How to review products from home

Ever wondered how you could review products from home or start your influencer side hustle?

Below is a list of brands that are open to working with ordinary moms like you.

You will need active social media accounts- I recommend Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. Whilst many companies only ask you to post yo Instagram, Tiktok is on the rise as one of the fastest growing platforms and I can see a shift in marketing with regards to how many companies are now asking about TikTok followers.

You need to know off hand that these brands only pay in trade exchange …. this means you will recieve a hamper of items in exchange for your posts.

SSome equire a minimum following of 1000 people on Instagram, but this is a great way to break into the industry with well known, reputable brands.

When working with them, alongside your hamper, you normally receive a brief, which is an agreement on what the brand expect from you, by when and what you have received.

Stick to the brief
Stay authentic
Meet the deadlines as this is a vital part of building both your reputation and your trust in the brands.
Apply all hashtags
Don’t be afraid to ask questions

And remember…

Every Influencer/Blogger or Social media marketer was once a beginner.

We all started small, on trade exchanges and looked for opportunities!

Most importantly, bear in mind that when brands look to do marketing they are looking to meet a specific need and reach a certain audience. Just because you weren’t chosen does not mean you aren’t amazing, it simply means you weren’t the right demographic for the audience. Don’t take rejections personally . Keep being authentic and the right brands will find you!

In all of these platforms check in reguarly & keep your profile up to date.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! This is very helpful for someone trying to start doing reviews.

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