Decorating Easter eggs with the Woolworths Egg Art Kit

Easter is one of my favourite holidays and Hamish and I spend a lot of time crafting various projects over that time, so I was super excited to try the Easter Egg Art Kit from Woolworths.

This beautiful box of craft items is full of materials for you and your child to create the most fantastic Easter creations.

Each box contains:

  • 6 paint tablets ( just add water))
  • Crayons
  • A metal Egg holder
  • Sheet of stickers
  • Sparkly gem stickers

And best of all the box transforms into an egg holder, simply pop out the round disks on the underneath of the box.

How to use your Egg Art Kit 

To use the Kit, add water to the colour paint pellets and paint your  boiled or blown out eggs. We discovered that a second or third layer of paint added a more vibrant colour to the eggs.

Use the crayons to add a wax resist look by first drawing an image on the Egg and then painting over it.

Use the gems and stickers to add colour, patterns and pictures to your painted eggs.

This was so much fun and would be a wonderful way to keep the kids entertained and busy over the holidays.

Egg Art Kits avaliable at Woolworths stores.


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