Bunt cake kit that you can bake in your Airfryer from Woolworths

I am always looking for new things to cook in my Airfryer. Since, getting it in December it has become the single most useful item in my kitchen.

So, when Hamish was demonstrating these bunt cake kits on Expresso the other morning with chef Clem, I knew I had to get one to try.

As it turns out, Hamish was gifted one and we had the best tine making cakes together.

As always, I added a little fun mamma touch and used this great Bundt cake kit  to make a white chocolate and blueberry bunt cake for desert.

The kit makes 6 mini bunt cakes and comes with
* A silicone mould
*flour mix

To make them
Mix as directed on the box
Bake in your airfryer or oven
Once baked dip in icing

I added white hot Chocolat mix to my icing and spooned over some tinned blueberries. Yum!

This made a quick and easy desert in just a few minutes. I’ll be stocking up on these for those unexpected deserts and baking days.

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