Express yourself with PixZels Photography Alphabet art

Throughout the year there are many meaningful milestones and celebrations that we want to celebrate with a gift.

More often than not, when choosing our gifts we hope that the recipient understands the thought or heart felt emotion we wish to convey.

So, when it comes to choosing the perfect gift, we hope to avoid the cliche or boring options, and to instead gift an unexpected and treasured gift that lasts a lifetime.

Photo Alphabet

For this reason I have long admired the beauty and talent behind the carefully created alphabet artwork from PixZels Photography.

Stunning natural images that form letters of the alphabet and when combined have the ability to share a message, express an emotion or leave a legacy.

But these images are so much more than just 26 letters or a few photos.

Each image, inspired by nature or every day objects, is a unique piece of art work, a visual representation bringing words to life.

A custom art work

Imagine my delight when PixZels Photography offered to send me a custom word art for my home.

The word ….Fun.

Using nature and books, both of which are very much part of our every day life, owner and photographer Zelda Ventura, captured my life’s motto in one word.

Stylishly framed this elegant and unique piece compliments any area in our home.

The word fun is significant to our home,my parenting style, my approach to life and my blog – it’s my legacy and for me personally, having this represented in an artwork for my family to treasure, friends to see and as a visual reminder for myself on a bad day is one of the most wonderful and thoughtful gifts I’ve ever recieved.

About Zelda Ventura

Zelda is passionate about both photography and art.

Originally from Cape Town she now resides in Pretoria and is a qualified professional photographer.

How to get your own words art

Investing in or gifting a meaningful word,motto or letter is increadibly easy with the launch of PixZels Photography new website.

To celebrate their launch, PixZels are currently offering a 10% off launch code on your first order.

To order:

You can now order online in a few simple steps.

  • First choose a custom frame from the stylish and versatile selection.
  • Mix and match your favourite alphabet photo images to dream up your word and represent the person you are gifting or your unique likes and interests.


Zelda also has a wonderful selection of pre-designed images for you to choose from.

These are some of my personal favourites ….

So, what are you waiting for?

Order your custom alphabet art work and express yourself through these poetically beautiful photos.

You can also find PixZels Photography on



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