How to build a box city in 20 minutes

I love working with old cardboard boxes, recycling them into new toys or learning activities for Hamish.

The material is increadibly versatile and often with just a little paint, a marker and some crayons you can make the most entertaining items in just a few minutes.

So, after a week of bad weather and a bored Hamish yesterday, I grabbed an old Takealot box and some scissors determined to make him a little box city to keep him busy.

Box city

To make your own you will need:

  • Old cardboard box
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Crayons


First start by opening up the box into one long flat shape.

Next cut off the 4 flap parts on one side of the box. The other 4 flap sides will become the city houses, hills, trees, buildings,etc

Hamish playing with his box city

Down the flat box sides draw lines to represent road markings. ( see image above as guide)

Now on each of the 4 remaining flap parts draw buildings, trees, hills, houses, etc and colour them in. You won’t need much detail, just simple outlines and easy lines to cut out with scissors.

Use simple, easy to cut lines when drawing your city.

Fold the buildings, etc up to stand and give your child a few toy cars to enjoy exploring their box city.

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