Colourful spaghetti sensory play and how to make your own.

Today’s sensory play involved colourful spaghetti. We had left over cooked spaghetti in the fridge and I divided it into 4 cups .

I left one cup uncoloured.

The other 3 I placed in 3 separate Ziploc bags.

I then added one drop of colour to each bag. Only having blue and red colouring in the house I combined them to get the earthworm brown.

After adding the colouring the bags were zipped tight and shaken.

I poured each out onto a plate to dry for a bit and then presented them to bear to play with.

A rainbow for bear

At first he was hesitant but he was soon mooshing and squishing the rainbow spaghetti between his fingers.

I had given him some kitchen tools and containers and he proceeded to pretend to be cooking for us and dishing us up bowls of colourful pasta.

I also have him some scissors to try cutting the soft pasta. This was great for working those little hand muscles.

Bear had a lot of fun with this and I’m not sure why its taken us so long to try. It was easy to make and there was relatively no mess.

Cold spaghetti is very easy to clean up.

How to make your own

Here’s how to make your own

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