Feeding Kids – Happy Ham

Hamish loves to be in the kitchen and a few days ago I asked what he would like to make for a snack. He answered Happy Ham!

Now, I’ve never heard of happy ham so decided he would need to tell me how to make his own version of happy ham.

It turned out after following his instructions that I was making a face onto a slice of ham.

Here is how you can make your own Happy ham.

You will need:

Ham slices – one per face

Cheese squares

A banana

Piece of orange rind

To make your face :

Place the ham onto a plate.

Peel and cut the banana into slices. Place two slices onto each ham slice as eyes.

Cut your cheese into squares and place one on each ham slice as a nose.

Cut slivers of orange rind and place as a mouth.

Note: you may want to remove the rind before your child eats the faces. As an alternative use a sliver of peppers, tomato or apple

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