How to sell on AWS marketplace

With lockdowns inforced in many countries, businesses have started to look for alternative ways to sell their products and run their businesses online.

One of those ways is to sell on AWS market place.

What is AWS marketplace?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and AWS marketplace is an online software store that assists customers to locate, buy and use the software that is on AWS marketplace.

Currently AWS offer 175 fully featured services from global data centres.

There are 7 primary categories with subcategories under each allowing you to filter your search according to both category and subcategories.

Who uses AWS and why ?

Several businesses, one of them being Netflix, use this secure cloud service platform to

  • Run and host their websites
  • Secure their files in cloud to be able to access from anywhere
  • Use management databases to store information
  • Deliver static and dynamic files using a Content Delivery Network ( CDN)
  • Send bulk emails to customers

How much does it cost to use ?

Amazon have reported that there are several free tiers that you can join to give you access to try many of the AWS features.

Should you not want to use the free tiers or if you are not eligible to use them, it could cost 1 -3 US dollars ( around R15 – R 45) a month with a personal website being hosted for only 50 US cents ( around R7.50)

What are the benefits of selling on AWS marketplace?

With many government and educational institutions using AWS marketplace, it has already gained a trusted reputation for :

  • Being easy to use
  • Having a diverse array of tools available
  • Unlimited server capacity
  • Reliable encryption
  • High levels of security
  • The managed IT services are available
  • Flexibility
  • And affordability

How do you sell on AWS marketplace ?

In order to sell your software on AWS marketplace you will need to first read the different policies that are in place for sellers globally.

Find your region and the rules that apply to you and they type of products you are selling.

Use the AWS marketplace management portal, where you will register and manage your products to :

  • Register as an AWS marketplace seller
  • Submit new products or update badly existing products on the product page
  • Upload the files you need to create and manage your software

The AWS marketplace management portal will also allow you to :

  • Measure the results of your marketing , including the usage and revenue.
  • Allow you to retrieve customer data in real time.
  • Detect any vulnerability with an AMI scan.

Final note

As a registered seller on AWS marketplace you will need to sell publicly found software that fits the stores categories.

The business selling will need to demonstrate a strong customer satisfaction record. (Some of the current businesses selling are Microsoft, IBM and Checkpoint. With open sourceware offered by WordPress , Drupal and Mediawiki.)

You will also be required to offer tax documentation, strong business operations and legal practices.

Top priority of AWS marketplace is to ensure their vendors keep their products both updated and virus free. Two vital components in business.

There are several “try before you buy” options with many of the registered vendors offering free trials of their products, ensuring you the peace of mind that what you are buying is ideal for your business.

AWS marketplace not only offers a high standard of good quality products, but work hard at keeping the trust already built in their brand.

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