Fun mamma SA makes the Top 40 South African Kids and Parenting Blogs Feedspot list

As a blogger I work really hard, pouring hours into creating content and truly hoping people are reading it.

So, I was delighted this morning to recieve an email informing me that Mamma & Bear my Fun Mamma SA blog had recieved 32nd place in the top 40 South African Kids and Parenting Blogs list.

This was a wonderful suprise especially as I read the awesome blogs, publications and newsletters that are listed on the list with us.

So many like Living and Loving magazine, which I would pour over when I was a new mom and Parenting hub, where I wrote my first blogs and is still one of my favourite sites to go to.

The list is a wonderful resource of amazing bloggers and information to all parents.

Take a look for yourself, I’m sure you’ll walk away with some favourite new parenting blogs to read.

Top 40 South African Kids and Parenting Blogs

Thank you Feedspot for featuring Fun Mamma SA

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