Double the love, double the essentials: must-haves for twins and multiples  

Double the love, double the essentials: must-haves for twins and multiples

Welcome to the world of parenting multiples! Preparing for twins or multiple births is an extraordinary experience, but it comes with unique challenges and considerations. To navigate this journey successfully, you’ll need to ensure you’re equipped with the right essentials.

Ronald Govender Dis-Chem Baby City FMCG Executive, says parenting multiples can be physically and emotionally demanding and recommends that parents of multiples plan as much as possible and have a checklist for key necessities, conduct thorough research and invest in a support system of family, friends, help and professionals.


Govender proposes some key helpful tips to make for a smoother parenting journey for parents with twins or multiples.


Baby clothes and key essentials


First things first, when you’re expecting multiples, you’ll need double or triple the baby wear. This basic list is helpful:


·         Double up on diapers and nappy wipes as multiples go through diapers at a rapid pace. Stock up on newborn and the next size up. Look out for specials and if family and friends are hosting a nappy braai and /or baby shower, diapers are a great suggestion for a practical basic baby gift. Provide different size options lest you end up with hundreds of one size which the babies may outgrow before they are finished.

·         Ensure you have multiple vests, rompers/baby grows, sleepsuits, baby receivers and swaddling blankets to keep the babies snug and warm. Bibs are very helpful to ensure the babies do not wet their clothes during feeds.

·         For breast feeding, a twin nursing pillow can be a lifesaver. A breast pump and multiple bottles can assist in having back up supply of breastmilk to make nighttime feedings more convenient.


Prams, car seats and baby cots

·         Invest in twin or multiple strollers designed for multiples. These strollers often have side-by-side or tandem seating options and can accommodate two or more car seats, making outings much more manageable.

·         Safety is paramount, so ensure you have multiple car seats that are suitable for your babies’ size and weight. Look for models that are easy to install and compatible with your stroller.

·         Twins often have different sleep schedules. Opt for a cot/crib that can accommodate two babies or have separate cribs in the same room as they grow bigger.

·         You will also need other baby gear like highchairs, bouncers, and playpens that can accommodate two or more infants at once. Look for space-saving designs that still offer comfort and safety.


Organisational tools


Organisational tools are essential when preparing for the arrival of twins or multiple births. They help you stay on top of your babies’ needs and make daily routines more manageable. Here are some organisational tools to consider:


·         Look for organisers designed specifically for parents of twins or multiples. These often have double compartments or labels to keep items separate for each baby. Organisers that attach to the back of car seats or strollers are hugely helpful, providing extra storage space for on-the-go essentials like diapers, wipes, and bottles.

·         Label maker or laundry markers can help you mark bottles, clothing, and storage bins with each baby’s name, making it easy to identify their belongings. Labelling bottles can also assist to keep track of the quantity of breastmilk each baby is taking in.

·         Baby monitors help you keep an eye on all the babies, whether they are in separate rooms or sharing a nursery.


Medical Care


Multiple pregnancies often require more medical attention. Regular check-ups and consultations with clinic nurses or doctors are essential to monitor the health of both the mother and the babies.


Support system


Expecting multiples can be physically and emotionally demanding. Building a support system is crucial to enlist the help of family and friends for household chores and childcare. Connect with other parents of multiples through support groups or online communities and consider hiring a nanny to provide additional support.


Emotional well-being


Expecting twins or triplets can be overwhelming, so prioritise your emotional well-being by ensuring that you make an appointment with a mental health professional if you’re feeling anxious or stressed. Always make time for self-care, including relaxation, exercise, and hobbies.


Most of all, enjoy the multiples. While it may be sometimes be double the trouble, more often it’s double the joy.


Issued on behalf of Dis-Chem Baby City 

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