Hamish in the kitchen with chef Clem

Cooking together has always been one of mine and Hamish’s favourite things to do and some of our best memories are baking biscuits, making fruit salads or creating cute meals because playing with your food can be fun.

Needless to say, he loves being in the kitchen.

So, when Expresso asked him if he would like to be in the kitchen with chef Clem, there was no chance of him sleeping until he was in that kitchen.

In the kitchen

This isn’t the first time he has been in the kitchen with chef Clem, hence the complete excitement!

In April he joined chef Clem on Expresso for some Easter fun.

He made puffed rice nests, using an easy to use Woolworths baking kit, with the lovely Amate.

You can view the clip here

And iced some delicious Woolworths biscuits. They used a baking kit for this too and I have to confess I absolutely love Woolworths baking kits. Easy to use and always presented so beautifully that you almost don’t want to use them.

As you can guess, both times he had the best of times and these are among his favourite appearances and memories on TV with Expresso morning show.

Summer ice cream

Monday’s kitchen adventure involved ice cream.

Hamish and the adorable Jay-lee joined chef Clem in decorating ice creams for Graham and Ryle.

There was much excitement on screen as the kids chose ice cream flavours and were left to decorate freely.

Hamish chose all chocolate for the health conscious Ryle and him and chef Clem added 3 whole scoops and some caramel sauce before getting Ryle to bite the middle scoop.

I won’t lie, standing watching I had to suppress my giggles quite a few times, especially when Jay- Lee added sprinkles to Grahams ice cream with wild abandonment and managed to Sprinkle Hamish’s hair too.

After the show the kids made their own ice creams for breakfast and added a little extra sugar to their memories.

With this much fun to start the day how could you not want to be in the kitchen with chef Clem?

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