How to help your children love the Earth

World Environment Day was June 5th and the campaign for World Environment Day 2022 is called Only One Earth.
It emphasizes living sustainably and asks for worldwide, transformative action to honour, protect and restore our planet.
So, How you can help ….
Transformation will start with us teaching our children. Some ways you can teach your children to love the Earth are:
🌍 Teach your children to love the Earth and respect nature.
🌍 Talk about the dangers that affect Earth, things like climate change, overfishing, deforestation and pollution
🌍 Read books to your children that highlight sustainable and Earth concious topics
🌍 Reduce, reuse and recycle
🌍 Take part in beach, park or river clean-ups
🌍 Support your local nature parks, animal sanctuaries, and wild spaces
🌍 Conserve energy by using less and change to LED lights or use natural lighting.
🌍 Save water and be responsible for your water usage.
🌍 Plant trees, flowers, and your own vegetables
🌍 Don’t overshop. Buy only the things you will need and use.
🌍 Use as little plastic as possible
🌍 Stop using disposable items like straws, plastic shopping bags and single-use coffee mugs.
We only have one Earth …let us take care of her.

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