Hi-Tec Launches Its New Infant Footwear!


Hi-Tec Launches Its New Infant Footwear!

Give the little ones’ feet the support they need.

Something for the little one, a parent can never be prepared for that magical moment when their little one takes their first wobbly steps! When this happens, your child needs pre-walking/walking shoes that are sturdy, flexible, comfortable and footwear that will keep them as safe as possible, since they will begin to explore their surroundings.

Shopping for toddler footwear is an exciting time for parents as they prepare to update their children’s wardrobes and start adding shoes to them without breaking the bank. Hi-Tec, the outdoor apparel, accessories and footwear brand, has launched its latest and greatest style just for kids.

Available in various colours, the Hi-Tec GEO Lite shoe’s upper material is made from natural cotton and has a supporting shoe element such as soft footbed foam which is removable and washable, the Geo foam also contains anti-bacterial properties. The sole material is also made from TP Rubber which provides flexibility as well as good grip and cushioning. This footwear has an easy on-and-off design function and fuss-free dressing, the sole protects the foot from any toe drag and bumps and the snug fit ensures the shoe stays on during explorations.

According to Gordon Stokes, Product Director, “Hi-Tec has always been a family brand and we have always produced products to get families outside, in the past we have produced footwear for men’s ladies and Children and for us it was a natural progression to start offering infants footwear again.”

Designed for toddlers on the move, the Geo Lite shoe’s sizing style is generous as it has slightly more length and width to fit allowing the kids to explore, walk, run and play.  Whether they are indoors or simply outdoors on playdates, this Hi-Tec shoe offers maximum comfort fit without compromising on style.

To shop the Geo-lite shoes and any other kids’ products visit a Hi-Tec store near you or online at Hi-Tec.

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