Cape Town Science centre

The Cape Town Science centre is one of our favourite outings.

Theres always so much going on and something for each member of the family to enjoy.

Situated in Obsevatory it is a not for profit centre and forms part of a non classroom initiative to increase science interest, understanding and literacy in South Africa.

The centre comprises of more than 250 interactive exhibits and mind boggling puzzles.

The science centre also offers:

  • daily science shows
  • hands on workshops following our school curriculum
  • holiday programs
  • camps
  • science theatre
  • travelling exhibitions
  • excursions
  • hands on experiments
  • Saturday learner enrichment school
  • Robotic workshops and tournaments
  • Chess workshops and tournaments
  • Maths and science exam preperations
  • Educator enrichment workshops and forums
  • Computer courses
  • Coding for kids

So what is the science centre?

A science centre is an educational facility that uses effective methods to teach Science, Maths, Technology and Engineering. These methods involve interactive displays, events and activities.

The Cape Town Science Centre also uses technology, Social media, web based educational programs and remote teaching.

Designed as a science hub to support our school curriculum, giving learners a hands on approach to learning and demystefying the fascinating world of Science and Technology.

Our visit

We’ve visited the Science centre several times and each time we experience something new.

An impressive ultra modern entrance leads you upstairs to a row of brighly painted walls that open up into a massive hall choc o block full of interactive exhibits and activities.

Some of the impressive activities and exhibits you can experience are:

  • A large mini town with moving steam trains

  • Wall to jot down your water saving ideas
  • Giant chess
  • Board games
  • Toddler play area
  • Construction area
  • Funny mirrors
  • Mind boggling maths puzzles
  • Microsoft classroom of the future
  • Relics from space
  • Astronaut suit

  • A replica of Mark shuttleworth Soyuz space capsule
  • Mini moon surface exhibit
  • A collection of rocks and puzzles showing the earths plates
  • Musical instruments
  • Optical illusion allowing you to take a photo of your head on a plate.

You can also catch one of the captivating science shows that highlight just how much fun science can be.


It was our first time visiting with a toddler and I was a little concerned as to how much fun he would have.

I was delighted to experience that there were many of the general activities that bear was able to enjoy, especially as they are hands on . His favourite was the train with a square wheel.

The designated toddler area was designed by a very smart scientist and was a complete hit for both mamma and bear.

Soft padded floors protect little bodies as they fall. Bear loved the ball pond and took turns building Lego, walking on the balance beam maze, climbing onto the slides and under the archs.

An area designed to strengthen body and mind. A member of the centre was at hand to assist within the area at all times.

A bright rocket slide attracted bears attention and he rushed up a few times to slide down.

The large construction area with its foam bricks and construction dress up clothing was just as enticing and exciting. It took alot of persuasion to move bear from this.

Again designed with busy youngsters in mind and ample space to climb, explore and build. I noticed the dads liked this one aswell.

It was a fun day out and I honestly always leave the Science Centre feeling like I could have stayed longer.

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