind parents to take a step back and enjoy all the moments, because even the untidy and confusing times bring delight and secondly to rally the community of parents.”

“Mom circles, friends and the media often glamourise parenthood, showing only the perfect moments,” she explains. “The issue with this is that when a baby arrives, the reality of newborn life sets in and parents often feel overwhelmed, as parenthood is not as they had anticipated.”

She adds, “Parenting is both everything you ever wanted and not what you expected and through this campaign, we want to show parents how Babies R Us and other parents can support them through the reality of parenting together – it after all takes a village to raise a child,” Jacoby says.

The campaign encourages parents to share their blissful parenting moments amongst the pandemonium on social media using the hashtags #momfessions #dadfessions #ImperfectlyPerfectMoments #Babiesrus and on the microsite to stand a chance to be rewarded with great Babies R Us prizes and vouchers.

“Babies R Us is more than just a baby retail store as we offer everything you need to navigate parenthood, from our team of baby experts in store who can guide you on this journey, from free antenatal care, wellness checks for both pregnant mom and baby, a family wellness department and the best products at all phases of parenting,” she says. “What’s more, our team are all moms, so they’ve been there, and they know about the challenges and are solution driven to help parents through these sometimes difficult times.”

“We set out to create a campaign that aims to demonstrate the reality of parenthood, while encapsulating the fact that no matter the tumultuous times during your parenthood journey, there are always moments that give you pleasure,” Jacoby explains. “Showcasing both the good and the bad times, is what makes new parents feel seen and understood.”

 Jacoby says that Babies R Us is calling on parents to showcase their moments which will all be housed on a central microsite. “This content will give comfort and provide support to other moms and dads to learn from each other.”

“The campaign also includes a television commercial that speaks to the apparent dos and don’ts of parenthood but ultimately shows how this reality is played out in real life,” she says. “With the key take-out being – that doing it all is demanding, and that we see you; keeping it together is challenging, but you wouldn’t change it for the world! You’re doing great mom and dad, Babies R Us can at least help you navigate those imperfect moments of parenthood.”

Watch the emotive television commercial here.


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