Cats in the museum

Get ready to embark on an enchanting adventure with Vincent, a young cat, and his loyal friend Maurice the mouse!

The friends set sail to St. Petersburg, where an incredible journey awaits them at the Hermitage.

Inside the Hermitage, Vincent encounters an elite feline squad with a centuries-old mission to guard priceless artwork from mischievous mice and other pests.

Vincent dreams of finding his own cat family, but he can’t bear to part with Maurice, his mischievous art-loving buddy.

Things take a wild turn when the legendary Mona Lisa arrives.

Little do Vincent, Maurice, and the Hermitage cats know, a daring art heist is in the works. Vincent must summon all his wit and courage to save the masterpiece, protect the museum’s honour, and win the heart of Cleopatra, a regal cat from the Egyptian hall.

This heartwarming and action-packed family movie is not one to be mmissed.

Gear up for the adventure of a lifetime and get ready to meet Vincent, Maurice, and their whiskered comrades at the Hermitage.

Cats in the museum opens in cinemas 22 September 2023

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