Fair Cape Dairies launches Straight Strawberry Lunchbox yoghurt range

One of Hamish’s favourite treats is Fair Cape yoghurt.

But often we buy a few packs as being a fussy eater who has sensory issues when it comes to bits of fruit in his yoghurt, I need to pick out the strawberry yoghurts from each pack.

So, I was super excited to hear that Fair Cape Dairies have launched a Straight Strawberry Lunchbox yoghurt range.

What is the new Straight Strawberry Lunchbox Yoghurt Range?

The Straight Strawberry Lunchbox Range is the same quality and flavour yoghurt that we have gotten to know and love from Fair Cape Dairies only now the entire 6-pack Lunchbox range is made up of the ever-smooth and popular strawberry flavour only.


Each yoghurt pot contains Sun-ripened mouth-watering strawberries superbly blended with top quality creamy milk, making these 6-packs definite winners.

And, as always, they come standard with Fair Cape Dairies’ commitment to quality and doing the right thing.

Perfectly Packed

Perfectly packed in six packs of perfectly-sized tubs for lunchboxes, the straight Strawberry 80ml 6-pack tubs make a convenient and nutritious addition to lunchboxes every day of the week.

Now I have no worries about Hamish finishing off each of the 6 tubs in each pack, saving me money and time sorting out the yoghurt flavors he enjoys.

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