Creative submissions to join in the Durbanville library 50th year celebrations

This year Durbanville library celebrated their 50th birthday and to celebrate creatives are invited to contribute by writing and reading poems, performing music and displaying their art work in different sections of the library.
The theme for the open window is ‘Beyond the Pages: Unveiling the Tapestry of Knowledge’.
This theme will explore Durbanville Library’s influence in the community through the expressions and shine a spotlight on the transformative power of libraries.
The open window event starts on Thursday 31 August with a programme that will include poetry readings, art display and music.
The art on display will accommodate different age groups and one of those displays will be nursery school art in the children’s section.
There is also a music recital in the foyer, an art display in the hall, and poetry readings inside the library.
During this creative week there will also be different work stations where people can try their hand at crestive activities like black out poetry, sketching, and other art forms.
So, if you’re a poet, artist, or musician, this theme allows you to express the ways in which libraries go beyond the confines of books and traditional knowledge.
If you are entering, consider the following interpretations for each art form:
1. Poetry: pen verses that capture the essence of libraries as gateways to imagination, inspiration, and learning. Reflect on how libraries have the power to transport readers to different worlds, empower voices, and encourage exploration of new ideas.
2. Art: Create visual representations that showcase the diverse aspects of libraries. you can focus on the physical space, the vibrant community it nurtures, or even depict how libraries have evolved in the digital age. Emphasize the beauty of books, the joy of discovery, or the connections formed within library walls.
3.  Music: compose melodies or lyrics that resonate with the soul-stirring experiences found within libraries. Capture the ambience of a library, the emotions it evokes, and the solace it offers. Express how libraries inspire creativity, intellectual growth, and a sense of belonging.
The event is open to everyone, even if you’re a past resident of Durbanville or a non-resident who wants to explore the boundless magic of libraries through these various art forms.
Entry is free, but submissions must be in by 17 August 2023.

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