Dinosaur Boo the Deinonychus

Dinosaur Boo the Deinonychus

BY: Macmillan

In Association with : The Natural History Museum

Age 2 +

Dinosaur Boo is the naughtiest dinosaur anyone knew. This little Deinonychus scares his dinosaur friends and learns a valuable lesson along the way.

Inspired by the classic picture book Dinosaur Roar! By Paul and Henrietta Stickland, this beautifully illustrated and informative hard cover book is full of rhyming text and facts.

It’s the perfect introduction to dinosaurs for young paleontologists.

The educator in me loves the extra facts and information throughout the book. I also like that the dinosaurs real names have been used so bear can learn dinosaur names as we read.

There is a section in the front cover on how to pronounce these complicated names.

All the facts were verified by Prof. Paul Barrett from the department of Earth Science in London’s Natural History Museum.

There are several books in this series and each and everyone are on my book wish list.

You can find out more about these books at www.dinosaurroar.comwww.dinosaurroar.com

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