Cricut Accessories- Truecontrol kit

The truecontrol kit is another one of those Cricut tools that I wasn’t sure I needed until I finally bought one.

The craft blade is sharp and comes with a blade protection cover.

The kit also contains a set of 5 changeable blades to replace any that are blunt. What makes this craft knife unique is it’s no- touch blade changing feature and blade lock system.

To remove the blade you, twist to release the blade lock system and pull out your old blade. Then place the blade handle over the new blade and insert, twist to lock. This ensures that you won’t cut yourself.

I use my blade to cut through felt or woodcuts that haven’t cut through. I also find it as my go-to for when I’m completing a craft and they are great for opening Cricut vinyl boxes and new deliveries from Cricut.

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