Holiday adventures – Higgeldy piggldy farmyard at Imhoff farm

Today is the last day of Hamish’s holidays and we wanted to enjoy one last holiday adventure.

We decided to stay close to home and go to Higgeldy piggldy farmyard at Imhoff farm in Kommetjie.

This cute farmyard was upgraded towards the end of last year and now boasts a much larger and more spacious area for both the animals and children and have also included a space for children’s parties.

The farm yard is immaculately clean and well designed for each animal to have a spacious pen and cover if the weather is bad.

Entry is R20 and unfortunately it is cash only, which can be quite inconvenient so go prepared with some cash on you. You can however pay at Imhoff gift restaurant should you need to pay with a card, but as we discovered this meant we needed to walk back to the restaurant with Hamish who was not fully understanding why we couldn’t just pay at the farm gate and then needed to wait in a second queue to now pay for tickets.

We also bought the animal feed at R5, a tin full at the restaurant not knowing how fast this goes and as much as I would have liked to buy more feed, I was not prepared to stand in the restaurant queue nor swipe for R20. So, unfortunately Hamish only got to feed the goats.

Aside from our rocky start to the visit, Hamish loved getting up close to the assortment of animals that the farm offers and you can see : horses, cows, goat, sheep, educational, duck, geese, chickens, pigs and rabbits.


The view of course is magnificent. I do think this is one of the prettier farm yards we’ve visited. My only criticism would be the tins used to feed the animals tended to litter the horse and goat pens and it would be nice if people were encouraged to rather dump these in an empty wheelbarrow or return them to the table they received them from, keeping with the eco feel of Imhoff farm.

One of the highlights of our visit was that Hamish got to see a hen sitting on her eggs and now understands where eggs come from before they get to the shop.

He also met his very first turkey and can now distinguish the difference between a duck and a goose.

All in all it was a good morning out, an affordable family outing, both educational and entertaining. Hamish loved feeding the animals and getting close enough to the ones he didn’t feed.

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