Ginger Ninja Sunscreen Review

I don’t leave home without suncreen.
Hamish’s fair skin, blue eyes and on fire red hair make him more susceptible to sun burn and we are super conscious of this fact.
I found this really trendy brand at an expo a few months back and haven’t looked back.
Ginger Ninja sunscreen is one of the best sunscreens we’ve used so far. ( and I’ve used a lot)
The vibey packaging makes it one Hamish chooses on sight.
I love that it is odorless, applies easily, and isn’t “sticky” like lots of sunscreens.
It has a soft, thick, and creamy texture that rubs in well and you can see that you have covered all the skin areas.
Between beach days, pool trips and Saturday morning rugby lessons this handy tin can conveniently fit into my bag so I don’t forget it.
Available in 2 sizes, Ginger Ninja Sunscreen is not just a pretty face …
It is also reef safe as it does not contain oxybenzone & octionate which are harmful to coral.
It is a Mineral base sunscreen containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Because of this the sunscreen sits on top of your skin and isn’t absorbed into it, allowing a higher protection against the sunscreen’s harmful UV rays.
And the ingredients are non-nano, which means the ingredient particles must be above 100 nanometers in size in order not to be ingested by coral.
Do, you know when you are buying Ginger Ninja sunscreen that not only are you protecting those you love but you are doing your part to save our Oceans too.

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