Dear life series

I recently joined Sonja Kaisser for a vision board workshop at The creative space with Sonja. Aside from it being one of the most calming exercises I’ve undertaken it was also a rewardingly eye opening experience.

One of the topics of the many that came up along the table, was that for me , I do not share much of my life personally, in my writings. The topic related to my blog but once home I’ve reflected that this spills over into all areas of my life.

I tend to not share much of my life stories and adventures unless they are positive in nature.

Sonja asked me what I was protectecting?

I was stumped. I wasn’t protecting anything as I’m honest and share my stories in person without hesitation if it will help in a situation.

So, since Thursday I have been wracking my brain with regards to what I am protecting myself from ….

My conclusion

1. I do not want anyone to perceive my life stories from a victim stand point- ever. In my eyes I was never a victim because I never knew anything other than to fight for survival and growth. I have never regarded myself with pity and I will hope that if I share, my readers won’t either.

2. It’s just not me to dwell on the past or be negative and so I move forward. I have scars but I prefer to call them battle wounds and lessons learnt.

3. I do not want to sensationalise my blog …. I never want to ride off the back of someone’s pain or misfortune for readership.

4.I don’t want to embarrass my family or share their stories to gain numbers. The question of boundaries and “How much sharing is too much sharing?” came up – I feel these are incredibly fine lines to tread on.

5. My stories touch on strong , sensitive topics. Ones that my children may not know and that may evoke emotional reactions from others who have walked a similar path.

6.By sharing these to the world I make myself transparent and I am left standing without the masks.

And so as I reflected Sonja’s words nudged at me …

Someone may need to hear your story to be inspired or learn through it. “

And is that not why I blog and write? To educate, encourage and inspire.

So, with no particular order and a small dose of faith that someone will need to read the words I write.

That someone will identify and know they are not alone but will gain courage and strength to rise as a survivor through my experiences, I have decided to start the Dear Life series in my blog.

These are my true life stories of challenges in my own life. They will omit names for privacy sake and I ask that you please respect my journey as one of growth and not of pity.

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