How to make a peanut butter sandwich according to a toddler.

Hamish loves to be in the kitchen. He’s pretty handy with a knife and knows just how to stack all the cans to make the tallest tower.

So, I thought I’d share how he makes his peanut butter sandwich-toddler style.

You will need:

🔸️ peanut butter

🔸️ margarine

🔸️ bread

🔸️ a lot of patience

How to make your sandwich

Step 1 … Pull out half a loaf of bread. Lick 3 slices and choose a new piece from inside the packet.

Step 2 …. Attack the margarine.

Be sure to clump it all in one spot while pretending to smear it on the bread.

Step 3 … First taste the peanut butter with your finger.

Remember to dip the knife aaaaaallllllllllllll the way to the bottom of the pot.

Repeats as for step 2.

Do not lick the knife ( I don’t know why but mom said so and just ruined my fun)

Step 4… Fold the bread in half.

Saw it into 2 pieces and taste!

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