Give thanks – bringing magic back to Christmas.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love the traditions and festivity. The food and the gifts. The family time and the hustle to make each year more special than the year before.

But one of the things I’m not always to keen on is the commercialism behind Christmas. I bulk at the mass production of cheap ornaments and Chinese imported decor.

So, I am always looking for something hand made or customised to add to our family celebrations.

Items special enough to hand down to my children to form new traditions in their own homes one day.

Give Thanks

As a self confessed memory keeper I love personalised items as these are usually chosen with love and care and because of this I always look at Give Thanks personalised gifts first.

Nelia and Leeanne have been my go to gift suppliers for the last 3 years. From a pregnancy announcement for Brent when we did our first scan for bear to my wedding decor, there is nothing I can dream up that they can’t recreate.

So, it’s no suprise that I turn to their website first when planning my Christmas gifts and decor each year.

(Because each item is custom made I try to place my orders early enough to ensure they are printed in time for Christmas and avoid any disappointment).

Christmas wish list

This year they have added to their already extensive range of products and here are my top 5 favourites for toddlers.

1. Christmas stocking

Every one needs a Christmas stocking and what is better than a stocking with your name on?

I ordered bears stocking 2 year ago and it was really hard to choose from the wide variety of designs. I finally settled on Rudolf but there are many other designs.

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2. Christmas bag

This little bag was also bought 2 years ago and I actually bought about 5 of them at the time. One for each of the little ones we knew.

What I love most about these treat bags is that they double as gift wrap and are easier for tiny fingers to open.

They are also reusable and great to store little toys and collectables.

This year I’ll be using it on Christmas eve to keep bears sweet treats in.

These also come in an assortment of designs that match perfectly with the theme of your stockings.

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3. Christmas sack

I was so excited when I saw the Christmas mail sacks. I had wanted one for bear, mostly because I remember opening the huge big Christmas sacks at the bottom of my bed as a child.

I would rip each gift open as I pulled it out the sack.

For us this is also a wonderful way to save on wrapping and reduce our waste by allocating a personalised sack to each member of the family.

These sacks come in 3 sizes and I love this particular design as it would suit any theme I choose for Christmas over the years and also because of it’s timeless simplicity it’s an item that will grow with bear.

4. Christmas advent calendar

This little advent calendar has to be my favourite product this Christmas.

The small sack is a wonderful alternative to the chocolate box advent calendars.

The bag has draw strings so are easy to attach to a small hook and can be filled with a treat each evening.

It comes with a matching little purse that contains 24 numbered discs.

Your child can place a new disc into the front plastic pouch in the bag each morning.

It’s small enough to store away for the next year and I’ll be using the numbers to help bear to practice his counting.

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4. Christmas apron

Bear fell in love with his Santa helper apron as soon as he saw it . The bright character designs on the front are appealing and resonate with Christmas cheer.

It has adjustable ties at the top making this suitable for children aged aprox 1 – 5 years old .

Easy to wash, just throw in with your normal load and perfect to keep little chef’s clean. We do alot of cooking over Christmas and bear will have many opportunities to use his special apron.

It was difficult getting bear to eventually take it off.

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5. Christmas elf

I wanted to try an elf on the shelf with bear but I knew he would want to cuddle and sleep with it so I ordered this hand knitted little elf for him.

They are avaliable in red and green and come with an adoption certificate.

All proceeds go to Granny Give Thanks. There is even a penguin that looks just as adorable.

Such a cuddly gift for a new baby or new Christmas friend for a toddler.

Bear has named his Elfie and as much as I had intended to put Elfie up for Christmas it looks like this cute little elf is our new reading buddy .

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These are just a few of the amazing products Give Thanks offer. To order your own Christmas magic or discover more of their products pop over to their website

Reference “FUNMAMMASA” and recieve a 10 % discount on your order.

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