Bon Courage celebrates as Blush turns 30

Bon Courage celebrates as Blush turns 30 

The perfect bubbly for any occasion, the original South African Blush Vin Doux, is turning 30 years old. 


Celebrating three decades of success in the South African wine industry is a significant accomplishment that shines the spotlight on this beloved sparkling wine. Now, Blush has been gifted a new look and Bon Courage is overjoyed to reveal its remarkable transformation. An exquisite blend of embossed textures and delicate gold accents lends the revamped packaging an air of sophistication.  


After all, it is not just any wine whose glowing pink hue is still the talk of the town after 30 years. 


Still the original Blush since 1993

The secret behind Blush is that this bubbly is made from Muscat de Frontignan grapes, sourced from vineyards thriving in the Robertson Valley’s fertile river soil. The Bon Courage team harvests a selection of red Muscadel grapes from different blocks early in the morning while temperatures are still low. Good water management results in small berries that enhance the wine’s colour and fruity character. Then, winemakers Jacques Bruwer and Philip Viljoen curate the artistry in the cellar. 


Blush in your glass 

After three decades, the original Blush Vin Doux still allures with its signature salmon pink hue. This sparkling wine is bursting with aromas of stone fruit, Turkish Delight and marshmallow, with notes of Muscat and a crisp, refreshing finish. Each bottle holds the essence of 30 years of winemaking, captivating your senses with every pour. 


Selling at R90 (cellar price), Bon Courage Blush is an elegant and versatile sparkling wine that can be served on its own or as a “Blush Mimosa” with red berry juice. Alternatively, it will compliment any lightly spiced dish or summer berry pavlova. Bon Courage wines can be bought nationwide. 

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