Book review – Chalk away 123

This book review is in collaboration with : The Kids Book Club

Title: Chalk away

Author: Published by : Autumn publishing

Educational book review
Chalk away 123


I love this book!

This learn to count book has blackboard pages that whipe clean as your child learns their numbers 1 to 10.

Each double page is dedicated to a single number, with space to practice writing the numbers.

Educational book review
Each double page is dedicated to a number

There are also smaller activities in each page to support writing, counting and early maths learning.

Hamish enjoys sitting with this book and using the supplied chalk, writing his numbers.

A book designed to last and be used often, this should be a part of every preschoolers early learning bookcase.

Disclaimer : All books are sponsored unless stated and the opinions expressed within the review are my own.

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