Garden day at Starke Ayers Parklands

Tomorow, Sunday 21 October is Garden day and to celebrate Starke Ayers in Parklands set up a mini planting station inviting families to come and plant a free flower today and tomorow.

We arrived and the friendly staff directed us outside where we chose a colourful pot and a plant.

There was a bowl of potting soil and we were encourage to pot our plants.

Bear sat on the table helping us to scoop sand around the flower into the colourful pot.

I love this initiative and think it’s a wonderful way to encourage children to not only get excited about gardening but also develop a love for nature.

Gardening has so many benefits for children.

Gardening teaches children :-

  • Responsibility-by caring for the plants
  • Understanding of cause and effect ( too little water results in the plant dying)
  • Self confidence – by achieving the goal of keeping the plant alive
  • Pride- watching their plant grow
  • Life cycles – learning the cycle of a plant
  • Nutrition- understanding where fresh food comes from
  • Love of nature – as they enjoy being outside
  • Respect – to care for the plant and keep its environment clean
  • Co-operation- gardening with Kids is about teamwork
  • Physical activities – digging, watering plants, ect
  • Discovery- of plants and insects in a garden
  • Maths – the shape of leaves, the amount of buds, ect
  • Colours- of the flowers

Thank you Starke Ayers for the new little plant for our garden.

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